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May Horoscopes
Spring this year has come on with hallucinatory zeal. Blossom piled on blossom. It’s a dream of flowers here. And this May looks like extended dreamtime. There’s a seriously funky Mercury Retrograde which will start having its effect right now, today, even though the official Rx [...]
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The Impressionists: The Power of Friendship (Part One)
Monet by his friend Renoir (1875) When a grocer’s son from Le Havre and a young factory worker from central France met in a studio in Paris in 1862, one of the most important friendships in the history of art was born. Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir were in the midst of torrid, [...]
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Talking Impressionism
La Loge, Renoir. It’s April 1874 and Paris is laughing. A group of painters has had the audacity to exhibit their work outside the Salon – and it’s absolute rubbish: smeary, blurry, amateurish, trash. But by 1890, everything has changed. The reviled “Impressionists” [...]
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