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Hi, I’m Christina Rodenbeck and I’ve been writing The Oxford Astrologer since 2010. Despite the evidence of this picture taken in Berlin, I actually live in Oxford, England.

There are around 1000 articles here about all aspects of astrology: political, personal, trivial and serious, traditional and psychological. Go to the index or use the search box to start finding out more.

I’m a practicing astrologer with clients all over the world from Tasmania to Brazil, Newcastle to New Delhi. I’ve studied astrology my whole life, and I’ve been casting and reading charts since the 1990s. To find out more about getting a reading with me, click here. To read testimonials, click here.

If you’re interested in getting to know me better, here is a interview that I did recently on Discover Energy Work with Richard Wickes.

Lectures, Writing, Podcast and Residencies

I write a regular column on fashion in The Astrological Journal, and on the zeitgeist in Infinity Astrology Magazine. I’ve worked as a Mind Body Spirit publishing consultant for books and partworks.

With my friend Sally Kirkman, I host a monthly podcast looking at the astrology of the month ahead. I also occasionally make short  videos.

I give regular lectures for The Oxford Astrology Group, The Astrological Lodge in London and Aquarius Severne. Take a look at some of them on YouTube. If you would like to discuss this, email me.

Recently, I have started doing residencies further afield. Last year I spent a week as Wellness Master at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong. If you would like to discuss this, email me.





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