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T S Eliot On Inspiration
When I read the following thoughts on creativity from the pen of the poet TS Eliot, I asked myself what’s happening in his 12th house? “I know, for instance, that some forms of ill-health, debility or anaemia, may (if other circumstances are favourable) produce an efflux of poetry [...]
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Brian Eno’s Creative Drive: Randomness and Order
  Since his first work as a feather-clad glam-rocker in the art-school band Roxy Music in the early 1970s to his latest incarnation as producer of extraordinary “generative” music apps, Eno has been a dynamo of ideas, energy and experiment. He is incredibly prolific. If you [...]
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Daniel Day-Lewis’s Chart In His Own Words
Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln. Sitting in a darkened cinema and watching Daniel Day-Lewis filling up and spilling out of the screen is a pleasure: sometimes terrifying, sometimes heartbreaking, always visceral. He’s an actor who gets right into your guts. There’s no time of [...]
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