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Astrology of Now: Venus Exalted
My daughters’ favourite moment during the recent Venus Retrograde was their discovery of a large skeleton in a lonely, crumbling ruin by the edge of the roaring Atlantic — even the 13 year old lost her composure for a full moment. They burst out of the broch — a 10th century miniature fort — [...]
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UK Election: Breaking Up Is Never Easy
What happened here last night was momentous: a seismic shift in the “political geology” of this country took place. Scotland, which just one year ago chose to stay part of the United Kingdom in a referendum,  voted almost unanimously for the Nationalist Party. As expected, leader [...]
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Scottish Independence: Change Is Coming
In just a few weeks, the people of Scotland will decide whether or not to remain part of the United Kingdom. This is momentous. Of course if the polls are right. Scotland will vote to stay part of the UK and we’ll all just carry on as usual. England, Scotland and Wales — Great [...]
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