On Pisces

Monday March 9th 2015
Sadko In The Underwater Kingdom by Ilya Repin
Sadko In The Underwater Kingdom by Ilya Repin (Wikimedia Commons)

From Tunisia to Elizabeth Taylor, you never know who you’re going to swim past down there in the blue, blue sea. With the Sun still in Pisces, visit or revisit these OA posts on or about the sign of the Fishes.

A Fortnight of Visionary Artists

7 Good Things To Do While The Sun Is In Pisces

Neptune in Pisces by Sign

Pisces Self-Portraits

Brotherhood of Romantics

Rupert Murdoch: Uber-Pisces

12th House People

Unpacking My Library: On The Road

Revolution Now or Never? Tunisia

Tony Robbins: Guru or Snak Oil Salesman?

George Harrison: Water Boy

Lovely Elizabeth Taylor

Being Indulgent

The Ballad of Bin Laden

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