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Podcast: Jupiter Special + Your Month Ahead
This month’s podcast is now available at RadioPublic. We talk about how Jupiter’s change of sign will affect each of us, about the grooviest sign in the Zodiac, Sagittarius, and take a look at that pesky Mercury Retrograde plus New and Full Moons.  Click here to listen.
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Venus in Sagittarius: Animal Magnetism
Jean Seberg in A Bout de Souffle (1960). Sweet and sexy. Scorpio Sun, Venus in Sag. I’ve been looking at loads of pictures of actors with the planet of attraction in the sign of the centaur – and I have to say the stand out quality which they all share is sex appeal. Gerard Depardieu, [...]
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Leo Rising: Hats, Manes, A Turban…
You know about Leo and hair. Big and fluffy, long and flowing: remarkable. The state of the tresses can be a big clue to Leo Rising. But it turns out that hats are good too. And failing that, maybe a wig. You’ll see what I mean… Everyone here has Leo Rising. How to wear a […]
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