Astrology of Now: Mayhem

Saturday November 5th 2011
The late lamented Heath Ledger as the Joker in Batman.
Mercury’s dark side is on show now.

Here’s what happened to this post.

I was lying in bed thinking about how often the word chaos has been in the news in the last couple of days.  Some guests at a party have decided to break a few rules, just to see what’s going to happen. George Papandreou, the Greek Prime Minister, for example.

Papandreou, like a lot of comedians, is a Gemini, ruled by the trickster planet, Mercury. Currently, Mercury is moving through the heavens hand in hand with Venus, known sometimes as the laughing goddess.

They have just escaped from the gloom and doom of Scorpio where poor Venus was in fall, into jolly Sagittarius. 

So I decided the title of this post was going to be Merry Mayhem.

But something made me change my mind.

I came downstairs to find my loved one flipping pancakes surrounded by total chaos, since we have been moving furniture, pictures, plants, pets, books in the last few days. (Mercury plus Venus through the 4th House here.)

He turned around and said: “There’s been a terrible pile up on the M5. Apparently, it’s mayhem.

Not so merry then.

It’s Mercury at work. He rules roads. He’s trining the god of shock Uranus, semi-sextile death head Pluto and quincunx Jupiter Rx in Taurus. That backwards Jupiter is supposed to be ruling Mercury as he travels through Sagittarius, but he’s not doing his job.

In the sign of the centaur, Mercury traditionally behaves badly. Think of talking a lot of hot air, but also just plain rudeness. The two signs where Mercury is at his worst (Pisces is the other one) are both mutable and rather unconfined. Mercury really needs rules to follow otherwise he’s likely to go off the rails. Sometimes this is a minor thing, like failing to edit your writing, but sometimes the consequences are terrible – like a pile up on the M5.

Right now, the king (Jupiter) is going backwards (out of commission), so Mercury is free to wreak havoc. Think of the fool and the king in a medieval court. There you have Jupiter and Mercury. But what happens if the king doesn’t keep the fool in check?

This is the beginning of Mercury’s “shadow” period, before he goes retrograde on the 24th. I think he’s going to spend some time really messing with us.

When the gods laugh, we humans sometimes just don’t think it’s very funny.

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  1. Margaret Hay says:

    With you on the mayhem bit. It pales into insignificance against the awfulness of the motorway pile up but this morning I put my mobile phone through the washing machine ……


    Natal Sun 3 Gem, natal Chiron 6 Sag.

  2. christinarodenbeck says:

    Yes – and I was just thinking how much the atmosphere had improved with the exodus from Scorpio…

  3. Lachesis says:

    Is there anything in particular we should do until 24th, like keep quiet, shout loud, always carry spare knickers and toothbrush… or is this all beyond us? Things feel very unstable on a grand scale.

  4. Sombrazero00 says:

    yikes! would it be too bad to move when mercury is retrograde? we ‘seal the deal’ tomorrow but looking to move in few more weeks. I usually do fine when merc is retrograde, but in this case it falls in my 3rd house and is connecting to natal mars and neptune (I did some careful choosing on the location/neighborhood)

  5. Sombrazero00 says:

    mmm. would it be too bad to move into a new place? we ‘seal the deal’ tomorrow but we plan to move in few more weeks…I usually do ok when merc is retrograde but in this case it will fal in my 3rd aspecting natal mars, neptune and jupiter

  6. christinarodenbeck says:

    Apologies for not replying sooner (still a few probs with comment delay) – and I love that tree. It’s gorgeous. Can I use some of your work on my website some time?

    But on on to more important things. In general I think we can get too worked up about Merc Rx as you rightly say. I’m a great believer in going with the flow.

    Obviously I can only guess a bit without seeing the charts. Merc in your natal chart is important. But here are a few thoughts..

    Am I right in thinking the eclipse on the 25th is also in your 3rd? Or even your 4th? That does suggest an abrupt change in neighbourhood does it not. I think moving house might actually be quite a good use of the energy since change is the dominating weather of these times.

    Also are you redoing something in some way? You’re in a foreign country aren’t you (Sag). Is this re-discovering old connections.

    Just expect to have forgotten something and don’t expect it to go smoothly. (What house move doesn’t)

    Also obviously, check your contract carefully and your removals people. Re = Rx and Move = Mercury. So although it may be chaotic and messy, I think this is could well turn out to be a good time to move.

    Good luck and do tell what happens.

  7. Sombrazero00 says:

    Thanks for your response Christina. It actually didn’t take long at all. Glad you liked the tree, please do use it! I’d be delighted.

    Yes, the eclipse will also fall in my 3rd (and my son’s). After I jumped and posted, went to check my chart, and what you say makes a lot of sense. We are in between places now, so this move will actually complete the process. The previous step few months ago, was w/moon in gem conjunct natal mars and contacting neptune as well. Mars was conj MC and SN. transiting Mercury was direct opp neptune Rx. So is sort of the opposite, completion in a way.

    I’ll be checking details carefully!