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Monday October 4th 2010
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Brazil.
Is the mother goddess giving a helping hand?

In Brazil, Dilma Rousseff; in Australia Julia Gillard, who’s next? Are sisters finally doing it for themselves?

Here’s what I think happened in the heavens that might give us a clue.
On the October 9, the dwarf planet Ceres moves into Capricorn for a longish visit. She was there in April, May and part of June before slipping back into Sagittarius for the rest of the summer.
Now not enough is said about this lady.
She was discovered 200 years ago (1 January 1801), but astrologers pretty much ignored the presence of the goddess of the harvest and mature motherhood until the mid-70s. They were put right in 2006 by the International Astronomers Union, the body that decides these things. The astronomers recategorised the planets, putting Pluto and Ceres on the same footing at a momentous meeting that summer. Now both are dwarf planets.
Anyone who knew the story of Pluto, Ceres and Proserpina had to laugh. Two old enemies equal once again. I think the astronomers got it the wrong way around, of course: Ceres should have been promoted. If you’ve had a transit from Pluto, you’ll know what I mean – that guy’s packs a punch.
But the same goes for Ceres. Here’s a real life example. I became a mother when my progressed Sun conjuncted Ceres. And my partner? (Yes he counts too.) Well, he had it the other way round: his progressed Ceres conjuncted his Sun at the same moment. Where there’s maternity or paternity, there’s Ceres.
Becoming a parent is one of the biggest turning points in a person’s life. So the dwarf planet in charge of that timing on a personal level must have some strong effects on a mundane level. See one of my previous posts that connects Ceres to world events.
Now, as I’m sure you know, Capricorn is the sign of government, authority and mega-corps. When Australian deputy Julia Gillard so ruthlessly dispatched her own leader back in June, Ceres was in Capricorn, but when total power slipped out of her clutches, Ceres had slunk back into Sagittarius.
I predict that Dilma Rousseff, who is the current populist president Lula‘s chosen successor, will win the second round of the Brazilian elections with Ceres well in Capricorn.  She’s an interesting woman in many ways  – guerilla mastermind, grandmother, survivor of torture, energy expert and by all accounts sharp as a tack.
Chico Mendes (1944-1988),
the murdered trade
unionist and environmentalist
was a colleague of Marina
Silva’s. Wow – Brazil has changed
a lot in the last quarter century.

A lot of people asked why she didn’t win the first round outright. Could it be that she just wasn’t Cereous enough? The Green Party candidate Marina Silva, another iron lady with an incredible biography – (raised barefoot in the rainforest, she became the first woman environment minister), shocked everyone by taking a stonking 19 per cent of the vote and essentially forcing Dilma to a second round.

I’ve had a look at both their charts and neither of these ladies is going anywhere quietly.Marina Silva has some perfect astrology for an environmentalist with an Aquarian Sun/Chiron conjunction. Chiron is your wounds but also where you can heal. Aquarius is the the sign of the group, of humanity as whole. She feels a wound in common with all humankind but probably specifically with the rubber tappers she grew up with in the jungle.

That Chiron though is perfectly aligned with Ceres in Cancer. There’s a five-second gap from exact quincunx. So she has an awkward, engaging, interesting life-long tug of love between maverick Chiron/Sun and Mother Earth. When she harnesses these energies together she moves  mountains. Interestingly, some reports suggest that Silva’s anti-abortion stance got the Evangelical Christians to turn out for her in force. Babies again.

Pluto is currently transitting her Capricorn Mars – boy is she tenacious. She is in life for the long haul. I think she may be the kind of person who gains power from a Pluto transit rather than feeling battered by outside forces.

So what about Dilma? She too has an exact aspect to her Ceres – but from revolutionary Uranus. How perfect for a woman who came to prominence through a guerilla movement and who is well known for her policy on electricity (Uranus). One of her most famous initiatives was called Luz para Todos which has brought electricity to millions of poor households across the country.

Left to right: Silva, Serra, Rousseff

Ceres also forms part of a smooth Grand Trine that includes Saturn and Sun. These are all fiery planets though with Ceres leading the Grand Trine from dynamic Aries, organising, ambitious Saturn in fixed Leo and the Sun in smart Sag. Her Sun is closely opposed by Uranus creating a talented Kite formation that weaves these talents together but gives them a bit of oomph through that rebellious opposition.

With Venus and the Moon in Capricorn, she’s actually more comfortable in government than out of it. She is where she belongs right now. You know, I wouldn’t want to be this woman’s enemy. She is so sure she’s right, she thinks that if you disagree with her you must be either demented or immoral. One of her ex-colleagues said, “Dilma is one hundred per cent democratic, as long as you don’t disagree with her.” Grand Trines and Kites can be impervious to arguments.

Well, I wish them both well. Lula’s government managed the amazing feat of being fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Let’s hope these women don’t let Jose Serra, who came second, sneak away with the presidency while they fight each other.

Listen to Joao Gilberto sing Aquarelo do Brazil
“Ah, open the curtain of the past
Bring the Black Mother down from the mountains
Place the Congo King in the congado
Brazil! Brazil!

Ari Barroso (1939)

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    Hi Christina, found your blog via Donna Cunningham and I’m really glad I did. Love your work! Thank you for sharing! – Neeti

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