Catherine Middleton’s Birth Chart: Cool, Powerful and Sensitive

Monday January 10th 2011
I want a William and Kate souvenir toothpick, please.

I received an email a while ago asking me to look at the chart of Catherine Middleton, who is to marry the heir to the British throne, Prince William, in April. Well, her birthday’s on the 9th of January, so why not look at it today I thought.

Now, I have to admit I find it hard to get excited about the woman who will probably one day be Queen of England and mother of a king or queen. Something about her makes me glaze over and turn the page. Surely I should be in a froth of excitement – either monarchist or republican. She’ll be filling a hugely important role in the mythology and psychology of Britain. She may well be the public face of Britain – or at least one of them for many years to come.

Even if you are not a supporter of the monarchy, its existence affects your personal identity as a Briton. I have yet to meet anyone in this country over the age of  30 who has not had a dream visitation from some member of the royal family. That’s how deeply embedded they are in the national psyche. And, of course, everyone has an opinion – for or against.

As I suppressed a yawn, I realised that the dullness of Catherine is precisely the point. We don’t need an exciting monarch, with, say, flashy good looks and a taste for expensive knickers and leopard-print bikinis.

No, we need boring, reliable, responsible, loyal, dutiful, presentable, conservative with a small c – and perhaps above all, discreet. We need a monarch who’s like a nice apple crumble, or a steak and kidney pudding. We require comfort and predictability, and preferably someone with the fibre to go on and on and on. Someone, in short, just like the current queen, who, with Capricorn rising and Saturn at the top of her chart, fulfils all these needs admirably.

We don’t have a birth time for
Middleton, so I’ve set the chart for noon.

Catherine Middleton was born at the Full Moon in Cancer-Capricorn on January 9, 1982, exactly opposite the New Moon in Cancer when William was born June 21, 1982. This ties in perfectly with England’s own New Moon in Capricorn.

I use the 1066 England chart, set for the coronation of William I, because that works well with this royal family. This gives the country a New Moon at 3° Capricorn, closely opposite William’s. So this couple links in to one of the simplest astrological cycles – the waxing and waning of Mother Moon.

The Moon in the chart of a country symbolises the people, the mob, the masses – and in the chart of a person it is mother, nurturer, what we need. So William and Kate connect with the psychological needs of the people. (I’m really surprised, but there it is.)

Middleton’s strong Cancer Moon is very sensitive. The Moon in its own sign makes for people who absorb atmosphere like a sponge and respond emotionally to life. Middleton is lucky to have planets in cool, clever Aquarius and earthy Capricorn to help her develop a strong carapace to protect that Moon. Moon in Cancer can also be ruthlessly selfish. What Cancer needs Cancer will get by hook or by crook. The earth and air part of her nature are certainly what we, the public, see of her.

England chart, 25 December 1066

Moon in Cancer sings mother. When Middleton has children she’ll be even more than usually fulfilled. Motherhood is the key to her destiny. I think the reason they’ve chosen to get married now is because they are ready to start a family. I expect the babies will come thick and fast after the wedding day. We will look back at these pre-marriage pictures of the couple and they will seem almost unrecognisable because they are not surrounded by children.

She’ll need to be the emotional rock in their relationship because he must have very intense feelings that are hard to deal with sometimes. His super-sensitive Cancer Sun-Moon is exactly trine Jupiter in that deep sign Scorpio. Middleton also has Jupiter in Scorpio trine her Moon, so she’ll have an automatic emotional sympathy with him. (Since they were born in the same year, she and Prince William share most outer planet placements.) But because her Sun is earthy Capricorn, she is able to step back from her  emotions and not identify with them completely.

Other astrologers have commented that she has very little fire in her chart, suggesting that this makes her cold. Well, we don’t know her ascendant, which could make a difference. But I don’t think lack of fire makes people cold, just not excitable. Besides it wouldn’t surprise me if she had Leo rising.

What she has got a lot of is air – Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Pluto. I expect she’s fair minded, charming, and (with the Cancer Moon) able to put people at ease. With that much air, she’ll be able to distance herself from her own emotions and examine things logically.

She’s probably also has a strategic intelligence, able to plan long-term and work out consequences. She would have made an excellent political operative. I bet she has an instinctive grasp of the big picture – how she fits in to the Royal Family’s agenda and the nation’s needs. She understands how the system in which she finds herself, the aristocracy, works.

It’s interesting that she was dubbed Waity Katy by the press. Saturn, her Sun’s ruling planet and “exalted” in Libra is super-powered in her chart. It’s the planet of waiting, taking your time, planning. When Saturn is involved in anything, expect time to slow down. But patience and fortitude have paid off for Middleton, because marrying William will be the achievement of a long term goal. She’s been playing a successful, if rather slow, marriage chess. Don’t forget that more than most of us, she’s marrying into a family; in fact she’s is marrying an office and taking on an office by marriage, as well as marrying the man she loves.

Is she ambitious? Is the Mickey Mouse a cartoon? She has a dynamically ambitious chart focused on the partnership sign Libra, where she has the dark lord of power Pluto conjunct the lord of ambition Saturn at his most powerful too. These form a t-square, which is common, to the Sun (ego and father) and the Moon (needs and mother). Her parents are very ambitious for her too, but being grounded in the correct signs, their ambition has taken achievable form. None of this floating around with Neptune la la for them,

When she met William in 2001, her progressed Sun met her natal Venus, which is a real indicator of encountering a true love. So she knew back then that he was the one. Rather sweetly, the Prince’s Venus has progressed to his Sun now, so I’m guessing he loves her much more now than he ever did before.

Prince William

Incidentally, the Prince has an extraordinary “yod” or Finger of God formation in his chart which points right at Venus exalted in earthy, sensual Taurus. Venus in a man’s chart is often an image of his ideal woman and how he views all women. The Prince’s Venus is exactly conjunct the asteroid of grief Chiron. She’s also in the crosshairs of Pluto (death) and Neptune (glamour). I’m not making this up.

So there’s no question that the untimely death of his mother Princess Diana defines Williams attitudes to women. I think he puts them on a pedestal, worships them and fears that they will be stolen away by forces beyond his control. Yet at the same time, he sees them as the connection to reality, the grounding force in his life. His long relationship with Middleton will have been a means of putting his fears and pain to rest, so that now he can love her as an adult. (I still think the ring is a bad move though.)

The point where Chiron is in a chart shows us where we may experience the greatest grief or injury but also where we become strongest through healing that pain. The simple interpretation in William’s case is that he is marrying a strong, earthy, grounded woman.

Catherine Middleton has had Pluto the planet of power and transformation travelling through her Sun’s sign Capricorn since 2008 and she will have it there for many years to come. In time, she will undoubtedly become the most powerful member of the royal family after the Queen.

This will be good for them but will it be good for us?

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  1. Liz says:

    you are most astute and clearly extremely learned in these matters! so beautifully conveyed. let’s see how this all shakes out — liz

  2. Yep. I second that Liz. An excellent analysis.

  3. Christina says:

    Thanks – I wrote this piece a while ago and since then there are rumours that her birth time is 11.55 pm, which would give Libra rising and put the Moon at the top of the chart. It would also mean that her chart mirrors the UK’s 1801 chart and the 1066 chart remarkably. In a way she is a personification of (at least some important aspects of) the United Kingdom itself. The Prince marries the nation.

    On a more banal note, if the time is right, that moon placement suggests she needs the attention she gets from the public, while with the Sun in the 4th she is able to keep herself private.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We now have a birth time for Catherine Duch. of C. scroll down on Margorie Orr’s politics and world news section in her site and you’ll see it in a section she’s written about it. Can’t offhand remember it – hence the direction to Orr’s site. Think it’s 11:15 or 1:15 but it’s on there.

  5. Anonymous says:

    v.good comment re. Cat, Duch of Cambridge 11:55 chart. Penny Thornton was Princess Diana and did get a birthtime of 2:15pm Sandringham thereabouts making her Libra rising not Sag. Prince William has therefore married his Mama in many ways. Catherine is, totally camera aware and ready and right from the get go. Study the footage and see it’s always been an aspect of her nature. Even on the balcony it was her that turned and waved the last goodbye (a natural ‘professional’). Still, no bad thing as long as she’s aware it’s William’s show and not hers as it was with Charles & Diana.

  6. P says:

    @ Anonymous 7 June 19:09: According to David Roell, the synastry between Di’s and Kate’s ‘scopes is remarkable.

  7. Christina says:

    One thing I’d add to that is this: it would be weird if there was not quite a bit of connection between the charts. Synastry ripples down through generations. So if you have contacts with the son, you are inevitably going to have contacts with the mother.

    In my own case, for example, I have beautiful synastry with my mother-in-law – and my partner has with my Dad.

  8. P says:

    @ Christina: Now there’s a good idea: Include the synastry between the couple and the in-laws *before* getting married.
    Would save everyone a lot of trouble.

  9. Hi Christina, have you found out the time of birth of Cate Middleton? Should it be the case, which is her acendent? You think they’re going to have a boy or a girl for their first child? Loved your article, cheerS!
    Lúcia Lopes, São Paulo, Brazil

  10. Isy Aweigh says:

    I couldn’t find a time in Orr’s page on either Kate or Will, but I thought that 8 am chart above looked almost upside down. I threw in an 11 pm chart (some like the idea of 11:15 pm as a birth time… what do I know, I just found my head swiveling as I looked at the chart) and threw in homey Vesta, spousal Juno, earthy Ceres, and — this being a wedding which requires heirs — good ol’ Eros.

    This puts her Moon and NN in the very public 10th house, and her Sun and Venus in the rather private 4th. On her wedding day, Jupiter transiting her 7th house of mates (how’s that for relevant) trined her 3rd-house mini-stellium of glamourous Neptune, homey Vesta, and spousal Juno. Transiting Eros (and maternal Ceres) was in her 6th house of duty — no kidding, as anyone who remembers the grotesquely public debate over Diana’s premarital virginity might agree. Droit du seigneur is deeply planted in many psyches, to this day. Transiting Juno in her 12th (assuming this birthtime is anywhere near right) squared her natal Juno — an extrapersonal transformation of Juno’s energy in her.

    It’s curious that this puts her natal Chiron/Eros conjunction in earthy Taurus in the mystical, deeply-shared 8th house. Chiron is not only the wound, but also the healer, and I wonder if this is part of what she brings to her partner — a way of healing his profound wound regarding women, in a practical way. Also, to harken back to the previous paragraph, her sex life is a part of the shared legacy, as the Princess of Wales and mother of future heirs.

    With Mars in the first house, there’s a bit of natural fire, fed by the lofty air of Aquarius… Also, with Aries on her Desc and those earthy, feminine asteroids in Sagittarius snuggling up to stunning Neptune, I see tolerable balance for a woman in her position.

    I think you’re right that the UK could really use someone like her. The ring creeped me out too, but it’s something that gents used to do a lot. Somehow nobody ever got around to saying, “You dug your dead mother’s rings out of the well-worn grooves in her cold, stiff fingers… *why*?” Gruesome, but not uncommon a couple generations ago.

  11. Isy Aweigh says:

    Mind you, the 8 pm birth time is at least as interesting. It puts her Moon/NN in the 11th house, for one thing, and yields a Virgo ascendant, which feels not bad.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am an Australian and a hobby astrologer, but I would like to say that I constantly marvel at the way Kate plays it. She is smart enough that she does not try to outshine anyone or pretend that she is something (royal) that she is not (a ‘commoner’)by being very low key and dare I say, boring. She recycles clothes, she wears ‘high street’ brands, and dresses rather boringly for her age (compared to say Diana at the time). She doesn’t do anything outrageous or draw attention to herself unnecessarily. She realises that that’s what endears her to people and I don’t think she really needs all that, she knows that when she is queen she will have all the power in the world and she is willing to bide her time and not ‘jump the gun’ for superficial things.

    • ANNE says:

      Are you kidding ? Doesn’t try for attention ? All Kate’s bare privates have been photographed a multitude of times. All she had to do was wear underclothes….but no. A true exhibitionist wouldn’t. She’s mental, pathetic, a horrible example. Her past is atrocious as well. A public drunk and flasher. Lazy. Even after marrying William her exhibitionist hobby continued. He’s daft. He pretended not to notice. As she kept getting bad press for it. They’re a strange couple. Diana would have never done any of that.

  13. Anonymous says:

    From this, it looks as if Kate was born in the afternoon –

    ” Pamela Young posted the following on the Forum: “Re Kate Middleton’s birth time – in the book, “William and Kate: a Royal Love Story,” by Christopher Andersen (New York: Gallery Books, 2011) it is stated on page 73:

    “Although they could not know it at the time, the Middletons took their biggest step toward the top rung of the social ladder on January 9, 1982. That afternoon, Caroline gave birth to blue-eyed Catherine Elizabeth Middleton at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading.”

  14. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh the silliness, all this rubbish about when she’s queen she’ll have power – um…news flash the monarchy doesn’t rule anything its purely ornamental and in 2013 actually quite ridiculous – imagine paying a tax out of your hard earned paycheck to support a bunch of entitled inbreds! Lastly, only God knows the future – Kate is manipulative, cold and detached. The minute that she thinks the cameras are off of her, that smile drops into a cold, thin lipped snarl. May I suggest everyone on here get in touch with reality and stop elevating this commoner to god-like status – its shameful!

  15. anne says:

    You wrote “The Prince’s Venus is exactly conjunct the asteroid of grief Chiron. She’s also in the crosshairs of Pluto (death) and Neptune (glamour). “……Is it possible that negative astrology could affect Kate as well ? Wouldn’t that be scary for anyone woman he’s involved with ? It seems like it is a possibility ?

    • Christina says:

      Yes, I think it’s a very difficult combination.

      • Anne says:

        Another insight here…. I hope it doesn’t come to pass. But that tragic Venus and Chiron of William’s is placed in his 5th house. The 5th represents children. I hope to God this won’t mean a tragedy involving any of his children.

  16. Joy says:

    Kate is not a prim, proper or respectable person. Her repeated disgusting displays of exhibitionism over the years shows she’s mentally unstable. Name one other royal who’s had their naked bits on display like she did. Past year or so she seems to have improved, not flashing as much lately. Perhaps the Queen ordered some intense mental health therapy for Kate.

    • Kay says:

      I think the Duchess of Cambridge is a million tons better than the bit of fun her brother in law has picked up. There are pictures of MOST OF that one’s bits on the internet, for which she posed & got paid too for acting out. In Australia she paraded them on walkabouts as well 🙁 UGH

      • ANNE says:

        Kay,,,,all of Middleton’s “bits” were photographed many times over the years. Only recently did she FINALLY stop having all those so-called “wardrobe malfunctions”. Everyone found out she doesn’t wear underclothing. She never did a thing to stop the horrible photos.