Sally Kirkman and I discuss the astrological weather once a month – and here are our latest light-hearted ramblings.
Two Full Moons and a Blazing Sun: July 22-August 22
This summer is proving to be so strange and frankly unsettling that a look at the dance of the planets is just the soothing medicine we need to make sense of so much chaos. We have some ideas about how where things are going and how we got here…
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" rel="podcast" data-link="podcast-player-oapodcastitem203zjjY6iXd">An Emotional Month: 21 June-20 July
Sally and I agree that this Cancerian month has an especially beautiful potential beginning with a perfect trine from the Sun to Jupiter on the Solstice itself and continuing with a lovely conjunction of Mars and Venus in passionate Leo on 13 July.
" rel="podcast" data-link="podcast-player-oapodcastitem3HwJHDfi2XM">Astrology Talk: Eclipses and a Mercury Retrograde. 18 May - 18 June
The month ahead (20 May — 20 June) is totally fascinating. It’s Gemini’s month, of course. There are the two eclipses across the axis of information plus a cool Mercury Retrograde plus Jupiter powerful in watery Pisces. The discussion was lively.
Astrology Talk: April 19 - May 19, 2021
In the podcast that talks about real astrology happening now, we discuss the Taurean month ahead (April 19-May 19) and what it means for each sign. This month Uranus, the planet of surprise, and stern Saturn dominate.
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Your Month Ahead Forecast: March 20-April 20
We’re at the Equinox — hooray! And finally, for the first time in 2021, we are getting some fiery energy when the Sun moves into Aries. It’s the real beginning of the astrological year, zero hour, blast off… And although, it won’t feel that blasty at first, things gradually heat up as the month progresses.
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