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“Like weather reports for the soul, your horoscopes have consistently prepared me for the month ahead, and I’ve often been dragged out of the doldrums by realising it’s the astrological conditions that I’m labouring under, rather than some inherent character flaw coming to the fore. Your accompanying illustrations are lovely, and include fine art, photography and artefacts, superbly curated from ancient and modern culture.”

About October


It’s a fiery month, and there are bound to be rows but there is also passion, desire and a chance to reboot certain relationships. Both lunation look quite hot to handle. Also, there are some of the luckiest days of the year in October — and that counts for everyone. It looks rather exciting.

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Sunday October 24th 2021

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else. 

Emily Dickinson

Marigolds, Emil Nolde

Christina and Sally Talk Astrology

Here’s my monthly podcast with my friend Sally Kirkman.  Once a month, we take astrology by the scruff of its neck and give it a good shake out. We chat over a cup of strong coffee or weak tea about our favourite topic – the language of the stars.

What’s in store for the month ahead? Which Sun Signs are up? Which are, well, coasting? What dates should you take a risk and when should you stay at home? And why was last month so … last monthish?
We’d love you to listen in. Make yourself a cuppa and join us.
New episode on the 18th of each month.

An Eclipse, A Debate and Halloween -- 22 October - 22 November, 2021

Find out what Sally’s dog wears for Halloween, why you should be careful when Mars is in Scorpio and what the coming eclipse cycle might mean for you.

The Astrology Talk Podcast is now on YouTube.

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