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Maya Angelou: Phenomenal Woman
Poet, dancer, dreamer, darer, storyteller, Maya Angelou, died yesterday. Her life was a hero’s journey from mocked child to lauded grand dame. Her own life story became a mirror for America to reflect on. And then there are her pithy observations on everything from creativity, [...]
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Leo Rising: Hats, Manes, A Turban…
You know about Leo and hair. Big and fluffy, long and flowing: remarkable. The state of the tresses can be a big clue to Leo Rising. But it turns out that hats are good too. And failing that, maybe a wig. You’ll see what I mean… Everyone here has Leo Rising. How to wear a […]
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Six Things To Do With Venus in Pisces
Ursula Andress – Sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn in Pisces There’s an incredible amount of energy in the sign of the fishes this month, helped by the bicentennial transit of Neptune through the sign. Neptune is joint ruler of Pisces, along with Jupiter, but since he comes so seldom, [...]
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