Eclipsing the Queen

Tuesday July 17th 2018
Donald Trump stepping in front of the Queen at Windsor

Donald Trump stepping in front of the Queen at Windsor

Sometimes you just can’t make up the astrology. Donald Trump met the Queen of England at Windsor Castle the day after an eclipse last week.

He broke protocol bigly, and in particular he did this. He stepped in front of the Queen, which would be a huge no-no if it had been any old lady, but in this case was considered completely beyond the pale.

The eclipse took place across Cancer-Capricorn at 20°. The Queen’s own nodal axis (which shows where the eclipses are taking place) is across Cancer-Capricorn — at 20°.

Just saying.

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  1. aqua says:

    Things are looking pretty grim. That prediction I made more than a year ago now about Uranus in Taurus and nazis becoming normalised is now our reality. Steve Bannon on Good Morning Britain,you dont get more mainstream than that.
    We are in deep shit of our own making, and so many are being passive bystanders. Terrifying

    • Theolyn says:

      Have you come across Gary Lachman’s recent book Dark Star Rising..Magick and Power in the Age of Trump? very readable…covering the backstory of esoteric right wing … suggesting there is an undertow of deliberate ‘chaos magick’… Bannnon & other similar characters (eg Dugin in Russia) are huge fans of the deeply unpleasant Julius Evola. What’s to do? Take a leaf from the English magicians who initiated the ‘magical Battle of Britain’? Feels like we need to consort with the angels!

      • Judith says:

        There is a small (but growing) group of pagan folk in the U.S. doing exactly that – taking the efforts of Dion Fortune and others in the Magical Battle of Britain as a model.

        There are ongoing workings posted every week

        • says:

          After the Manchester arena bombings last year posters appeared on all the main roads into the town centre of an eye in the triangle Look around your area on high buildings you will find circle emblems. Notice on TV for example the bbc & it’s use of hippos rotating in a circle before news programs these are things you are not aware of it’s tailored to drip into your unconscious mind. Peoples minds are being controlled by the illuminati which is very one world new world order Tower of Babel ( like the EU building).
          I do hope my posting is not going to be deleted like the last one which was so prescient concerning too many queens & regulus.Freedom of speech is the first thing to go in a neo Marxist world.

          • Christina says:

            I delete comments if I think they are rude to other contributors, Roman — even if unintentionally.

      • Christina says:

        Interesting… now have to google Julius Evola

  2. aqua says:

    This is the phone number fpr ITV they have a option to leave a message or email Good Morning Britain 0344 88 14150
    And here is the Ofcom website with all their contact details