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Notre Dame: She Will Rise Again
Notre Dame, the great church of Our Lady in the heart of Paris, at the sharp end of the Ile de la Cité, burned spectacularly last night. One of her spires pointed a flaming finger at the sky. She crackled, she roared. But today she’s still standing. The images were shocking, of course. [...]
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Astrology of Now: Facing The Music
If you know your astrological symbolism, you will have realised that The Eagles of Death Metal*, who were playing at the Bataclan in Paris when it was attacked last month, are a Scorpio band. The eagle is one of the symbols of Scorpio, along with the scorpion and the snake. It is also used as [...]
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Tossed By The Waves, But Not Sunk
The motto of the city of Paris is Fluctuat nec migrator. It’s on the coat of arms. It means something like “tossed but not sunk”. I have nothing useful to add to what has already been said about what happened on Friday night. But I will offer you the chart for the event, [...]
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