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Let’s Talk About Love this Sunday
Virgos do it; Leos do it. Even sassy Centaurs & Rams do it. We all love somebody, sometime, somewhere — maybe for just an hour, maybe for a lifetime. Join me & Sally for a webinar about that most central of human emotions: love. The first whisper of romance, the pursuit of [...]
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Your Monthly Podcast (Feb 19-Mar20)
Oh my! ¬†We are deep into Poseidon’s watery territory this month. Watch out for the jellyfish and the sharks. On the other hand, look at those flashing schools of multi-coloured fish over on that coral reef, and some dolphins disporting themselves on those waves and a mermaid on that rock [...]
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Your Month Ahead Podcast: 22 October-22 November
In this month’s astrology podcast we talk about Scorpios we have known — and some we wish we knew…
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