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Al Qa’ida
On 11 August 1988, three men met in the dusty city of Peshawar on Pakistan’s northwest frontier. On that day, Osama bin Ladin, Ayman Zawahiri, and “Dr Fadl” decided it was time to set up an international jihadist organisation that would make spectacular attacks on the [...]
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Neptune and Bin Laden Update
If you read my post of May 4, you’ll know that I think Osama Bin Laden is an example of the dark side the Neptune archetype. A few more pieces of information have come to light that reinforce this notion. It has emerged that the codename for the operation to get Bin Laden was [...]
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The Grim Reaper Comes for Bin Laden
According to the live Twitter feeds on the ground in Abbotabad on the night of April 29/May 1, US helicopters arrived at 45 minutes after midnight, around 1.15 am there was a big crashing sound and by 1.35 all was quiet again. That information took a bit of interwebthing diggiing. As I [...]
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The Ballad of Bin Laden
There are two opposing narratives about Osama Bin Laden. One is that he is an evil terrorist, who darkly manipulates invisible minions around the world and is responsible for the deaths of thousands. The other is that he is a martyr for Islam, fighting the hegemony of Western decadence. We [...]
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