Why Pallas Athena is the Astrologer’s Asteroid

Tuesday April 12th 2011
Pallas Athene from the Temple of Aphaia c.500 BC

One of the readers of this blog recently pointed out that pattern-recognition was a key component of astrology – and my tiny astrologer’s mind went click and then clickety click click. I got excited.

Because there is an asteroid associated with pattern-recognition, so theoretically astrologers should have this asteroid somehow emphasised in the natal chart – and there should be a recognisable pattern.

Pallas Athena is a lump of rock that whizzes through space between Jupiter and Mars. A lot of other lumps   of rock whizz in that particular part of the solar system, but she is one of the big ones. Along with her sisters – Ceres, Vesta and Juno – she was discovered and named in the 19th century, but largely ignored by astrologers until quite recently.

In previous posts, I’ve shown how Vesta is associated with chefs and Juno with marriage (click the names to read the articles), so let’s see if Pallas really is the goddess of pattern. 

If she is, then astrologers, should have her well-aspected and prominent in the chart. I’m looking for really close aspects – between one and three degrees – and I’m looking especially for contacts with the Sun or Moon (essentially character), Uranus and Aquarius (astrology) and Saturn (systems of thought).

So I picked a random selection of astrologers whose birthdata is readily available on the internet. I chose some dead ones (because they can’t complain) and some live ones (because they can).

Well, I laughed out loud when I pulled up the first chart: Charles Carter (1887-1968), the head of the British astrological association for many years and author of some really useful books, an old favorite of mine. Pallas conjunct Sun in Aquarius (orb 2°). Ooo don’t you just love astrology.

Master of midpoints Reinhold Ebertin: Pallas conjunct Sun in Aquarius. 

Alan Leo (1860-1917)

How about the “Father of Modern Astrology” Alan Leo? Pallas in the 9th (wisdom, systems of knowledge) trine Saturn on the Ascendant (orb 2°).

The doyenne of contemporary astrology, Liz Greene: Pallas conjunct Moon in the 1st trine Mercury in the 9th (publishing and knowledge).

The romantic populariser, Linda Goodman: Pallas conjunct Venus in the 9th (orb °).

Zany and brainy, Rick Levine: Pallas conjunct Uranus in the 1st (orb 1°). And his pal Jeff Jawer has Pallas at the top of his chart in the 10th house of career opposite Saturn and exactly quincunx Uranus.

The queen of horary, Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson: Pallas conjunct North Node and Jupiter in the 10th opposite Uranus.

Deaconess of dissemination, Donna Cunningham: Pallas in Aquarius (again) trine Mercury in Gemini (orb 3°).

I extracted all the chart information from Astrodatabank, the wonderful resource founded by Lois Rodden – Pallas rising in Aquarius (orb 3°).

Case rested.

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  1. leslee says:

    That’s so interesting. I’m not an astrologer (just a longtime student), but I have Pallas sandwiched between my Mercury at 0 Virgo and Venus/Pluto at 2 Virgo in my 1st house. And if the Virgo gets too “trees” rather than “forest,” that stellium is sextiled by Jupiter and Neptune at 0 and 2 Scorpio. I guess I use Pallas mostly for my own self understanding given it’s in my 1st house. But I’ve never really understood what Pallas was all about or how it functioned for me. I like this pattern-recognition idea!

  2. Christina says:

    Even without the Pallas, that’s a very cool combination of planets. You must write. Are you taking big systems of knowledge and making them accessible or beautiful for ordinary people?

    Also in the first house, other people must see you, in some way, as Pallas (as well as Venus and Pluto, of course.) Lois Rodden and Liz Greene both have first house Pallas, too.

  3. leslee says:

    I do write for a living, alas taking systems of medical knowledge and making them accessible to pharmaceutical reps! (Venus/Pluto likes to make a decent living.)

    I’m not sure how much of the stellium with Pallas is seen as I have Leo Moon/Ascendant (18/17 Leo) conjunct Uranus (14 Leo), which tends to steal the limelight from Virgo. But cool that Rodden and Greene have first house Pallas – that is fine company.

  4. leslee says:

    “Are you taking big systems of knowledge and making them accessible or beautiful for ordinary people?”

    That is nicely put. I really must keep that in mind as I continue to mull over future directions. Thanks, Christina.

  5. P says:

    @ Christina – don’t you love it when your brain does that 🙂 – when it goes clickity click? Merc trine Saturn – I love it when that happens

    @ Leslee – I’d say Chris makes the knowledge Accessible AND Beautiful

  6. Christina says:

    Sometimes the old brain just goes clankety cronk so clickety click is good.

  7. That is so brilliant and clever and COOOOOOL I’m bouncing in my seat 🙂

  8. Intrigued, I slid over to astro.com and tried to find where Pallas Athene shows up in my chart. Have yet to succeed; the new wiki format confuses me terribly.

    “Are you taking big systems of knowledge and making them accessible or beautiful for ordinary people?” — that’s exactly what I’m doing, so I’m particularly curious about this placement in my chart. I aim for accessible AND beautiful, but there’s probably a certain amount of funding involved before I get there.

  9. Hi Christina,
    I’m an Italian astrologer and I’ve Pallas exactly on the Descendant, quintile my Saturn in the 9th house and my Uranus in the 5th house and opposite Venus on the AS. It’s interesting what you say because I live in Italy and I’ve been doing research on aspect-pattern astrology and planetary cycles for the last 5 years, presenting my research in conferences not only for astrologers but open to the general public in order to give a more serious image of astrology, trying to make it understandable to everyone.

  10. Christina says:

    Well, Piper, it was you who put me on to this with your comment on a previous post.

    If you want to find your Pallas on astro.com, go to extended chart selection and on the bottom left you will find a list of asteroids and other points including Pallas.


  11. Christina says:

    I received a very sweet email today from Rick Levine, who points out that his Pallas is actually CONJUNCT Uranus, 1d24m orb. And it’s QUINTILE Venus 10m orb.

    Ooops. I’m afraid I typed in trine and didn’t recheck it! Still that makes him even more madly pallatial than previously suspected.

    Alessandra, your Pallas certainly fits.

  12. Sabrina says:

    Well I see myself as a long time student, as Leslee said. But wanted to check, I have Pallas in Cap at the 5th H cusp, square Uranus in 2nd and quincunx Saturn in 10th. Trine my Asc, all within 2 deg orb…I’m scratching my head here!

  13. Monica says:

    OK. So. I have Pallas in First House, all alone there, and in Aquarius. It does square my Mercury/Uranus in Scorpio, but trines my Moon in Gemini and Pluto in Libra, and sextiles Neptune in Sagittarius. I have yet to really research the asteroids, so thank you for posting this. And yes, I am a big fan of astrology and I am not officially studying it (and tarot, and yoga…. 🙂

  14. Christina says:

    @Sabrina – Pallas in the 5th is interesting. I’ve noticed that 5th house types are often inventive, especially when it comes to making up games. I live with a couple of them. I would think that with that combination you must have a gift for strategy.

    @Monica – Aquarian Pallas slots you right in with at least a handful of astrologers – and so does the first house.

  15. The Deaconess of Dissemination? I love it! I’ve been called many things, by both fans and detractors, most aptly Our Lady of Pluto. But the DOD title makes my Gemini stellium sit up anmd wag its tail.

    I had no idea where my Pallas was–I never did unpack my asteroids after last summer’s move. Donna Cunningham

  16. Christina says:

    @Donna – Deaconess of Dissemination – you have single-handedly created a wave of astro-ideas that ripples around the world.

  17. Merrill says:

    I am an Australian Astrologer 65 years young Female, have been into Astrology since I was 14, am Passionate…about Astrology. I have Pallas in conjunction to my Moon exact in the third house in Capricorn, Can relate to your comments completely. Many thanks

  18. Anonymous says:

    Im so glad I found this information over the internet. I started studing astrology to understand MYSELF, couldnt understand why I invested so much time and money studyng stuff that i eventually came to despise [im a lawyer who doesnt practice, bc i hate it, and gives me panick attacks with waves of anger, quite a cocktail]. So, while looking for information in my chart, in the 1st house, the house of personality, there’s pallas conjuct my NN in pisces, thats it, nothing else there. That triseptiles Uranus in Libra, and both biseptile a Moon/Sappho conjunction in Gemini in the 4th house whick i think FINALLY explains my fascination since i was a liitle girl with a discipline i couldnt actually learn bc my family is very catholic. [BTW, sappho extreme fear is dead on, cant remeber where i read it since i jump around from site to site, suffered from panick attacks since i was a little girl, quite a problem if you’re a lawyer :s] So, for obvious reasons, i had a LOT of doubts concerning really compromising to the study of astrology, since i hade that love affair with the law too until i actually got into it, and now im stuck with student loans for a proffession i seriously dont profess at all. But this makes me hope. And if you find my way of writing odd, english isnt my first language, so there’re sure some mistakes here and there for which i apologize in advance. Thank you so much for posting this information. VERY enlightnening.

    • Anonymous says:

      Look through Pallas’s heiroglyph into the shape shifting world of your dreams, consult the internal law courts, get help to ride the waves of panic?

  19. Wow. This is very interesting info. I am not an astrologer. I am a mere astrology enthusiast who has started delving deeper into astrology in the past couple of years in order to further self-understanding. I just checked my Pallas and it is in Scorpio in the 4th and it sextiles both my Virgo Sun-Mercury conjunction.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’m just catching up with this discussion. I checked and I have Pallas at 25’Gemini32′ in the 11th house, in opposition to SaturnRx at 24’Sag15′. That looks like a pretty tight orb.

    I am not sure what to make of that opposition.

  21. Christina says:

    @ebony Your pallas combo sounds like you must have a pretty forensic approach to astrology.

    @anon Don’t you think that’s a real seeker’s combo. Both those signs are about knowledge. I bet you’re the sort of person who does not just swallow what it “says in the book” but likes some proof too.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Ha.. Christina, you hit the nail on the head (my saturn/Pallas opposition). My first tarot teacher told me I had great mystical powers, but the only problem is, I don’t believe in mystical powers. Ha. So I call myself “the skeptic mystic.” I also have Mercury midheaven in Taurus (I’m a Taurus sun/moon) so yeah, I have to see concrete proof of ideas, even better if I make something real out of intangible ideas.

  23. astrodiva says:

    This article excited me as well. Pallas Athene is in the 10th house of my natal chart, opposite Pluto in Virgo 4th, trine Mars, Mercury, Neptune stellium in Scorpio 6th. I have been interested in astrology since I was a little girl. I practice in the Philippines, mainly as a horoscope writer for women’s publications.

  24. Blissss says:

    I have Pallas Athene and Eros in the 10th house with both asteroids in the sign of Aquarius. Can anyone tell me what this means? I’m an aspiring singer/actress with a great interest in the arts and philanthropy. This also stems from my Moon in Pisces.

  25. Christina says:

    I’d have to look at your whole chart to give you a true response to that question Blissss.

    It’s the synthesis of all the parts that tells the story.

    One tip if you are reading your own chart which is always good to keep in mind is the “rule of three”. That is spot a pattern three times and you can be sure it’s strong in the character.

    Pallas in Aquarius does occur frequently in the charts of astrologers, however. Moon in Pisces is always very sensitive but the rest of the chart will tell how.

  26. Louise says:

    Pallas 0° Gemini (11th) conjunct my Taurus Moon (2½° orb), exactly sextile my Asc, (one minute orb) minute, and exact semi-sextile Venus (one minute orb). No aspect to Uranus, but I have Mercury/Sun 11th closely trine Uranus/Pluto 3rd.
    I’ll watch the 4 asteroids more closely in future, I think! Thanks!

  27. Christina says:

    @Louise – The exact aspects you have are very telling. Pallas is linked right in to your very soul there with the conjunction to the Moon. It speaks of instinctive smarts.

    I have a friend with this aspect and I notice that she takes her own cleverness rather for granted, without realising quite how unusual her brain is. Among her many abilities is direction finding – in a small way and also tracking satellites. I wonder if that is Pallasy too.

  28. Opal says:

    I find Pallas fascinating – I have it in Cancer in a Grand Trine with Moon Neptune in Scorpio and Jupiter Chiron in Pisces. It’s also quincunx Saturn in Aquarius. I use astrology as a tool to understand the psychological patterns of my attitudes and behaviours and the repeating cycles of events in my life.

    I see patterns everywhere, quite naturally, and have often been accused of reading too much into things – but the patterns are there nonetheless! When I studied art, my tutor pointed out one day (when I was failing miserably to draw a landscape) that I don’t see shapes, I see patterns and to work with it. My older sister was once told the same thing and she has Mercury conj Pallas. Be interesting to see where it is in the charts of artists and designers – I know Klimt had it opposite Mars and Neptune.

  29. Christina says:

    @Opal – oo, you’ve opened up a new avenue of investigation. I am very taken with the idea that some people see patterns rather than shapes.

    Certain artists veer much more to graphic design – Matisse is a great example, Paul Klee. I’m going to go and look up their Pallas placements.

    You could also make the same argument about music.

  30. Ooh! Great post!

    I have Pallas conj Moon in the eleventh, sextile Mercury in the 9th and Mars in the 12th.

    Very interesting that though I practiced astrology for years things didn’t start to heat up in this career until I took on social media.

    How about that!

  31. Christina says:

    That’d be the 11th I guess

  32. Anonymous says:

    Hi Christina,
    My Pallas is in the 9th house (Sagittarius), trine Moon (Aries) trine Sun (Leo) and my Ascendant is Aquarius:-))) I started learning astrology this year:-))

  33. Interesting. I have not familiarized myself with asteroids, but this one could certainly explain my astrological inclination—among other things!

  34. This is such a fascinating concept. I haven’t looked at my asteroids in years. I am embarrassed to say that I never took them very seriously. Clearly, I must have a rethink. Perfect for the new moon.

    Speaking of Pisces, I’ve had a look and my Pallas and it is at 22 Pisces in the 9th house trining my Uranus in Cancer in the 12th (8 degrees from my ASC). Also trining my 27 degree Scorpio Moon in the 5th while making a very tight inconjunct to my Pluto in the 2nd and my Neptune in Libra in the 4th (both at 23 degrees) and finally squaring my Sun at 23 Sag.

    I have a lot to think about. Quite a number of those aspects are 5 degrees apart which makes me wonder about allowable orbs for the asteroids??

    Thank you so much for this, dear Oxford Astrologer.

    Robin Dalton

  35. Jara says:

    Thanks for looking into this pattern! I’ve long suspected that asteroids are more important than we’re “traditionally” taught. After completing our asteroid synastry for my mentor and I, he said he didn’t pay much attention to asteroids. Cue my hasty exit. I have Pallas in Pisces in the 3rd opposing North Node and Saturn in Virgo in the 9th. When you wrote “systems”, my mind said “yesss!” I have little patience/regard for people who can’t recognize patterns that seem self-evident to me, especialleying they need an authority figure to co-sign the idea before accepting it. He remarked that I must’ve “played dumb” about how little I knew about astrology because I picked it up very quickly. I think I just remembered what I’d already learned/knew in a past life (Pallas conjunction South Node in Pisces with Aquarius in the 3rd). 😉

    Fittingly, my sites emphasize “random” thought. 😉

    • Christina says:

      Jara – you have set me thinking. I wonder if Pallas is also about independent thought. Also you truly have the Pallas astrologer’s signature, n’est ce pas…

  36. PiscesCancerGemini says:

    Thank you so much for this article! I have been a “student” of astrology since my early teens, but did not know about the asteroids until the past few years. Needless to say, once I found Pallas Athena, I believe I found my muse. She is at 29 Taurus conjunct my 0 Gemini Saturn, 8 degrees before my ASC. I look for patterns in everything – nature, other people’s behavior, and in mine as well. Finding four leaf clovers are my forte and I have hundreds of them from the decades of collecting them. The patterns of the astrological chart and their mathematical beauty captivate me daily in my studies. She is trine my Pluto, but square my Sun, which would explain how I keep most of my discoveries to myself, not wanting people to think I am “wacko”. With my man, his Venus/ Pallas conjunction is almost exactly trine my Saturn/ Pallas conjunction and also conjunct my Pluto. Talk about intense!

  37. I am a professional astrologer :Pallas conj Uranus in 8.
    I am a medical astrologer and have researched deaths as well, or deaths aspect patterns.
    Interesting for me is Uranus is on the last degree of Virgo and Pallas on the first of Libra… Relationship astrology is another one of three specialties.
    I always wanted to do films about patterns, now I know why… Pallas!
    Also sextile Venus and Midheaven and trine my Aquarius rising. Cool that you clicked- I didn’t.

  38. latifa says:

    Yep, Honolulu astrologer: Grand trine Sun, Uranus, Pallas in Air, 26 libra Sun/26 Gemini Uranus/28 Aquarius Pallas..Love the distinctive flavor of your work, Christina, esp the artist’s self portraits, splendid!

  39. Gilly says:

    Thank you for this excellent post. I’m trying to understand Pallas Athene – only recently discovered it when I read a post about the Galactic Centre and found my Pallas there. She’s just under my DC, conjunct Mars and Jupiter, trine Uranus, sextile the MC so I assume she’s important in my chart and trying to work it all out… Which is all apropos of nothing, just wanted to say thank you for the post. 🙂

  40. Jilly says:

    Busby Berkeley has an unaspected Pallas @ 7 Cap. (Don’t know his birth time though.)

  41. I have Pallas exactly conjunct my Uranus in Virgo in the 11th…(and conjunct within 5 degrees of Pluto in virgo in the 10th).

  42. I have Pallas in Aries, & the 5th house, but all aspects are afflicted (except moon). I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing, or an good thing. 😉 would this make someone overly hyper?

    Great Post!
    Nailah D

  43. fionaflummox says:

    as i was flitting about getting my shiz together after lunar follies of 28 nov (great catalylst – my whole life will change!), i found this. ooohhh i like it. makes sense: i have pallas conjunct mercury / venus in aquarius sextile mc. and what what! i have been an astrologer for 15 years. i feel whimsical! great call….l&l to all

  44. liinu says:

    Interesting stuff, thank you. I’ve been studying astrology for a year or so now, mainly for self-understanding, and my Pallas is in early Taurus, in 1st house, sextile ASC (Pisces), opposite Mercury (Scorp) and very tightly Quincunx Saturn (Libra).
    Pallas is the only thing in my otherwise empty and massive (in Placidus or Koch) 1st house.

    I can certainly relate to the pattern recognition feeling easy, it seems simple and nothing much until you see other people struggling and not “spotting” something right away (whatever it is), and you getting impatient 🙂 (Mars exactly conjunct Uranus). Also, the thing about not going along with traditional gender roles/expectations has always been a bit of a thing of mine since early teens.

    My Pallas is retrograde, though, and I was wondering how you would see that manifesting itself..? PiscesCancerGemini above mentioned an interesting thing about keeping her discoveries to herself, so as not to be seen as a “wacko”. I seem to have a very similar hang-up about astrology. I want to learn and investigate so much more and am very curious and into patterns in charts etc., but am having trouble discussing it with people at all (except bf), or at least without downplaying how much I believe in it, so as not to be seen as a “silly, boring girly girl yammering on about horoscopes in women’s magazines”. 🙂
    Can anyone relate to that?

  45. Anonymous says:

    I am also not an astrologer, just an enthusiast. My Pallas has always intrigued me and I am still trying to figure out its meaning. It is unaspected in virgo which is intercepted in my 7th house(placidus). It conjuncts my sun/moon midpoint (0 deg.)and squares my MC (4 deg.) though. The interesting thing is that I also don’t have any placements in earth signs, so I guess my practical manifestation of Pallas is still undiscovered 🙂 I also read somewhere that a prominent Pallas can be found in charts of great political analysts. Can also be good to look into.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Pallas conjuncts (-2 deg.) my North node, in Libra,6 house.As Aries (17) Sun Taurus (21, 49, 11) I am very interested in social patterns and astrology.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Greetings from Greece!
    Your article was very..hmm.. enlightening and mind triggering. I looked for Pallas position in my chart and there she is in Aquarius-4th house, touching most my planets with major aspects, except Virgo-saturn & Venus as well as Cancer-Mars. Honestly I wouldnt expect to find anything, since I, also, am not an practitional astrologer, but astrology and its roots have been my life`s loved and main study the last 5 years and keeps going. So the wise godess, as rocky as she is, has the followin aspects:
    parallel with the Virgo-Sun in the 11th
    trine with the Libra-Moon in the 12th
    opposition with the conjuction Leo-Merc/Jupit in the MC
    square with Scorpio-Uranus in the 1st
    sextile with the Sagitt-Neptune in the 2nd
    trine with the Libra-Pluto in 12th
    ContraParallel with the Libra -ascendant.
    All the aspects are in orbs up to 3 and something degrees, most of them 2, except the parallels which are half a degree.
    Do these count?

  49. really great writing and ideas! i have Capricorn Pallas exact conjunct Eros in 3rd house 2 degrees from IC and opposite Cancer Vesta in 10th house with 3 degree orb. Pallas and Vesta both have squares to Aries Jupiter in 7th. and Pallas/Eros is almost exactly square my Libra Ascendant.

    Pallas is also (4 degrees) sextile N.Node (6th house) and (exact) sextile Venus (5th house) both in Pisces.

    i started reading people’s charts about two years ago and it has been something I picked up so quickly, I’ve converted quite a few skeptics. Pallas seems to be working in a big way. Also I have Sun/Ceres in Aquarius 4th house.

    no wonder i love astrology.

  50. I have Pallas in 1st house/Cancer, though not conjunct AC.

    I’ve read elsewhere that Uranus/3rd is indicative of an interest or talent in astrology–I have Uranus/3rd on a chart angle (conjunct IC, opposition MC).

    Interesting how many mentions (article+comments) are on this page re. Pallas in Aquarius. It makes sense that the cool, detached, analytical qualities of Aquarius would nicely complement Pallas’ ability to intuit and synthesize patterns.

    • Yes – I actually give Pallas “rulership” of Aquarius and Aries in my own readings. So she is complement to Mars + Saturn/Uranus (Prometheus). I think this captures her essential energy quite well?

  51. Anonymous says:

    Interesting… I have Pallas in the 1st house conjunct Sun, Ascendant, Eros and Neptune and Sextile Pluto & Psyche. Pluto & Psyche is in Scorpio in My 10th house. I’ve been obsessed with astrology since I was 12. My Venus is in Aquarius in my 1st house and I truly do love it!

  52. Anonymous says:

    What about pallas on the ic at 1 degree cancer? My sun,mercury, chiron and jupiter are all in cancer as well.

  53. Anonymous says:


    And what about the two other Minerva (83) and Athene (881) asteroids? Same effect? Nice post 😉

  54. Pallas saved my ass. Grand trine in water with mercury and south node made the stories happen out of all the splintered bits. Sitting alons jn scorpio she made sense out if chaos.

  55. Libran, with Taurus Rising says:


    What would everyone say about Pallas conjunct Sun conjunct Mercury in the 6th?

    That’s not all I have going on in the 6th. Another 9 planets/asteroids (mostly from the general selection on astro.com) are there plus the True Node, and it is an intercepted house (whole of virgo, whole of libra – sidereal, or a little virgo, whole of libra, most of scorpio – tropical).

    Thanks 🙂

    Libran with Taurus Rising

    • Libran, with Taurus Rising says:

      Thank you…

      Has the 6th house anything to do with the 1st? I think the 6th house may in fact be the house of “illness”, rather than health… and that perhaps it has something to do with what is in the 1st house… I have Varuna in the 1st house / Taurus. I wish my astrologer had gotten into the “negative” stuff. It must be visible to the trained eye.

      On astro.com, they have this to say about the 6th house:
      Ancient astrologers considered the 6th a malefic house—not a happy place for a planet to be. John Frawley, a contemporary practitioner of traditional principles, writes about the 6th: “This is the house of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune: of all the things that the harsh, cruel world and that odd bunch of people who inhabit it conspire to inflict upon us.”1 Planets in this house are weakened and can harm the other houses that they rule. This is not the house of health, Frawley contends, but the house of illness. The 1st house indicates one’s health or vitality; the 6th describes what undermines it. Nor is it the house of work or service, says Frawley. This is a modern invention, loosely based on the 6th ruling servants and tradespeople—those who work for us. Our own work is still described by the 10th. Contemporary interpretations of the 6th, says Frawley, are simply wrong. They derive from the happy-talk tendency of modern astrologers to whitewash any bad celestial news.

    • Christina says:

      That’s quite a lot of brain power in the house of work and service. I’d say very astrological & it could actually end up being something you do as a job.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I just came across this article and it blew me away. I have been an astrologer for most of my life, my grand father was a Verdic Astrologer and my first experience was stumbling upon his charts that he had written when i was playing in his house when i was 8 years old. I cant explain it but I was completely hooked and mesmerised. I have Venus conj Pallas (Orb exact) in the 8th house. I just had the most amazing aha moment…with immense gratitude…xx

  57. In L'akesh says:

    Pallas conjunct IC, 30mins and conjunct moon 2d in sag 4th house. I am fascinated with belief systems/cognitive programing/patterns of the psyche, particularily their relationship between the individual and the collective unconscious. Astrology feels like a very intiutive and natural means of inquiring into the nature of psyche to me. although I more often use it for my own understanding than as a medium to convey understanding to others, I still have a strong desire to use the understanding I personally derive in a way unique and appropriate to the individual to help them find their own truths and methodology of communicating with the collective unconscious.

    Thanks for connecting more dots in the infinite pattern!

  58. In L'akesh says:

    Pallas conjunct IC, 30mins and conjunct moon 2d in sag 4th house. I am fascinated with belief systems/cognitive programing/patterns of the psyche, particularily their relationship between the individual and the collective unconscious. Astrology feels like a very intiutive and natural means of inquiring into the nature of psyche to me. although I more often use it for my own understanding than as a medium to convey understanding to others, I still have a strong desire to use the understanding I personally derive in a way unique and appropriate to the individual to help them find their own truths and methodology of communicating with the collective unconscious.

    Thanks for connecting more dots in the infinite pattern!

  59. Anonymous says:

    This is extremely interesting, thank you for the insights!

    As many others have commented, I can relate to this information on a personal level. I have a Venus-Pallas-Mercury sandwich from 0d-2d Aquarius straddling my midheaven. I had previously studied dendrochronology which has a lot to do with pattern recognition of variation in tree rings and their relationship with climate. I have also been an avid fan of astrology for over half my life and am beginning to pursue it much more seriously along with other interests in the esoteric realms. This has certainly given me much to mull over and is quite synchronous with my weekend.

  60. Starzzy41 says:

    I was wondering why I am so disorganized. My Pallas is in my 2 nd house in Sag it states that I should be very organized.
    It does square my neptune at 29 Virgo and inconjunct my Uranus at 28 degrees in Taurus..

    I am able to be organized with money matters and saving money.
    Thank you for any insite.

  61. WOW!!!! I’ve known that a Uranus/Jupiter aspect is an indicator of astrological ability, which not surprisingly I do have. I also once read Bil Tierney’s “Dynamics of Aspect Analysis” in which he referenced John Addey’s “Harmonics in Astrology” Cambridge Circle Ltd., U.S.A. 1976, p. 111, as being of the opinion that a strong Saturn/Uranus connection in the 5th harmonic chart indicates the “born astrologer.” Which, like Bil, I was naturally please to find this out, given that I too have a Saturn/Uranus quintile. But Pallas is new to me. That said, it also comes as no surprise that in addition to Jupiter/Uranus and Saturn/Uranus aspects, I also have Pallas in Pisces in my 7th house trine (within 3 degrees) to my 2nd/3rd house Mercury/Mars/Neptune Scorpio stellium! And yes! I am of course an astrologer. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  62. Anonymous says:

    Astrologers did not particularly ignore any of the asteroids. Simply put, ephemerides were lacking until the 1970s.

  63. […] and Pallas are both associated with astrology. See my post Why Pallas Athena is the Astrologers’ Asteroid and take a look at the comments. There are a lot of excellent […]

  64. […] Pallas Athena, goddess of strategic warfare, grand plans, weaving, pattern-recognition (see this post), and all-round intellectual giant, to guide the god of […]

  65. Mish says:

    Hi Christina,

    Really enjoyed this and glad it’s still going strong! Having instinctively thought that Pallas might be important, she appeared to me in Homer’s Odysseus and I started to investigate her further, so it was great to read where she fits in astrology. I am not an astrologer (although I do dissect charts for friends), but a musician. I’m wondering if you could glean some information from Pallas in Pisces (27), 9th house, conjunct Midheaven (29), conjunct Aries point, trine Cancer Ascendant (27)?

    Pallas does not make any strong major planetary aspects in my chart, bar a weak square to my 6th house Uranus in Capricorn (5 degrees). I do have a semi-sextile to the 10th house moon in Aries (2 degree orb), the meaning of which I am yet to discover.

    I find that I instinctively pick up on patterns (especially rhythms) in life in general, put them on the backburner and then something will come along (bearing a segment of the pattern) and trigger the entire big (spiritual) picture to fall into place – exact biseptile to 12th house Jupiter in Cancer perhaps?

    Fascinating insights you have provided and much thanks sent your way!

    • Christina says:

      Absolutely, I ought to have something to say since your Pallas conjuncts my Mercury. For a start any planet that close to the MC is in a sense presiding over the entire chart like milady at the head of the table, or like Athena in the Odyssey! Planets there often bring a specific talent or even a kind of blessing (sometimes in disguise). Of course Pallas must see patterns in music too. Brian Eno — about whom I am currently obsessing — has Pallas Rising in Aries. He is a pioneer of pattern, wouldn’t you say. JC Bach has Pallas on the midpoint between musical Neptune and radical Uranus, also Rising in Aries (although in the 12th House). But Pisces is the sign of emotional expression through music. Fascinating and lucky you.

  66. Angee says:

    Hello there,

    What would everyone say about 12’30 Pallas conjunct 12’34 Venus both conjunct 16’50 South Node in Taurus in 10th house ?

    Also in the 10 house are 5’25 Sun and 3’44 Mars also in Taurus. The Midheaven degree is in 26’55 in Aries.

    In the opposite 4th house are: 0’37 Moon , 8’25 Saturn and of course 16’50 North Node in Scorpio.

  67. Angee says:

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  68. The Blogspot Libertarian Astrology (http://astrolibertarian.blogspot.com) also emphasizes the role of Pallas in Rationalist/Objectivist philosophy. I am actually an [Ayn] Rand-ite astrologer.

  69. David says:

    My Pallas Athene is in conjunct with my Uranus in Aquarius, 11th house, and trine to Mercury in Gemini, 3rd House. May somebody please interpret this for me I can’t figure it out? 0.o

  70. Alyssa says:

    I love astrology and I have Pallas conj my mercury exact in Sag. I like to talk about astrology so this post makes sense

  71. Carmen says:

    Thank you for this article, it make sense.
    I have Pallas conjunct Regulus (1) trine to Mercury conjunct G.C Trine to Moon conjunct Chiron in Fire. I also have Uranus conjunct Quaoar and N.Node trine to my Asc and Midhaven in water.

  72. EmmaG says:

    Wow.. I’ve been studying my birth chart and astrology in general for about 2 years now and love it! Just recently starting giving energy forecasts. I am a fitness teacher and intuitive healer and have always said I can teach others because I can make seemingly complex topics into smaller understandable concepts . I have Pallas in Aquarius in 5th house conjunct my moon in Pisces 🙂

  73. Lisa says:

    I have Pallas exactly conjunct Sun in Aquarius, 11th House, exactly trine Uranus in Libra, 8th house. Pallas and the Sun are also conjunct Venus (1 degree orb). Astrology is my PASSION!

  74. Jacqueline says:

    I have Pallas (22.26 Leo)in very tight conjunction with Venus (23.14 Leo) in the 11th, trine Uranus Retro (19.26 Sag) in the 3rd & N. Node (26.56 Aries) in the 7th. Plus quincunxing Jupiter (22.47 Pisces) in the 7th. Astrology is my passion and my destiny. Even though I feel inclined to keep my science to myself at times because I do tend to be radical with it at times and I also feel that I’m not knowledgeable enough about it to take my practice to the next level. I started studying it to be able to better relate to society and to improve my relationships, but I ended up discovering myself thru it. I would say since my Pallas aspects are in fire and water, I have a spiritual/mystical approach to astrology.

  75. Sarah says:

    I’ve got Pallas conjunct Lilith in the 11th house and I identify strongly with the Athena archeimage. I’m also very much into Astrology and I got Pallas sextile Jupiter.

  76. Amy says:

    Pallas Athena is in Aquarius in my 10th house, trine Pluto in Libra in the 6th, 2 degree orb. My love for Astrology began at 10 years old, I would voraciously read books and test what I read by seeing if I could observe it in others. For some time, before I learned about the other planets/houses,etc., my brain would file people by a person’s sun sign rather than name.
    I do have an eye for detail and patterns. Fun, I never knew about this observation before. Feeling at a crossroads with work…maybe I should practice Astrology professionally, return to my love.

  77. julie says:

    I was doing some Pallas research today and stumbled upon this blog post. I am a professional astrologer and I have Pallas in Virgo, in the 7th house, conjunct Pluto (exact), conjunct Mercury (less than 1 degree), conjunct Venus (3 degrees) and sextile (exact) Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in the 9th House. Saturn in Sag, 10th House, sextile Aquarius rising and Chiron on the Ascendant in Aquarius.

  78. Miesh says:

    Wow! This I why I love astrology. Still a noob tho lol so not sure what this means. Any interpretation would be highly appreciated.
    Okay, so I have Pallas, Mercury & Venus in the 9th house.
    -Pallas conjunct Midheaven (Gemini) 2 degrees
    -Pallas sq Ascendant (Virgo) 3 degrees
    -Mercury conjunct Pallas in Gemini 5 degrees
    -Sun conjunct Pallas 9 degrees
    -Mars Sextile Pallas 4 degrees
    -Saturn biquintile Pallas 0 degrees
    I also have NN in Aquarius in the 5th house.
    Saturn, Uranus & Neptune in the 4th house
    -Jupiter in the 10th opposite Uranus
    -Uranus semi-Sextile NN in Aquarius & NN sesquiquadrate Asc & Midheaven
    I am completely and utterly obsessed with astrology. I feel like it’s been a calling that I have been ignoring bc I didn’t want seem weird af lmao. This article is brilliant & it inspires to search deeper for these type of discoveries. Very curious to know what these astrologer in these comments think about these aspects in my chart. This is the coolest s**t ever.

    • Christina says:

      In fact I published this a while ago, but I’m going to republish and if we can get some responses to your question.

      Obviously though — astrology is your calling — and telling people about it too. That’s my two cents.

      • Miesh says:

        Yes I seen the date but this is still relevant as ever. I clearly have to look into my asteroids more.

        Obviously though — astrology is your calling — and telling people about it too. That’s my two cents.

        This comment coming from a genius like you is a really great feeling, thank you. 🙂 it nice to have an obsession confirmed by astrology lol. Literally watching YouTube astrologer Astrolada right now. The video is about Saturn/Jupiter aspects. ?✨⚡️

  79. Miesh says:

    Sheesh, didn’t realize the length of that comment. Christina thank you so much.

  80. Miesh says:

    Christina I would love to get a chance to talk to you. Is it any chance that you take payments in Bitcoin/cryptocurrency??

  81. A great article Christina, with some wonderful comments. I also think Urania is very important. On my website I’ve written an article on how Urania is the asteroid of astrologers (see link above). With examples of how it features prominently in the charts of astrologers Linda Goodman, Patric Walker, Jessica Adams and Shelley Von Strunckel.

  82. Debra says:

    Ah ha! I have Pallas in Capricorn opposite my moon 2 degree orb. Pallas in 9th. Pallas also sextiles my Venus 2 degree orb. I enjoy seeing patterns and sharing this information with others – Venus in 11th.

  83. Lesley Hibberd says:

    I have Aquarius Rising. In the twelfth house, in Aquarius, I have a four-car pile-up of Pholus, Mercury, Chiron and Pallas, at 6, 7, 8 and 9 degrees, respectively. I started studying astrology in the early ’80s.

  84. Vesta says:

    Just started reading. I have pallas athena 6 Aquarius! 🙂 In my 4th house, conjunct Juno 5 Aquarius. (and Lilith at 12 Aquarius, outside the orb, but these three are together and intrigue me). Pallas Athena is square my sun (3 deg orb), sextile moon (1 deg orb). Saturn is 10 Pisces, so that’s 4 degree orb, a little bit out. It is also trine my Libra AC, (1 deg orb). And trine my north node in Gemini, (2 deg orb). And inconjunct part of fortune (1 deg orb). And inconjunct my MC 9 Cancer (3 deg orb), my IC is 9 Capricorn (I don’t know the right word for the next sign, semisextile?).
    I’m a natural at finding patterns. 🙂 I’m highly sensitive and intuitive too, so I notice when patterns begin, which is my favourite game. I’m applying it to politics and social change right now. It’s annoying when people want evidence, but there’s more to life than just what’s tangible. People who want evidence get frustrated because I’m guessing they’re outside their comfort zone?, and I get frustrated and want to shake them like “can’t you see?!” haha 🙂 Lots of times I don’t say anything, just wait and see, because I know to expect the unexpected. Seeing patterns can help you see trajectory, but it’s not predictive. Journaling really helps me work out what I’m noticing and think it through.
    Now I’m going to read the rest of your post and the replies. 🙂
    I can’t remember when I started to read about astrology, I was a kid at school and I had learnt to read, so it was sometime after that. 🙂 Very young anyway. It was another pastime until about 2010/2011 when I wondered what the hell was going on in the world and in my life. The internet has made it so much easier to access astrology. It was around this time I found your blog, I think, although I didn’t used to comment then. Astrology has been invaluable in this time, it reassured me when things were crazy, and it clarified and comforted. I was seeking answers no one else could give, and I found them.
    These comments are great! I have Saturn/Uranus opposition.
    Ah man. Forgot to look for midpoints! Looks like Pallas Athena is on the midpoint between my IC and Saturn. And the midpoint between my south node and DC, and moon and DC. And my AC and north node. All tight or within 3 deg orb.
    I am not an astrologer, I don’t know enough, and I am mainly interested in learning more about myself anyway, but I am really enjoying politics right now. I have an eye for detail too and tend to spot what’s wrong. I thought that was my Scorpio eagle eye! hahaha Thanks for a great post, Christina! 🙂

    • Vesta says:

      just noticed pallas athena is inconjuct my jupiter 1 Cancer, (5 deg orb) a little bit out, but I mention it because transiting pallas athena is exactly conjunct my jupiter right now. 9th house. Learning. And this has been very interesting. 🙂

  85. Simonne says:

    I have it tightly conjunct my moon right on the prominent DC angle. I consider myself to be a good astrologer indeed.

  86. 44 and counting says:

    Stick Pallas in there and my t-square just becomes tighter than ever. Opposite Jupiter in Scorpio both squaring out through Leo sun/moon/venus/juno all within a couple of degrees. (And that’s ignoring that neptune/saturn/mercury are all part of it on wider orbs).

    I guess what all that amounts to is that I’m have a very specific set of talents and if I ever manage to get them together, I’ll be unstoppable!

    • Vesta says:

      @44 and counting, are you good at a number of things? Like a polymath? This went viral recently https://medium.com/the-mission/modern-polymath-81f882ce52db
      I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I haven’t found a way to pull my talents and interests together yet.

      • 44 and counting says:

        That’s exactly me. I’m a learning machine (saturn in Gemini) that sifts through it all (retro mercury in virgo) and figures out how it all comes together and teach it and tell stories (neptune in Sag).

        I’m in agreement with the article’s comments about the advantage of being able to take skills from one discipline and use them in another.

        • Vesta says:

          I thought you’d like it. 🙂 It’s me too. I have north node in Gemini, Jupiter is in my 9th house, I have a Sag stellium, and of course south node is in Sag, conjunct moon. I’ve always found it easy to learn things, and I’ve always had interests on rotation, keeps me interested. But what to do with them all…?
          I watched Rick Levine’s video for June just now. He talks about this month’s grand water trine, so I learned more about that. It’s stable energy, self-sufficient, so in water, it’s emotional stability. That was interesting to learn. Reassuring after the upheaval uranus/pluto brought me. I have a grand water trine in my chart. But joining all these dots… I’m not seeing it yet.
          I came across a great question I’ve been pondering: what’s the one thing you believe to be true that no one else agrees with you on?
          Apparently, it shows original thinking. Joining those dots. I haven’t got anything yet! But June looks pretty quiet, a welcome break, maybe the space to think will allow for inspiration. 🙂

          • Vesta says:

            That’s a good way of putting it. 🙂 Yes, I do drill down. Right now, I’m thinking about what insights I have of malignant narcissists then sharing them in social media when it comes to Trump and our Tories. I don’t think everyone realises how dangerously destructive they are and what it means for us all. Many do, but not everyone, and we’re not at tipping point yet.
            I’m not surprised to hear people took your ideas! A lot of men do it anyway, because patriarchy and blooming cheek, but a good idea is a good idea. I’m an ideas person, but I don’t attach myself to them either. I think of myself like an ideas house with open windows, ideas come in, I put them together, then out they go through another, out into the universe. I consciously give them away and it makes me happy when people do stuff with them (when we do it in a healthy way, not them nabbing ideas off me grrr). I can’t always by myself, so I don’t worry about credit either. I think sometimes ideas belong to the universe, not the individual. We become like conduits? Translators? We take from the ether, make it real, and pass it on. I’ve noticed when one person has an idea, even without doing anything with it, someone else will have the same idea, so that’s like an idea wanting to be grounded. So to me, journaling is valuable.
            I think that’s the process of accepting any idea, the first response is rejection/denial. I was like that with basic income. Took me best part of a year to consider it again. I observed what I did and saw the process. It makes sense when you look at the brain and how it works. And basic income is an established idea, so no wonder people need longer with an idea ahead of its time like yours will be. 🙂 I’m sure people do forget where ‘their ideas’ originated from, especially if the first response is rejection/denial. I forgot where I got that question I quoted to you from! I wrote it on a post it, stuck it on the wall, and forgot the rest. haha It is amazing how powerful planting seeds can be. I’ve learnt the hard way to be careful. You can’t control what other people do, and if you happen to be in the company of a malignant narcissist… oof!

          • 44 and counting says:

            With a Scorpio sun, you see the root of an issue rather than its surface manifestation. With those other placements, you come up with different solutions because you’re working from the root cause rather than just trying to fix what’s in front of your face.

            Along the way I’ve seen people steal my ideas. Not immediately but usually a few months later. I’m not particularly egotistical about needing the credit for an idea but I do want things to be done the best way (Virgo) for the benefit of everybody (Aqua). It frustrates me when someone’s ego is stopping that from happening.

            I came to realise that most people can’t get past the idea in their head initially but over the months, their minds become open to it and then they have a Eureka moment and think they’ve come up with something for themselves.

            I came to realise that I needed to just plant the seed and then feel happy when they adopted the idea months later. If I put any effort into trying to convince them it’s a good idea, my mars in Aqua feels embittered from losing.

            It’s not all on them. In the past I didn’t recognise when or how best to communicate my ideas. I guess most of my planets progressing from Virgo to Libra helped on that.

          • Vesta says:

            haha I knew I saw it somewhere! I clear a load of tabs off my browser in one go without taking a break between articles, which means I forget where I saw things. Oh so that’s good, same link. 🙂
            Yes. I’m sure I have ideas I take for granted and know not to share too. Can’t think what they are now, now they’re automatic.
            My grand water trine is sun scorpio in 1st or 2nd (depending which system you use), saturn in pisces in 5th, jupiter in cancer in 9th (conjunct MC). There’s no earth, apart from uranus and pluto conjunct in virgo in the 12th, who knows what they’re up to, I have no idea. So maybe my grand water trine is as good as earth for grounding and stability? It’s a powerful thought, I’m already thinking my recent trauma and PTSD is surmountable. I know I’ve learnt resilience.
            I think my contrarian planets are tucked out of sight, aren’t they? They’re part of a t-square with mars/venus conjunct in Sag, so they find a way to escape! And what’s Sag about but freedom! haha Uranus and pluto trying to make a run for it. But they’re opposite saturn, who’s like ‘oh no you don’t, get back to the 12th’.
            Yours is a lot of air, and innovation, innovative thought. You can take those ideas and make them real with that saturn. At the very least, you can articulate them, describe them, get them down in some way. More than likely, your ideas will be ahead of their time, like Bowie. I do that too. Maybe I’m stating obvious. Oh that reminds me, that’s something I’ve always been good at – seeing the obvious. I never knew it was a gift, because the obvious is the hardest to see. So right there. there’s a lot I see that many others won’t agree with, unless they respect me and actually listen. Has your boss ever stolen your ideas and presented them as his/her own? Normal for me. :/

          • 44 and counting says:

            That question is towards the bottom of the article!

            I couldn’t answer it immediately but I have lots of contrary ideas that no-one agrees with. Maybe not “no-one” but difficult to find anyone who does agree with them.

            My saturn in gemini is also hooked into a grand trine with 10H mars/nn in aqua and 6H uranus in libra – very contrarian placements. Have learned to keep my mouth shut when working with others or when the boss says they’re looking for “innovative” ideas.

  87. Michael says:

    Great! I have Pallas in 9th Hs conjunct (2.5º) my MC.

  88. Kristy G. says:

    Pallas in Virgo conjunct my Mid-heaven (0 degree orb) and square Neptune in Sagittarius in the 1st (0 degree orb). I have enjoyed studying the *patterns* of astrology since I was a youngster but doubt (Neptune effect?) I could make a career out of it or name for myself.

  89. Melissa says:

    A very interesting article !

    My natal Pallas is at 5.35 in Taurus on 10th house and it makes a trine to my natal Mercury in Virgo at 6.34 on 2nd house and natal part of fortune at 8.14 in Capricorn on 6th house which really intrigues me as I am trying to understand wether this trine can be activated when I have some transit over my ascendant in Leo 5.48 as it makes a square with my Pallas. Even more when I do have natal Vesta (1.44 Leo) and Orcus (1.30 Leo) conjunct my rising sign and trining my Moon 2.32 Aries 9th and Pholus retrograde at 1.09 Aries. And Pallas also makes an aspect to my pre natal lunar eclipse at 2.36 Picis and post natal lunar eclipse at 0.16 Leo.
    My natal Pallas makes also a sesquiquadrature to natal Neptune at 19. 54 Sagittarius which is conjunct natal Vertex at 22.22 (and natal Vertex makes a trine to MC 22.12 Aries and North Node 20.18 Leo) … so everything seems quite related to me … would you consider that my Pallas is strong or important in my chart?

    I usually see emotional patterns and work related patterns.

    • Melissa says:

      I forgot to say that natal Ceres at 7.44 Cancer on 12th house is opposite natal part of Fortune so it probably activates or desactivates the trine Mercury-Pallas- Part of Fortune somehow … although I am still trying to understand how this would work 🙂
      Maybe it is related to my ability to understand the pattern of my dreams ( I have some tendency to have premonitory dreams which sometimes as vivid and sometimes codified although I have learnt to read them) …any feedback on this would be welcome!

      • Melissa says:

        The more I look my chart the more I find connections to my natal Pallas: it also makes a conjunction with Sedna 6.39 on 10th house in Taurus ….. I now need to find more information about Sedna!
        Once again thank you for writing a so thought-provoking article!

  90. Lori Lothian says:

    Pallas Athene Cazimi Aries third house sun (house of divination/prophecy in hellenistic tradition). I am an astrology pioneering a more lunar-aware astrology with my Lunatic Astrology brand — and after 30 years studying and using modern astrology, have converted to Hellenistic whole sign cause my Athena saw the practical accuracy of it. Thanks for such great research. I have used the asteroids for years, but until your article had not connected PA to astrology. (Just signed up for your yearly subscription — love your writing style).

  91. I have a Scorpio Pallas Athena in the 9th House conjunct Neptune and the Midheaven along with Juno, so my psychic man-friend helps me too. They’re all sextile Pluto conjunct Uranus in the 8th, and sextile my Sun, South Node, Mars, and Mercury in the 12 H. They also trine my North Node conjunct Sirius and Orcus in the 6H and my Chiron in the 2H. They also Square my Saturn in Aquarius in the 1H. Athena also squares my Venus in Aquarius. They also oppose my moon in Taurus.

  92. Hi, I found this to be true as well, so I always include Athena in my astrology readings. Pallas Athena is conjunct my Midheaven and Neptune in Scorpio who are obviously my chart rulers. They sextile Uranus and Pluto conjunct in the 8H. They trine Sirius (Isis) conjunct Rahu and Orcus in my 6H and they oppose my Moon conjunct Medusa. They also trine my Chiron and sextile my Mars conjunct Mercury, AC, Altair and Venus. They also form a yod which points at par fortune and Rigel in my 5H Gemini. So at 17 degrees, Neptune and Pallas Athena rule my chart. I was really close to my Dad who was a world renown artist and I never got along with my Mother who taught me about pain and in time – compassion. I’ve loved astrology since I was a child and on the “Raven’s Progressive Matrices” test, I only got one wrong. I also read the tarot and I’m a writer.

  93. Laura says:

    Hey Christina, I was at Aquarius rising last night where you where the mystery guest along with Anne Whittaker. It was a very interesting discussion.

    I checked my female asteroids straight afterwards. Pallus is conjunct NN in Pisces in 3rd, square my ASC and Neptune conjunction in Scorpio in 12th. I had a spiritual encounter 3 years ago with a feminine archetype, she was a female warrior, utterly unsentimental, completely mesmerising and brilliant, there to mete out justice to the lies that hide the truth. I didn’t know who she was, or why she came, but I’ve come to know her since as Pallas. In recent times I’ve become more involved in feminisim and activism, I feel I’m only now starting to wake up to her power in my chart.

    Thanks Laura xxx

    • Christina says:

      What a fantastic story — that is a very powerful Pallas placement, and I think you should be talking about her! I wanted to tell you, but didn’t want to overshare just then, than my Venus makes a conjunction to your ASC. I think Pallas does have an affinity with Aquarius anyway, although her tutelary rulership is Aries.

  94. I see clients professionally as an astrologer and I have Pallas conjunct my MC under 1º of orb…

  95. Erika says:

    Love this! Pallas is in partile conjunction with my ascendant and sextile Saturn in my 9th house. Astrology is the one topic I can never be bored of.

  96. Micheila says:

    Yes! Have been studying astrology for 9 years now. Pallas conjunct Mercury abd Chiron in Aquarius 9th house.

  97. Fran Ochsner says:

    I discovered my first Astrology book at 11 years old. I have pallas conjunct the ascendant in aquarius. I just started doing professional readings but have been studying astrology since I was then. Now that transitting Pluto is conjunct my Natal Pallas of course I am obsessed (and improving).

  98. Xenie says:

    Interesting. My Pallas Is in Midhaeven (1degree), conjunct Sun (2degrees), opo Moon (1deg), trine Uranus exactly 🙂 im traditional astrologer, never worked with asteroids. Tnx 🙂