Go On – Give ’em A Reading

Friday December 16th 2011
Are you tired of giving Great Uncle Matthew a bottle of port and a piece of your mind? Are you bored with buying your sister yet another useful kitchen utensil? 
Would you really like to get all your Christmas shopping done now?

Or do you simply know someone who could really do with an excellent astrological consultation?

Well, send them along to me. I have a lovely coal fire and some delicious mince pies. Oh yes, and I know a thing or two about the stars and stuff.

Consultations in person are £75 for an hour and by Skype £80. 
Drop me an email at christina @ oxfordastrology.com (get rid of the spacing to make it work), so we can fix up a time in the New Year, and I will send you a lovely voucher to give to your lucky friend, relative or even lover.

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  1. P says:

    They’re worth it! She’s good – really!
    (The readings; I don’t know about her mince pies :D)

  2. Lachesis says:

    Well that has solved two of my serious Christmas gift dilemmas. I can’t think of a more perfect present than a starry guided tour into 2012. For anyone else who’s considering this, I can vouch for the insight and accuracy. Christina, will you do them for birthdays, too?