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Oh The Magnficence: Scott Walker
I sometimes feel I need to shake myself like a wet dog after listening to Scott Walker, and, maybe, watch the droplets turn into glorious rainbows, transform into hummingbirds. Two lines into a Scott Walker song and you are immersed, taken into another, magical dimension. His perfect diction, [...]
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Venus in Taurus: Brooding Passion
When we talk about Venus, we talk about allure. When Venus, the planet of beauty and attraction, is in Taurus, she is in her own sign. Fixed Earth: the sign of full-busting spring in the north, when thoughts turn to what the birds and the bees do. Venus is, of course, the planet of love and [...]
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Leo Rising: Hats, Manes, A Turban…
You know about Leo and hair. Big and fluffy, long and flowing: remarkable. The state of the tresses can be a big clue to Leo Rising. But it turns out that hats are good too. And failing that, maybe a wig. You’ll see what I mean… Everyone here has Leo Rising. How to wear a […]
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