Astrology of Now: Words of Love

Friday May 13th 2011
My last post got lost in the Blogger inferno, so I’ll summarise it thus:

Tell the people you love that you love them right now – do it, even if you’ve done it a thousand times before. Talking about love now will put you in tune with the universe.

Mercury, the god of chit chat, is walking hand in hand with Venus, the goddess of love this week. They are in the last few degrees of Aries right now. On the 16th, they will move into Taurus.

Aries is all about being upfront, brave and real. It’s also the sign of starting something new. Mercury is asking you to talk, write, sing, shout it out. This may be something artistic rather than emotional – either way begin it now.

The move from Aries to Taurus is a shift from oneness to twoness. It’s no longer all about me (and my declaration), but all about you and me. Taurus is Venus’s own sign remember, so she’ll be ready to kick off her shoes and take her friend/child/lover dancing in the spring rain.

This combination of planets is all about communicating love, art, beauty. And really what could be more lovely than talking about those subjects full of delight. We ought to do it more often, so let’s enjoy ourselves and go with the flow.

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  1. P says:

    (this may be a re-post – as I’m not sure if the first comment went thru. Sorry ’bout that)

    Fantastic song about being in the first (another Aries trait!) of love.

    I so love the line ‘The sun’s in my heart’ (another Fire sign reference, eh?) being used in a song set in a downpour.

  2. aya says:

    Fred Astaire another Taurean with sun in the 5th, Venus and Mercury in Aries.

    Was ‘Singing in the Rain’ a mere chance here?

  3. aya says:

    Gene Kelly Singing in the Rrain does truly express happy soft Aries heart