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The Dark Goddess in Aries, 2020
The Dark Goddess will be in the warlike sign of Aries for much of 2020, where she’s likely to find herself engaged in quite a few battles.
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Ivanka, Ivana, Donald — and the Black Moon Lilith
In a natal chart Black Moon Lilith marks an important point of dark power. Lilith in conjunction with the Lights, the Sun and Moon, is extraordinarily significant. In essence, Lilith is the opposite of the Moon. She is an unMother, unCarer, unNurturer, unscrupulous. She is unbound by [...]
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Carlos Santana and that Old Black Magic
It’s not many people who have their own typeface, but then Carlos Santana has Sun in the third house. This is his latest album. Here’s a fun one. Carlos Santana, the shimmeringly brilliant guitarist who periodically gets rediscovered by new generations, has a fascinating natal [...]
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More Black Moon Lilith
Ooo – I’m drinking black coffee. What would food be like without the taste of bitter? And just as our taste buds need bitter in order to appreciate sweet, so our charts need Lilith in order to appreciate Venus… and the other stuff… My colleague Michael Wolfstar has just [...]
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