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Venus in Scorpio: Gracile Strength And Pure Power
If you’ve been following these “Venus In…” posts for a while, you will know that your Venus sign does not necessarily describe what you look like — that is more for the Ascendant  or ruling planet — but how you are attractive. Over the year, quite a few [...]
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Reader’s Question: Shall I Go To the Ball?
Here’s a letter a reader wrote to me recently, reprinted with permission. “I hate my chart. I hate its ambiguities, its lethargy (thanks Libra stellium) and its inability to just take a decision and stick to it. I hate my Virgo Moon, and its crippling inability to let me feel [...]
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Streep, The Iron Lady and the Chameleon Aspects
Meryl Streep inhabiting Margaret Thatcher Meryl Streep’s impersonation of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady is almost frightening in its accuracy, believability, naturalness and depth. How did Streep dig down and find that character and then make her live so vividly on [...]
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