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Clare Hollingworth’s Appointment With Destiny
It was August 1939 when 27-year-old Clare Hollingworth spotted rows and rows of German tanks, hidden under burlap on the German border . She might have been a rookie, but she knew a story when she saw it. She wired back to London warning “the German war machine is ready for a swift stroke”. [...]
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The Al Jazeera Three
On 29 December 2013, three journalists were arrested by the Egyptian government on trumped up charges. They are employees of Al Jazeera, the international broadcasting organisation based in Doha. Today Mohammad Fahmy, Peter Greste and Baher Mohammad were each sentenced to seven years for [...]
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Gemini: Face To Face With History
Gandhi’s morning walk, photographed by Margaret Bourke White (b. June 14, 1904)   In the tangled intricacy of the natal chart, the Sun sign is so often dismissed as too vague or too broad an indicator. But when it comes to career, it should never be overlooked. Migrant Mother by [...]
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