The King Is Dead, Long Live the Queen

Wednesday February 15th 2012
Princesss Elizabeth and her dashing consort Philip at a polo match in Kenya, just days before she succeeded to the throne in 1952.

The 33 daughters of the Roman emperor Diocletian, cast adrift in the grey sea (after murdering their 33 dreary husbands), saw land – a white land, rising from the sea.

They scrambled ashore and found some beings more to their taste. Mating with these demons, the Emperor’s daughters bred giants. These were the first Britons, according to one legend. Some say that the queen was called Albina or Alba and the island was named Albion after her.

Medieval storytellers such as Geoffrey of Monmouth created a fistful of origin myths for Britain, trying to link this grey-green isle to more glamorous places like Troy and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

I like the idea of murderous princesses mating with monsters…

In Europe, queens no longer claim descent from gods or monsters. Their lineage is carefully traced in the Almanach de Gotha – and mostly they turn out to be German.

The United Kingdom’s own royal line – from the mists of Arthur through the solidity of William the Conqueror; the drama of the Tudors and the union with Scotland (which is another story) – has stopped and started, switched from family to family. No one even pretends it’s continuous. Our current queen came to the throne only because her uncle abdicated and her father, his younger brother, became George VI. Her uncle (a fascist sympathiser) died in 1971. Just think we might have had him…

This year, 2012, is her Diamond Jubilee.

Elizabeth II became queen on the 6 February 1952, when her father, the king died. The king was dead, long live the queen. Her actual coronation did not take place until June 2 1953, but you don’t mess about with regnal succession. As soon as he snuffed it, she was in.

Just in case you were wondering whether astrology works. Here’s the key transit for that day, 6 February 1952. Uranus, the god of change, crossed the United Kingdom’s MC and opposed its Sun at 10° Capricorn – exact to the degree. Change…

And a queen, you ask? Venus was at 11° Capricorn on the day, conjuncting the UK sun.

I’ll be writing in more detail about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee between now and June.

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  1. Christina says:

    cool astrology or what? Pays to look at the day of succession, nicht…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh good- you’re back! Your posts are my absolute favourite thing to read in the morning. Often inspiring me to further research things you mention- art, news, history…

  3. Christina,

    Being from the US and hearing all the different charts that different astrologers use for the UK I’m wondering what chart you use.

    Just wondering because in my astrological hubris I made a number of predictions for the current royal family and would like to check them against Britain’s chart.


  4. julie says:

    🙂 I love your broadranging knowledge, Christina, from mythology to politics!

    I went to a pub in Kensington for a Pagan meeting once, and was astounded to find out that under the Tower of London lies the head of a giant, Bran. He looks out over the Channel and keeps an eye on France, … know what I mean?? The Ravens are his birds. I wonder if he’s a son of the Princesses and the Demons?

  5. Christina says:

    @Anon – back(ish) I’m actually in Edinburgh for half-term spookiness, so back properly next week

    @Starry Night – I use the Jan 1801 chart for the Act of Union for the pragmatic reason that it seems to work very well. That’s the one I used for this and it’s the one I go to naturally.

    When I look at Royal stuff or England (only) I might use the 1066 one additionally. It would be perfectly reasonable to use a chart for the time when Ireland became independent in 1922, but I’ve never found it necessary. All the charts resonate together.

    If Scotland does become independent, it would be time to cast a new one! (No more UK)

    @julie – I’m not sure, but my tale of demon-mad damsels is from the City of London.

  6. Gilly says:

    Well lawks a lawdy, the UK’s Sun exactly conjuncts my Saturn + POF. Maybe that’s why – though I’ve lived in many countries – I never felt at home like I do right here.

    Fascinating post. Thank you.

  7. Sabrina says:

    This was fun! love the uranus and the venus touch.

  8. Christina says:

    @Gilly – cor blimey!

  9. Liz R says:

    And the transiting Sun was conjunct the UK Venus – a double whammy! Her North Node conjunct Descendant is conjunct the UK Moon – the people. So her destiny is to have a relationship with the citizens of the UK!

  10. Interesting that Rudhyars Sabian symbol for 11* Capricorn’s key word is “Aristocracy”and speaks of a hierarchy of values leading toward more beauty and elegance.

  11. Christina says:

    @Liz – cool

    @Genie – very interesting indeed. I don’t get along with Sabian symbols as a rule yet that is so accurate!