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The Goddess Weekend
Oh those neglected asteroids, floating around in the Kuiper belt wastes, ignored and even derided (as a bunch of rubble behind Mars). Well, no longer. The Oxford Astrology Group will be devoting an entire weekend to Ceres, Pallas, Vesta and Juno this September (29-30) — and you are [...]
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One-Day Workshop: What The Future Looks Like
The Oxford Astrology Group is hosting a day of talks and discussion on the year ahead. By the end of the day, you may have formulated a cunning scheme for riding the lustrous wave of energy that swooshes through 2018. 10am, 6 January 2018, The Sutro Room, Trinity College, Oxford This promises [...]
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Darby Costello in Oxford
I just wanted to remind you that a doyenne of psychological astrology, the wonderful Darby Costello, is coming here to Oxford in November. She’ll be giving a one-day workshop on the Progressed Moon as a guest of The Oxford Astrology Group. This workshop is suitable, I think, for anyone working [...]
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Open For Discussion: Virtual Vision Webinar
This Sunday, November 15 at 9PM GMT, 1PM PST, I’ll be on Virtual Vision FM, “your platform for all things psychic”, talking to well-known clairvoyant Nina Ashby and friends for an hour or so. It’s a live broadcast and you are welcome to join in. I note that previous [...]
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Ceres Talk
I am giving a talk about the dwarf planet Ceres and its astrological influence on May 22 at the Aquarius Severn Astrological Society in Cheltenham. If you’re local do come. I hope I’ll have time to put some charts up from the audience so bring your details too. For details of how [...]
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Talking Impressionism
La Loge, Renoir. It’s April 1874 and Paris is laughing. A group of painters has had the audacity to exhibit their work outside the Salon – and it’s absolute rubbish: smeary, blurry, amateurish, trash. But by 1890, everything has changed. The reviled “Impressionists” [...]
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Talk on Monsters
I’m giving a talk on Scary Monsters. February 16 at the Oxford Astrology Group. For more information look at their site. Come along if you’re in the neighborhood.
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