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Astrology of Now: A Precise Harmony in the Midst of Tension
It occurs to me — having watched this video — that in most of the world houses are still made of mud, or a derivative thereof such as brick. Indeed, a brick combines earth, air, fire and water! For more on Juno and Jupiter, click here.  
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April Horoscopes
There’s a lot of tension in the air in April — but sometimes that’s just what we need to make a breakthrough, gain an insight — or indeed to grow. For your month ahead, click here,
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Saturn in Capricorn: Winter is Coming
This video was made during the one-day workshop held in January by The Oxford Astrology Group here at Trinity College, Oxford. I took a look at the UK chart during the talk as well as touching more generally on Saturn, Capricorn and the shape of 2018. I note that the comment on UK property [...]
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