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8 Things To Do While Jupiter’s in Libra: Flamboyant Grace
The planet of luck, exaggeration and expansion, Jupiter, is in Libra until October 2017. Here are some ways to work with that rather flamboyant energy. Polish Your Politesse It’s time for manners to make a comeback. Make a conscious effort to say please and thank you, to respond graciously [...]
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Astrology of Now: Moonlight And Music
There’s a big fat passionate Leo Moon out there, and with Venus, Mars and Neptune all in Pisces the air is singing with romance and yearning. Let’s face the music… There are so many great interpretations of this song: from wistful (Diana Krall, Scorpio) to [...]
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11 Things To Do With Mars Retrograde in Libra
You still have until May 20 to use the energy of Mars, the planet of passion, retrograde in Libra, the sign of negotiation. This retrograde began on March 1, so we’ve had a few weeks to begin to see and feel how it works. Personally, I have noticed a surge in my vitality. I’m not [...]
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Astrology of Now: Fred Astaire
Thanks to Aya for pointing out that Fred Astaire was born with the Sun in Taurus and Venus conjunct Mercury in Aries. The grace of Taurus and the athleticism of Aries! That’s what’s in the sky right now.
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