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Nigella: A Plutonian Story
Hands off our national treasure My friend down the road never “bakes a cake”, she “does a Nigella”. I’m sure she’s not alone. Is there a kitchen bookshelf in Britain that does not have a thumbed edition of How To Eat or Feast or some other of Nigella [...]
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Why Capricorn Nigella is a Modern Vestal (Un)Virgin
A priestess of the goddess Vesta, “tutelary deity” to Capricorn.Here imagined by 19th century painter  Lord Leighton. Capricorns is a dull sign, ruled by that old curmudgeon Saturn – right? It’s all about status and work and dads and being sensible bla bla bla. [...]
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What’s Cooking in the Astrology Kitchen?
Take some onion, pepper and feta… or some planets, some stars and some intuition We each develop our own tastes in astrology. Some like it hot, some like it cold and some like a quick stir-fry with a dash of transits and a sprinkling of midpoints. A couple of things that I came across recently [...]
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