Sally Kirkman and I discuss the astrological weather once a month – and here are our latest light-hearted ramblings.

" rel="podcast" data-link="podcast-player-oapodcastitem1cYSIMHOJY7">Astrology Talk Podcast: November 22-December 21
Lots to talk about this month. Fire returns with Sagittarius season — what joy!¬†And this month Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse cycle comes to a dramatic end – will it bring you freedom? Or, can you finally address the changes that have taken place over the last 18 months? Meanwhile Venus descends into the Underworld as she turns […]
" rel="podcast" data-link="podcast-player-oapodcastitem2xXs44WrV4h">An Eclipse, A Debate and Halloween -- 22 October - 22 November, 2021
Find out what Sally’s dog wears for Halloween, why you should be careful when Mars is in Scorpio and what the coming eclipse cycle might mean for you.
" rel="podcast" data-link="podcast-player-oapodcastitem3pLoqK907I0">Podcast 22 September-22 October: Mercury Retrograde Do's and Don'ts:
This month Sally and I talk through the possibilities and potentials unlocked during a Mercury Retrograde. Plus we discuss Kim Kardashian and Librans in general.
" rel="podcast" data-link="podcast-player-oapodcastitem4QlInQOo43n">Back to School: August 22-September 22
In this month’s podcast, Sally Kirkman and I discuss the month’s astrology — obvs — and look back over the previous month’s cosmic patterns. August was quite interesting, when the action of some planets was quite clear. It’s looking like a constructive month ahead with opportunities for everyone to start making some actual plans!
Two Full Moons and a Blazing Sun: July 22-August 22
This summer is proving to be so strange and frankly unsettling that a look at the dance of the planets is just the soothing medicine we need to make sense of so much chaos. We have some ideas about how where things are going and how we got here…
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