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The Monthly Horoscopes are the heart of The Oxford Astrologer’s Membership. They are published on the first of every month in a newsletter that you can receive straight into your inbox or pick up on the Member’s Page.

These handcrafted horoscopes are written in the last week of each month, by me, so that they are created as close to the actual events as possible. Usually they come out at about 1000 words for each sign.  I also choose images  carefully to elucidate ande laborate the themes and meaning of the month ahed.

The newsletter also includes a digest of the main cosmic action, and charts for the New and Full Moons, as well as a general essay dealing with the current zeitgeist.


On the first Sunday of most months there is a Salon on Zoom. You will be sent an invitation in the newsletter or you can pick it up on the Member’s Page.

This is an open forum for readers to ask questions, share their experiences and explore the current zeitgeist more deeply.

Usually the Salon is not recorded so that participants can speak freely, but on occasion they are record and made available to members only.

Several times a year, we have guests who will answer your questions.

In April: The Uranus-Jupiter conjunction with Anne Whitaker

In May: The US Elections with Peg O’Donnell


Psyche, Pallas, Juno, Hygeia, Vesta — these are the goddess asteroids that I focus on.

Ceres is, of course, actually a minor planet within the asteroid belt.

These are the extra cosmic players that I regard to be most important. They move more quickly than Jupiter and more slowly than Mars, making an important bridge between the inner and outer planets in time and space.

I create a yearly planner of their movements and have an archive of videos about what they were up to over the past five years.

A complete asteroid ephemeris created recently is available to download from the member’s site.


As well as the Asteroid Ephemeris , I regularly create other downloads to help with your navigation of the year’s astrology — including a chart of the year ahead, a summary of Lilith in particular signs, and a precis of the asteroids movements over a 12 month period. 

When the Salon is recorded this is also available for you to download too.


I am completely fascinated by the Black Moon Lilith — a mathematical point rather than an actual celestial body.

Lilith is a powerful underlying influence on the zeitgeist, and has an important effect personally, on your own chart. She is wildness, irreverence, freedom, anarchy and much more. And in every sign we experience her differently. Understanding Lilith is a huge enhancement to your experience of astrology — and of life!

Every time she changes signs, I make a video discussing how she behaves in that sign and what we might expect from the transit. 


Every year, I produce a set of 12 videos looking at the year ahead, accompanied by an A4 summary of the most important events in 2024. This usually comes out between New Year and mid-January.

This is a handy overview, which should help you plan your year, giving you the heads-up for periods of turmoil, rapidity or smoothness.

What Some People Say

“This isn’t your Saturday-cartoon, lottery-numbers-and-call-your-mother horoscope. It’s the thing I look forward to in my inbox every month, the thought-provoking bits of insight I can rely on to make sense of what is going on in the larger world around me. If you want to be led around by the nose, don’t look here; if what you want is helpful, honest — and uncannily accurate — advice, along with some authentic food for thought and reflection, then look no further.


“I’ve come to depend on your deeply knowledgeable & wise horoscopes.  Never dreamed I’d find an astrologer with the great intelligence &  wit you possess, let alone your comprehensive understanding of history, arts and the human condition. Lucky me to have found you!”


Like weather reports for the soul, your horoscopes have consistently prepared me for the month ahead, and I’ve often been dragged out of the doldrums by realising it’s the astrological conditions that I’m labouring under, rather than some inherent character flaw coming to the fore. Your accompanying illustrations are lovely, and include fine art, photography and artefacts, superbly curated from ancient and modern culture.”

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The fee rolls over at the end of the term unless you cancel. Cancel at any time.


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