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Astrology of Now: Castrating Mars
This extraordinary gory painting, possibly by Caravaggio, was found in an attic in the French city of Toulouse a couple of years ago, but not presented to the public until yesterday. It’s fascinating that it should be revealed at just this time of retrogrades, a time of retrieval — perhaps [...]
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Dream Incubation
Hygeia by Gustav Klimt Imagine that you are a citizen of Ephesus. The time is just over a two thousand years ago. You’re rather well off and everything in your life is just super — except that you get these terrible headaches every now and then. So you decide to try a cure across [...]
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Astrology of Now: Palllas Athena Loves Uranus
Gustav Klimt’s Pallas Athena, 1895 Pallas Athena, the asteroid of strategy and weaving is in a cosy huddle with Uranus, the god of bright ideas. And the Moon is right there with them today, shining a soft silver glow on proceedings. The Ram is, of course, the sign of beginnings, [...]
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Is this the Most Challenging Saturn Return Ever? Part 3
Ha – I bet you thought I had forgotten, but we are now in full retrograde season, so I am ready to pick up this Saturn Return series where I left off. (Mercury, Mars and Saturn are all doing the backwards shuffle.) In previous posts I gave an overview of Saturn Returns in general (Part [...]
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Can Astrology Make You A Better Mother?
Gustav Klimt’s Mother and Baby A friend’s child has a Moon-Pluto conjunction in the 8th House. Unfortunately, she’s an astrologer so she knows just how badly that reflects on her. Obviously, she must be a possessive vampire mother who devours her children and uses their bones [...]
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Death and the Maiden
Death and Life, Gustav Klimt 1911. Death catches up with us all – but in what guise. As a virus? A car crash? Will it come slowly or will it be sudden? Are our days numbered from the moment we are born? Medieval astrologers certainly believed they could foretell the hour of your death. The [...]
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