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Lectures, Podcast and Etc
Mars Retrograde in Scorpio has been in my third house. Here are some things that happened. • My car got rear-ended and I was without wheels for most of June. Third house rules vehicles. • My Dad was rushed into hospital for a blood transfusion — Mars went across the IC (parents). • My buddy [...]
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Open For Discussion: Virtual Vision Webinar
This Sunday, November 15 at 9PM GMT, 1PM PST, I’ll be on Virtual Vision FM, “your platform for all things psychic”, talking to well-known clairvoyant Nina Ashby and friends for an hour or so. It’s a live broadcast and you are welcome to join in. I note that previous [...]
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On The Beeb
I’ll be on BBC Radio Oxford with Alex Lester today at 3.30 talking about the month of August. Tune in or listen again.  
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Astrology of Now: Me & The BBC
I don’t normally write about myself, as you know, but a couple of days ago, two things happened in quick succession. First of all I got a really big check in the post. This was for some portraits that I had drawn last year. I’d not gotten around to invoicing for them, so the check [...]
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