Sally Kirkman and I discuss the astrological weather once a month – and here are our latest light-hearted ramblings.
Your Month Ahead: October 22-November 23
Scorpio season is here! – the season of all things dark, hidden & spooky. We talked about some powerful Scorpios, including Joe Biden & the awesome double-Scorp collaboration of Leonardo DiCaprio & Martin Scorsese. Halloween is a big theme of the month as there’s a fat Blue Moon on October 31st which comes with an […]
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Your Month Ahead: September 22- October 23, 2020
This month we have a bit of advice for everyone — from Aries to Pisces and in between. And, guess what, it’s not saddle up, go forth or even lock horns… What could it be….? Listen and find out But there’a a lot more to chat about, including what makes Librans so special and whether […]
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Your Month Ahead Podcast: August 22-September 22
Firstly, as we’re entering Virgo season, apologies for getting the dates wrong for the Sun’s move into Virgo on the podcast. The Sun moves into Virgo on August 22nd not August 20th, which was the date Mercury entered Virgo! I know all you Virgos out there will be expecting precision… This month, we talk about […]
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July Podcast
It’s a sizzling broadcast for Leo’s month with plenty of interesting astrology to talk about. What’s in it for you?     Also this month, we feature an interview with Hilary Spiteri, and ask her how does astrology work with queer. The answer is… well… you’ll have to listen and find out.
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The Solstice Special
Phew! We have such big astrology coming up and we had a lot to talk to about in this Solstice special. It’s not often that a Solstice comes along – when the Sun ‘stands still’ and is at its peak – ¬†only to be followed less than 10 hours later by a Solar Eclipse, blotting […]
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