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Catch You Later, President Obama
Barack and Michelle Obama may have left the White House today, but they have certainly not left politics. In fact, Obama’s career as a world leader and elder statesman has only just begun. While he was president Obama carried a burden of huge responsibility, without always being able to wield [...]
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Venus in Pisces: Dirty Sweet
Those of you following this Venus in… series will know already that Venus is not entirely about how you look. For that we look at the Ascendant and planets aspecting it. Venus though can tell us what makes you attractive, or even what makes you beautiful. So it’s pretty interesting that the [...]
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Nasty Women
No matter what you think about the candidates for president in the USA, the campaign has given rise to some barnstorming feminist political speeches. It feels like a real breakthrough — a change in the weather. In astrology, we have a “nasty woman”. She’s called Black Moon Lilith, and she’s [...]
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Divided by Pluto: Virgo through Capricorn
I started writing about Pluto generations with the intention of keeping these summaries short and letting the pictures tell part of the story. These were meant to be ready references to spark off ideas. Then the subject ballooned out of control, and I had to stop for a bit. Now I’ve cut [...]
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