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Astrology in Moby Dick
” Halloa! here’s signs and wonders truly! That, now, is what old Bowditch in his Epitome calls the zodiac, and what my almanac below calls ditto. I’ll get the almanac and as I have heard devils can be raised with Daboll’s arithmetic, I’ll try my hand at raising a [...]
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9 Things to Do During Mars & Mercury Retrograde & some extras
We are in the middle of a season of retrogradacity. Mars until June 30 Mercury until May 22 (in the shadow until June 7) Saturn until August 13 Pluto until September 26 Meanwhile, Jupiter and Venus have both turned direct. This should give you a hint — do good, beautiful, generous things — and [...]
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How I struck oil on holiday
On Winchelsea Beach, the mud is dark sable. Sometimes, you slither across the top of it. But sometimes your foot sinks right in, mud spurts between your toes. And sometimes, you sink much deeper, over your ankles, up to the knees. When that happens, your feet encounter another texture, silkier [...]
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