Venus in Sagittarius: Animal Magnetism

Tuesday October 15th 2013
Jean Seberg in A Bout de Souffle (1960). Sweet and sexy. Scorpio Sun, Venus in Sag.

I’ve been looking at loads of pictures of actors with the planet of attraction in the sign of the centaur – and I have to say the stand out quality which they all share is sex appeal.

Gerard Depardieu, for example, has never been a handsome man. Nowadays, he really isn’t. But in his pomp there was something gracile, animal, vivid about him that just burned a hole in the silver screen.

A clutch of French sirens have this placement too, including Beatrice Dalle, whose portrayal of Betty Blue in that film was scorching, and actress, singer, model Vanessa Paradiswho shares with Dalle the gap between the front teeth and the gamine beginnings. She was about 15 when she had her first hit, Joe Le Taxi; Dalle was 22 when she became a star but she was playing someone youngerAmerican actress Jean Seberg in the French film A Bout de Souffle practically invented gamine, of course. She had the same slightly awkward, coltish grace as Paradis.

Vanessa Paradis. Cap Sun

Beatrice Dalle in Betty Blue.  Sag Sun. One of her first acts in the movie is to set the house on fire.

Actress Julie Delpy and the 60s French chanteuse Francoise Hardy also have Venus in Sag.

Julie Delpy. Sag Sun, too.
Francoise Hardy in 1969.

Hardy exemplifies another quality that may be rather Venus in Sag, ageing well — although this is likely also helped by her Capricorn Sun.

Hardy now. Cap Sun.


Judi Dench. Sag Sun.
Dame Judi Dench actually looks more striking now than she did as a young woman, note the Jean Seberg haircut. And here are a couple of more women who have taken ageing by storm. Both are also remarkably athletic.
Jane Fonda.  Sag Sun. Here she is as Barbarella in the 1960s.
Tina Turner. Sag Sun.
There’s a hair and legs thing going on too here. Big hair, great legs.
Kim Basinger, possibly one of the most flamboyantly sexy Hollywood actresses ever. Sag Sun.
Jeanne Moreau, of course. Aquarius Sun: even sexy with a painted on moustache – that’s another post.
Here are some lanky men. Again, Jeff Goldblum is not exactly classically handsome, but he is still very sexy.
Jeff Goldblum. Libra Sun.
Possibly the sexiest screen star alive is India’s Shahrukh Khan (Scorpio Sun, Venus in Sag) – and he could be Goldblum’s younger brother lookswise. You may have noticed that he’s a permanent fixture on the most popular posts to the left. That’s not because they’re never updated but because it gets read a lot. He’s had plenty of leading ladies but maybe the hottest pairing is with fellow Scorpio Sun, Venus in Sag Aishwarya Rai. Watch the two of them burn up the screen here in true understated Bollywood fashion. It’s all tremendously athletic – a bit like Tina Turner.

Venus in Sagittarius paired with a Capricorn Sun wears both age and a suit well.
David Bowie, Cap Sun. (Middle aged here.)


Cary Grant. Cap Sun.
Venus in Sag plus a Sag Sun though and suddenly you’re all leather or should that be leatherette? Still leggy nevertheless.
Samuel L Jackson. Sag Sun
Frank Zappa. Sag Sun. Back to the big hair.

And finally, here’s a picture of Venus in Sag on a horse, which is just where he should be.

Jake Gyllenhall in Brokeback Mountain. Sag Sun.

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  1. Jamma says:

    Yea horsepower! I’m excited about Venus in Sag … my own V is in Cap, but my Eros is at 7 Sag, conjunct my South Node, so I guess maybe Venus here conjurs up memories of a previous life in the fast-lane … giddyup!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love this post…Im a Sag Moon-er trine natal venus…and i can def agree the Sag energy is (once realised) something very special, Scopio is playing catch up I think …:)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Soooo true 😉 Legs… dance…sex appeal… slightly awkward… athletic… energetic…unstoppable :)) Sun in Sc, Asc Sag, Ve in Sag, Mars in Sc… LOVE every inch of it. Even Mo in Pisces.

  4. Gilly says:

    Well, I have Venus in Sag. I’m looking in the mirror and I beg to disagree!

  5. Anonymous says:

    err… The trouble is with something like what you are trying to prove is that you are not picking the bloke or woman down the road. All that you have picked are either those whom we we are used to seeing therefore we miss there imperfections, or outright photogenic people who again we are used to seeing and are good looking. Does not achieve what you are trying to prove. Dont become simply an vaguely astrology based and really an magazine type entertainment blog.

  6. Fansea says:

    Jimmy Page also has Venus in Sag – that hair back in the day, and everyone who talks about him always mentions his long legs. Sun Cap, Moon Can, ASC Scorp

    • Christina says:

      My colleague John Etherington has done some work on mid-Sag degrees and rockers — many, many with this on the ASC.