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In February, we went to the big synagogue in Rome. Each seat is labelled with the name of a local patron. There are probably about 1000 seats, The one I sat in at random had a brass plate with the name Elias Astrologo engraved on it. Nice.
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The Zodiac at the Heart of St Peter’s
Nuns in St Peter’s Square, Ash Wednesday 2013. On Ash Wednesday several thousand people queued around St Peter’s Square in the slanting afternoon sun.¬†Above pulsed the blue dome of the a perfect Roman sky, ahead the pearly dome of the St Peter’s, mother church reaching out [...]
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Europe: When Bread Runs Out, Enter the Circus
About two thousand years ago, peace reigned across the Roman Empire. From Alexandria to the Hadrian’s Wall, all opposition had been crushed and people were able to trade, farm and prosper without fear of being molested by marauding barbarians. Meanwhile, in the bustling, wealthy, [...]
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