What Blew Cloonuddin’s Commitment-Phobia Away?

Wednesday October 8th 2014
Italian Vanity Fair

Italian Vanity Fair

George Clooney, handsome, talented and famous, seems to unite some of the best blessings of existence. Amal Alamuddin, beautiful, successful, cosmopolitan and not just a top lawyer, but a human rights one!

Cream at the top of the collective coffee cup. Both just so good on paper. Which one is more trophtastic?

Clooney was until last week possibly the most eligible commitment-phobe on the planet. What changed?

Well he has pretty much literally met the woman of his dreams. The new Mrs Clooney’s glamourous conjunction of Neptune (the great dreamer himself) and the Moon (her very soul) are right on George’s Midheaven in Sagittarius. Amal is what George aspires to. He has been quoted as saying he “married up” and he believes that. She’s also an independent woman (Venus in Aries) who looks kind of like him (Venus in the first house).

Clooney also has a screen actor’s aspect — Neptune opposite the Sun. This gives glamour, but it might also cause you to ask, what does George see when he looks in the mirror? He sees Neptune looking back at him perhaps. Scroll down to the cover of Hello magazine at the bottom of this post. The mirror-imaging of this couple is uncanny.

Neptune is Clooney’s chart ruler (along with Jupiter in Aquarius — his humanitarian side). It also seems to rule this couple: no wonder the wedding was in a city that is a gift of the sea. It was a dream wedding in a dream city, not just for the bride and groom but for the collective. Neptune rules photography. How many times pictures were taken of this wedding? How many times were they sold? Clooney’s Neptune is in the 8th house — other people’s money — opposite his Taurus Sun in the second house of income. I’ll leave you to ponder that one…

About six years ago, his Sun progressed from skittish Gemini into nurturing Cancer. It must have been around then that he realised he wanted to have children. Presumably, at least subconsciously, the hunt must have been on for Mrs Clooney.

George C

Beneath Clooney’s soft and warm persona (Pisces Rising, Venus in Aries 1H, Taurus Sun), beats a heart encased in ice though. He has a Saturn-Moon conjunction in Capricorn. Cool, controlling Saturn is strong in Capricorn. The emotional Moon is weak. Perhaps it’s partly his ability to perfectly calibrate his emotions that makes Clooney such a good actor. Saturn inhibits and dominates the Moon. This conjunction would delay the emotional melding that’s essential to marriage, forever if it could. You may remember him as Dr Ross in ER: that part must have been close to the truth.

So that conjunction needed to be blown apart for Clooney to marry. Look what Alamuddin’s chart does to his. Her strategic, ambitious Capricorn Mercury is right on that conjunction, but it’s also part of an extremely powerful and tight aspect pattern. Clever, talkative, charming Jupiter in Gemini and ambitious Saturn in Leo both send quincunxes to Mercury — no wonder she was such a good lawyer. And this is all given extra oomph by Mars in Cancer — emotional energy.

So she has four planets aimed at melting Clooney’s Saturn-Moon ice-cube.

No birth time

No birth time

Meanwhiile, Clooney’s lonely love planet Venus — great at beginnings, terrible at maintenance — has been receiving the electric cattle-prod from transiting Uranus. It might have been love at first sight. It’s in his first house, so he’s ready for a change of image. All the playful energy of Clooney’s Mars in Leo in the 5th house of kids and acting has been poured for years into his career and his flings. He really has been a “playboy”. Now it’s going to go into the children.

Clooney is at a “progressed Full Moon” point in his life. This is a peak moment and it only comes every 27 years. It’s also potentially a moment of maximum reaching out, maximum personal extension into the world. This marriage is a huge risk for him — emotionally. You might choose to have an extravagant wedding on the world stage somewhere like, say, Venice, with this transit.

Interestingly, Alamuddin’s progressed Moon is just after New, which suggests that for her this is the beginning of a cycle, and also that she has had to leave a lot behind. She won’t be able to stand in the sandwich queue at Charlick’s at lunch time anymore. Fame like this comes with a massive sacrifice.

Lion on the clock in St Mark's Square, Venice.

Lion on the clock in St Mark’s Square, Venice.

The wedding was almost laughably glamorous. It was a Neptune in Pisces meets Jupiter in Leo affair — extravagant, glorious, romantic  — which must have satisfied his love of throwing parties (Mars in Leo 5H) and her love of antique bling (Saturn in Leo) or desire for quasi royal status. They both looked radiant on the day.

It’s interesting to see that Clooney has just had his Chiron return, and, in fact Juno, the asteroid of marriage is conjunct Chiron in his natal chart. Maybe this conscious coupling will heal whatever his secret wound is. Certainly, he marries from idealism. Soon Neptune will pass over his Ascendant. This could be quite good for an actor, but surely it suggests a complete change of image.

Alamuddin’s Juno is at 11° Capricorn — a marriage for status, marrying “up” too then — and subject right now to a conjunction from Pluto. But she is very romantic — look at the exact Moon-Neptune-Venus. It may be rather theoretical or idealistic, but that does not make it any less real. So she has married a modern day prince, a prince of the silver screen, in a fairytale setting. Let’s hope they live happily ever after.



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  1. sherryl haverhals says:

    This is great! And it also gave me pause to check his SP Moon transit to find and be reminded that this is such a great tool. I often work with the SA Directions, and what a great reminder to check the SP Moon as well. A great learning and re-minding article set against such a lovely backdrop of these two lovely people. I’m with you, I hope they are happy as they journey together, and remain so, navigating marriage with the extra scoop of Fame. That, as we know, is and can be very burdensome, from the many famous couples and their trials.

    • Christina says:

      I use SP lunar cycle whenever I have a new client – it’s such a useful overview of the general life pattern.

  2. mimi says:

    Oh, wouldn’t you like to wear a dress like that !!!
    I simply love it, I ladore lace and am hoping (now with Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in conservative Capricorn) that lace blouses come back in fashion.

    I’m not so sure about him though – he looks a bit funny or dizzy in the big photograph. I think he has met his match finally. She can handle him. Good for her !!

    I wish them a Happy Marriage.


  3. D. Evangeline Wilson says:

    George Clooney got married with transiting Saturn opposing his Sun and Mercury (ruler of his 7th), and squaring his Uranus. Despite appearing calm, even glib, one can be sure that Mr. Clooney was a basket of nerves in Venice, and likely has anxieties about everything working out, and giving up his independence. Ah, but his love for this fascinating goddess was stronger than his fear… YES!
    One thing I question: which is the chart for the marriage? The big wedding, or the legally binding civil one two days later?

  4. mimi says:

    Well, I can go along with frightened.

    This marriage must have been a very frigtening event for him.
    In September 1993 at the time of his divorce Lilith was in Aries visiting his Venus. His natal Lilith is in Leo (10 degr.) and has been transited by Jupiter in these last few weeks.

    He has chewed on his Lilith experience of 1993 and come to terms with it.
    Uranus has enlightened him in that area (Amal is Aquarius = Uranus).
    By the way – his natal Uranus is at 21 degr. Leo and is / will be visited by Lilith in the coming period.