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Marine Le Pen: Killing the Father
Tough, intelligent, focused and energetic, Marine Le Pen is France’s most charismatic politician. Compared to dreary Francois Holland and preening Nicolas Sarkozy, she has the “it” factor. Her chart ruler, Venus shines brightly in Leo. Le Pen is a serious contender for the [...]
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Europe: When Bread Runs Out, Enter the Circus
About two thousand years ago, peace reigned across the Roman Empire. From Alexandria to the Hadrian’s Wall, all opposition had been crushed and people were able to trade, farm and prosper without fear of being molested by marauding barbarians. Meanwhile, in the bustling, wealthy, [...]
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Who Has The Guts To Take On France
Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France. Sun Aquaris/MoonPisces Like so many nations, France is in a right mess. Unemployment, social unrest, shambolic finances, a failing education system – and perhaps worst of all, no clear vision for the future. And France is in the midst of general election. [...]
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Liberté, Egalité, Identité
The 1998 World Cup winning French football team was an emblem of French diversity. The National Front said it wasn’t “French” enough. France is having a weird and unnerving time of it. Everything that seemed certain about the country is being shaken, questioned and has yet to [...]
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