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In the Key of Pisces…week one
Last year, The Oxford Astrologer published a post on a musician every day during the month of the fishes — that most musical of signs. In case you missed it — or would like to do it all over again. Here is the list and links for the first week… Many, many musicians were born […]
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Venus in Pisces: Dirty Sweet
Those of you following this Venus in… series will know already that Venus is not entirely about how you look. For that we look at the Ascendant and planets aspecting it. Venus though can tell us what makes you attractive, or even what makes you beautiful. So it’s pretty interesting that the [...]
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In The Key Of Pisces: Kurt Cobain and Randy California
Kurt Cobain, lead singer and songwriter for the group Nirvana, probably doesn’t need much introduction. He died at 27 from a heroin overdose after making some of the most angst ridden, crazy, intense music of the late 20th century. How many Pisces things in that paragraph? Nirvana, crazy [...]
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Is 69 The New 27?
As you probably already know, the 27 Club is a term for all those singers who died too young, at the age of 27. The list is long and it includes, off the top of my head, Amy Winehouse, Jeff Buckley, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin. In fact there is something important [...]
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Divided by Pluto: Virgo through Capricorn
I started writing about Pluto generations with the intention of keeping these summaries short and letting the pictures tell part of the story. These were meant to be ready references to spark off ideas. Then the subject ballooned out of control, and I had to stop for a bit. Now I’ve cut [...]
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Out Of Bounds
My colleague Jessica Shephard wrote a short piece about Venus Out Of Bounds a few weeks ago which set me thinking. Out of bounds planets are not something that’s not much discussed by astrologers. We’re all too busy getting our minds around cute new asteroids, imaginary dark points [...]
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A few more examples of Jupiter and death
Redeemer? After my last post, I thought I’d check to see what Jupiter was doing at some famous demises. Naturally, the psycho-analyst Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) came to mind. He had some interesting ideas about the end of life. In particular, he was of the opinion that we were quite [...]
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