Sally Kirkman and I discuss the astrological weather once a month – and here are our latest light-hearted ramblings.

" rel="podcast" data-link="podcast-player-oapodcastitem1KGy17JXF7Y">Libra Season: The Equinox, An Eclipse and Hyper-Focus
It’s that pivotal point in the year: Libra season. We’re halfway through the Zodiac and the season’s shifting. Libra promises balance and harmony — usually — but maybe not so much with an eclipse in the offing and Pluto behaving like, well, Pluto.
" rel="podcast" data-link="podcast-player-oapodcastitem2Es2inmNR2J">Virgo Season: Retrogrades A Go-Go
This month Sally and I discuss all those planets turning tail and running for the hills — as well as few coming back to the well to drink some cool, sweet water. It’s really pretty complicated. There will be winners and losers — and those might just be the same person.
" rel="podcast" data-link="podcast-player-oapodcastitem39oSJx24Joy">Leo Season: Alchemical Reset
It’s a potent Leo Season, with magic at its fiery heart. We discuss the Venus Retrograde and the magnificent harvest moon and the astonishing new moon. So much to talk about this month.
" rel="podcast" data-link="podcast-player-oapodcastitem4qgL8us91ly">Cancer Season: Pluto's Wrath, A Fiery Solstice and More
This month, Sally and I had to have a discussion about the events of the previous week. Trump, Johnson, Berlusconi, Sturgeon going down in spectacular fashion. We also looked forward to a very fiery Solstice and hot July. There was a lot to talk about.
Astrology Talk Investigate: The Glastonbury Festival
The Glastonbury Festival, the pop music extravaganza held in bucolic south-west England every June is now part of the established summer season, along with the Proms, Glyndebourne and Henley Regatta. It started off as Pilton Festival on Michael Eavis’ farm just outside Glastonbury, Somerset back in 1970. In those days, you got free milk with […]
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