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Coronavirus, China and the World Health Organisation
Sometime in late 2019, people began to fall ill in a city in eastern China. The disease was a type of virus, a mutation it seemed of the coronavirus, so a relative of the common cold. While it started to spread, Hygeia, the goddess of hygiene, was having a zizz. In early October, Hygeia the [...]
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The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction (2)
Some more ruminations on the conjunction of Saturn, Pluto, Ceres, the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn.
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Hong Kong
Hong Kong vibrates with people power: people working, thinking, talking, praying, eating, walking, haggling, hawking, kissing, cooking, spitting, stealing, fighting, laughing, buying and selling. Standing on the Star Ferry coming into Central earlier this year, I swear I could feel the [...]
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