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Astrology of Now: Juno & Jupiter
Zeus & Hera were the ruling couple on Mount Olympus, but they weren’t always the happiest pair. Their rows were, naturally, epic — and caused all kinds of problems for us humans crawling around on Gaia’s skin. Those Greek myths, at least the ones we still know, focus on [...]
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The Little Prince
Reading a baby’s chart is seldom a useful exercise. It tends to lead to too much projection and expectation on the part of the parents. But taking into account my misgivings about babies’ charts, this child is an exception. Because he is a future king, for better or worse, his life [...]
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The Wedding Chart: Private Vows, Public Commitment
It was gorgeous: the frocks, the hats, the uniforms, the horses, the cars, the carriages; the music, the abbey, the sweet little choir boys – and a superb sermon by the Bishop of London. “…Marriage is intended to be a way in which man and woman help each other to become what God [...]
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Royal Wedding Astrology
Here are previous posts I’ve written on the Royal Wedding, which you might like to peruse before the day itself.Celebrating PowerA general look at the day itself.Juno Lends a Helping HandThe marriage asteroid is deeply involved.The Bling of PowerThat ring.Kate Middleton’s Birth [...]
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Royal Wedding: Celebrating Power
Last summer, I predicted a royal wedding this year. That was partly on the basis of how alarmingly these times in Great Britain resemble that watershed year 1981 – brutal financial restrictions from the government, blood on the streets, looming unemployment and an uneasy Liberal coalition [...]
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Catherine Middleton’s Birth Chart: Cool, Powerful and Sensitive
I want a William and Kate souvenir toothpick, please. I received an email a while ago asking me to look at the chart of Catherine Middleton, who is to marry the heir to the British throne, Prince William, in April. Well, her birthday’s on the 9th of January, so why not look at it today [...]
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Royal Wedding Astrology: Juno Lends a Helping Hand
Here’s great-great-great (oh forget it) granny Victoria getting hitched to Albert. Juno (discovered in 1801 but largely ignored by astrologers until fairly recently) is the asteroid associated with marriage – and she’s an obvious place to look if you’re thinking about [...]
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