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The Wounded Healer Steps Into Aries — and Back Out Again
This year, the asteroid Chiron is finally changing signs for the first time since 2010/2011. He’ll be spending his summer vacation stirring up a whole lot of aggravation in Aries, before slipping back into Pisces until next year. Chiron in Aries 17 April — 27 September 2018 18 February 2019 — [...]
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Astrology of Now: Juno & Jupiter
Zeus & Hera were the ruling couple on Mount Olympus, but they weren’t always the happiest pair. Their rows were, naturally, epic — and caused all kinds of problems for us humans crawling around on Gaia’s skin. Those Greek myths, at least the ones we still know, focus on [...]
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Be The Change
Mahatma Gandhi was born today, October 2 1869. He exemplified the best of Libra the peacemaker, with Sun and Ascendant in the sign of the scales. But he was also a revolutionary. Here’s something he said: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” He had Uranus [...]
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Gemini: Face To Face With History
Gandhi’s morning walk, photographed by Margaret Bourke White (b. June 14, 1904)   In the tangled intricacy of the natal chart, the Sun sign is so often dismissed as too vague or too broad an indicator. But when it comes to career, it should never be overlooked. Migrant Mother by [...]
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Libra: Peace or War?
Baroness Thatcher has Libra Sun and Leo Moon like Mahatma Gandhi and David Cameron. A belated Happy Birthday to you, Mrs T.  (ex-PM Margaret Thatcher Oct 13, 1925) And to you Silvio.  (PM Berlusconi, Italy September 29, 1936) And Bibi, Happy Birthday, to you in advance.  (Netanyahu, the [...]
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A Libran’s Seven Social Sins
Mahatma Gandhi. Libra Sun/Leo Moon   Here’s something to think about while the Sun sails through the last ten degrees of the sign of justice and balance, Libra. Mahatma Gandhi, that arch-Libran, said there were seven social sins Politics without principles Wealth without work,  Pleasure [...]
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Times are changing
This is from an old copy of the defunct magazine Punch. I can never see the joke, but it does seem appropriate. We had dinner with an entertainingly gloomy Irishman last night. He’s clearly enjoying the credit crunch a lot – because it means that he can wallow in deepest pessimism, [...]
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