Venus in Cancer: As Beautiful As The Moon

Thursday May 14th 2015

In Arabic, Egyptian Arabic anyway, when you want to describe someone as really beautiful, you say she is like the Moon, or she has a face like the Moon. (How unlike “moonface” in English).

When Venus is in the sign of the Moon, two of the most feminine energies in astrology are blended; these energies lure you in. It’s notable that currently two of the world’s “most beautiful women” not only share Venus in Cancer, but for each of them, the planet of beauty is placed exactly on an angle of the chart.

As you know, the purpose of these posts on Venus through the various signs is to see how beauty expresses herself in each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Traditionally we look at the Ascendant and maybe the Sun sign for appearance, but Venus seems to play a part also. The Venus placement is obviously important for people whose looks play a role in their careers. Remember all those mesmerising Venus in Aquarius Vogue covers, or the cheekbones on Venus in Capricorn.

It’s interesting that with several of these beautiful people, Venus has quite literally been a curse as well as a blessing.


Halle Berry Venus

Halle Berry Venus in Cancer 29°33 on the IC. Leo Sun, Taurus rising

Halle Berry, getting her Crab claws into the sand

Halle Berry, getting her Crab claws into the sand

Halle Berry’s Venus is in the very last degree of Cancer. This is called the anaretic degree in astrology and supposedly it can debilitate the planet placed there. But we can see the opposite is true here. In fact, Berry  embodies Venus in Cancer beauty. It’s as if all the potential beauty of the sign has been poured into a single vessel, caught just before Venus moves into Leo. What is more Venus is precisely on her IC. The bottom angle of her chart influencing her whole life.

(I just briefly looked at a biog for Berry and it turns out that she was diagnosed with diabetes at 21 years of age. Venus rules sugar; in watery Cancer we’re talking about food; there’s the Venus acting up in the anaretic degree! And influencing her whole life. Also on the IC: it must run in the family or the disability’s the very thing that drives her.)


Angelina Jolie, Venus in Cancer 28°08 on the ASC. Gemini Sun

Angelina Jolie’s Venus is close to Berry’s but it’s smack on the Ascendant. I read an interview with her a few years ago in which the interviewer described her as glowing. Apparently, her skin is burnished like the Moon. Both Berry and Jolie have two features which seem to be common to Venus in Cancer, the prominent or high, shining forehead and luminous wide-set eyes. Jolie’s Venus in Cancer look is enhanced by Cancer Rising.

Apparently, Jolie only wears white, black or beige.

Cameron Diaz Venus

Cameron Diaz Venus in Cancer 21° on the ASC less one degree, Virgo Sun

With Cameron Diaz — again Venus right on the Ascendant — you can see a perfect example of the Moon-like beauty of Venus in Cancer: the wide-apart eyes, wide lips, wide face and dazzling silvery eyes. She’s wearing silver here too, like Berry in the top picture.

Judy Garland has the classic Cancer face. Cancer Rising, Venus in the first house, Sun Gemini

Judy Garland has the classic Cancer face. Cancer Rising, Venus in the first house, Sun Gemini

You can see that Judy Garland again has a broad brow and eyes like the Full Moon. Since Diaz, Garland and Jolie all also have Cancer Rising, you get a very clear picture of the beautiful lunar face.

But what happens when a man has this astrological signature. Is he all softly feminine? Judge for yourself.


Ben Affleck. Venus on the Ascendant within one degree. Leo Sun.

Ben Affleck is also blessed with Venus on the ASC. The Venus is less boldly obvious — no silver eyes — but again he has that broad forehead and wide light-reflecting face. Also, like some other men with this placement he has a heavy jaw. Not feminine at all really.

Arnie in the 1970s. Leo Sun, Cancer Rising, Venus is 7° from ASC

Arnie in the 1970s. Leo Sun, Cancer Rising, Venus is 7° from ASC

And look at this fellow. Cancer Rising and Venus in the first house: the body beautiful. Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted much later in life that he’d taken steroids to achieve the fleshy lunar breastplate (although he didn’t put it quite like that). Another drug that changes the body; like Halle Berry, although not at all with the same motivation.

I think you can see a kind of hyper-masculinity here, and a vast expanse of flesh attached to a normal human skeleton.

Clint Eastwood Venus

Clint Eastwood, Scorpio Rising, Sun in Gemini, Venus 8th. You can’t see it here but Eastwood’s icy blue eyes are remarkable. Scorpio Rising adds a casual sexiness to the package.

The following people do not have Venus so close to the angles of the chart, but I think you can see the allure of the Venus in Cancer at work.

Portman venus

Natalie Portman, Gemini Sun, Scorpio Rising. She certainly did the Gemini-Scorpio-Cancer thing in Black Swan!


Young Meryl Streep. Cancer Sun, Leo Rising. Big forehead, silver eyes.

Keanu Reeves. Virgo Sun, Virgo Rising

Keanu Reeves. Virgo Sun, Virgo Rising. Virgo is obviously strong here, but Reeves has that Venus in Cancer width and sensuality around the mouth.

Indian mega-star Madhuri Dixit. Taurus Sun, no birth time

Indian mega-star Madhuri Dixit. Taurus Sun, no birth time

But rock & roll queen Stevie Nicks, has Venus on an angle. Like Berry, it’s exactly on her IC, and like Berry, Nicks has overcome an issue with white powdery substances. Cancer is, of course, a permeable sensitive sign that needs to watch out for poisons.

Stevie Nicks Venus

Stevie Nicks. Aries Rising, Gemini Sun, Venus on the IC

Kate Bush’s Venus is a couple of degrees from Nicks’ but not on the IC. Both divas are known for their clothes sense. Unfortunately, Bush’s birth time doesn’t seem to be available. I know it was the 1980s but they do look similar: big eyes, red lips.

Kate Bush, Sun Leo, no birth time

Kate Bush, Sun Leo, no birth time

If Capricorn Venus is all about the bones, Cancer is all about the flesh and the liquid eyes. It seems as if there’s more skin to reflect the light with these people.

And finally, speaking of shining divas: here is Grace Jones wearing a Moon on her head.


Grace Jones, Venus a degree from Kate Bush's. Sun Taurus, no birth time

Grace Jones, Venus a degree from Kate Bush’s. Sun Taurus, no birth time


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  1. Blue says:

    So interesting! I can’t wait to read about Venus in Virgo, which is (supposedly) in its detriment. do you think Venus in Virgo would have a Jolie laide quality?

  2. shannon says:

    i have a 29 degree Cancer conjunct my MC/ Uranus . Does it carry the same implications?

    • Christina says:

      Wow, that is a strong placement. It does imply a blessing and a curse. I would guess that at the very least you are very sensitive to your environment (and that you might be unusually tall or short and beautiful), but to be honest, I would not like to say more than that without talking to you and knowing your whole chart. (see Acqua’s comment below for further confirmation of the diabetes connection.)

  3. Wow! I am in very good company. Halle Berry’s is one of my favourites. Like her I share the fine juggling of blood glucose since young age. Like her it is a family issue… actually my Venus is conjunct my South Node in Cancer…it is a nation’s issue…Malta is the second country after Israel with the highest percentage of diabetes. It’s in the genes and nation’s heritage. My Moon is in Taurus and Venus makes a sextile with him. I have seen many times that my blood glucose is strictly governed by my emotions no matter how strict is the diet. Now if I only had those looks…. hehehe.

  4. Anna says:

    Could you tell us more details, “Remember all those mesmerising Venus in Aquarius Vogue covers, or the cheekbones on Venus in Capricorn.”

    • Christina says:

      If you type Venus into the search box here, a whole load of posts for Venus in other signs should come up, including Venus in Aquarius and Venus in Capricorn.

      You remind me though, we should have a look at Venus in Leo.

  5. Brandon says:

    I have venus in cancer 26° in fourth house conjunct moon 28° cancer, sun 3° leo, mercury 2° Leo, asteroid Apollo 29° cancer. All conjunct in the 4th house and trines Pluto scorpio and jupiter Sagittarius conjunct in 8th house. Venus squares ascendant (Aries). Mars in libra in 6th house. Venus opposite uranus and neptune in Capricorn conjunct in 10th house. How does these aspects affect my appearance?? Thank yo.

  6. Melissa says:

    I have Venus in Cancer on the 12th (19.12) natally square to Pluto (19.56 3rd and conjunct IC 22.12 Aries). So far I have never had sugar issues and quite a good health. I have been treated bad on the relationship side…

    Out of curiosity, Uranus transit is squaring it right now and Pluto transit is starting his opposition to her …how my Venus will react to this?


  7. I am a Scorpio Rising early 4 degrees and an early Virgo Sun. I also have venus in Cancer 26 degrees conjunct Uranus .Its been an interesting couple of years to say the least.

  8. Nice comments I like the personal touch.We all have to interact at some level with all of this.

  9. Fansea says:

    I have Venus in Cancer in the 8th and Scorp Asc. Men seem to fall at my feet, but I’m not interested (I’m asexual). Your thoughts?

  10. helena says:

    this is a lovely article that helps me view my Venus in Cancer in a very loving light. However I feel compelled to mention that’s all been vastly complicated by the knowledge that Donald Trump also has Venus in Cancer!