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Flint, Michigan
The city of Flint, Michigan has been poisoned by bad governance. That’s not a metaphor: it is literally true. Flint, located between two of the greatest freshwater lakes on the planet, is an old industrial town, ravaged like its big neighbour Detroit by post-industrial decline. Because [...]
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Europe: When Bread Runs Out, Enter the Circus
About two thousand years ago, peace reigned across the Roman Empire. From Alexandria to the Hadrian’s Wall, all opposition had been crushed and people were able to trade, farm and prosper without fear of being molested by marauding barbarians. Meanwhile, in the bustling, wealthy, [...]
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Occupy Astrology: Resurrecting a Long-Dead Rebel
Rome 2011 You will have noticed that protesters from Madrid to Wall Street to the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral have been sporting a particular mask. Julian Assange has one. No it’s not Satan, although it does look rather devilish. It’s Guy Fawkes, the Catholic revolutionary [...]
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