Jeremy Corbyn, Astrology in Action

Wednesday August 12th 2015
Jeremy Corbyn has always sported the hello sailor look that's just now come into fashion.

Jeremy Corbyn has always sported the hello sailor look that’s just now come into fashion.

The wave of left-wing emotion that’s swept through Europe from Greece to Spain and Italy has finally found a focus on these islands in the unlikely person of Jeremy Corbyn, a softly spoken Labour backbencher. It’s been a feeling in search of a leader.

Corbyn is a slight, earnest, rather rumpled figure, not an especially gifted public speaker, and he’s been beavering away on the lefty edges of politics for so long that mainstream politicos have simply ignored him for a couple of decades. Not any more.

After  electoral defeat this spring and the snap departure of its leader, Britain’s Labour party, the official opposition, is choosing a top person. There are four candidates, three of whom are tainted by previous association with New Labour. The fact that Jeremy Corbyn was on the list of candidates at all was greeted with a certain amount of eye-rolling and sneering by the Westminster village. However, proving yet again how out of touch they are, the latest poll puts Corbyn well in the lead. Suddenly, the fact that he has never held power or even had the ear of anyone in power is in his favour.

We are in a period of Venus retrograde — a re-evaluation of values, or, in this case, a return to old values. Corbyn is an old-fashioned leftie. He’s no breath of fresh air like Tsipras in Greece or Italy’s Matteo Renzi or the founder of Spain’s Podemos party, Pablo Iglesias. He’s old enough to be their dad, and if you’re old enough you can remember him from the 1980s. He was active during the miner’s strike, anti-apartheid, fighting for justice for the Birmingham Six, Guildford Four, and Israeli whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu, and for the extradition of Chilean ex-dictator General Pinochet — not to mention against the infamous Poll tax. He also failed to help the child abuse victims in his own constituency, Islington North, during that decade and in the early 90s.


No birth time available

In fact, Corbyn’s career as an MP began in 1982, when Saturn was at the very start of Scorpio and end of Libra. Saturn is now a the end of Scorpio — for the last time for another 30 years. Saturn was in this part of Scorpio in 1985, last time Corbyn’s profile was high. After the election of a Labour government in 1997 though, his voice was heard less, even though he was just as exercised about just as many causes.

In fact, you name a left-wing cause, and you’ll find that Corbyn has been campaigning about if for years: animal rights, nuclear disarmament, Palestine, Chechnya, Stop The War, anti-austerity, the Chagos Islands. He’s also rebelled against the Labour party whip more than any other MP — 500 plus times. (The “whip” is brought in when the party leaders want you to vote along party lines about a particular issue.) Specifically, since 2000 he has voted against the war in Iraq, against austerity, PFIs (an exceptionally stupid Brownian idea) and against the hated university tuition fees.

(These fees, introduced by Cameron’s last cabinet, are locking generations into debt, or out of higher education. And consequently radicalising them.)

What Corbyn is saying now is pretty much what he has always said — and that’s one of the reasons people like him. He’s consistent. With Moon and Mars in the fixed earth of Taurus, and Jupiter in fixed air Aquarius, you’d expect him to be that — and stubborn. That Jupiter also makes him an idealist and an optimist, building better worlds.

What is really interesting is how Corbyn’s chart is working now. Keep in mind that we don’t have a birth time. I have cast this chart for sunrise, so disregard the houses.

The most obvious and striking transit to hit his chart was the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus Rx in the first week of August, right on his Saturn at 29° Leo. That’s a once in a lifetime lucky strike. And look at the other natal planet which is at 29°: Uranus in Gemini. So he has both Aquarian planets in perfect sextile. (It wouldn’t surprise me if he also had Aquarius Rising.) Not only that, they are making an out-of-sign Yod to Jupiter in Aquarius.

This pattern exactly describes the stubborn, old (Saturn) rebel (Uranus) optimist (Jupiter). And this is the pattern that’s been activated by that lucky conjunction in Leo this summer. A Yod breaks things open. This one may split the Labour Party for good, and for sure it has broken open the debate about the politico-economic model to which successive British governments have been wedded for three decades – an entire Saturn cycle.

Jupiter shifted into Virgo yesterday, so the heat is going out of the aspect. But Venus, now at 25° Leo, will be back in early October to 29°. Meanwhile, the election takes place on September 12, a few days after Saturn shifts into Sagittarius. In short, nothing is certain yet. And the fact that Corbyn has been in politics so long means there are plenty of stories for left and rightwing media to dig up about him.



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  1. Janet says:

    About time, what took you so long ? So what do you think will be dug up about him?

    • Christina says:

      I’ve been walking the hills of Cumbria.

      I have been digging around in my own mind to try and remember. There’s something bothering me. I think it may be the Islington children’s homes, which is a serious issue. Then there’s also the fact that he invited Jerry Adams over just two weeks after the Brighton bombing. This may play well with his current fanbase, but not with the general public. There’s more though, I think. The Tories will be delighted if he gets elected because they will be able to distract the press with titbits about Corbyn while they get on with their horrid austerity programme.

      • Fleur says:

        I sometimes wonder if Corbyn is a Tory Plant. The newspaper headlines go on and on about him as if he was Kim Kardashian, so we get sick of hearing about him, and I wonder if this is a deliberate tactic. He is probably a genuine guy, but he doesn’t have any power, he is the leader of a defunct party, so the media going on and on about what Corbyn would do, and ruffling feathers with it, seems odd.

      • Leonora says:

        Re the austerity – If Jupiter is in Virgo, it seems inevitable? Although what passes for austerity in the UK is laughable when you compare to an African township etc. It’s relative. Plus, having access to some sensitive material which has now gone below radar after an initial blaze of publicity, the level of pubic one squandered and filtered fraudulently through local councils in the UK I’d say there might be a different slant on the use of the word austerity. Perhaps good housekeeping would be better – and fitting with Jupiter in Virgo.
        Re Corbyn, his stellium on Gemini will be challenged under this mutable square. His attempt at moral superiority in a Ghandi-esqe declaration that there may be some, but he can’t think of any reason to deploy British troops. Meanwhile Syria is hell on Earth with, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), over 3 million have fled to Syria’s immediate neighbours Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. 6.5 million are internally displaced within Syria. I hope he might consider the troops issue of only for rebuilding, one day.
        I think his Moon Mars conj in Taurus shows a steadfast fixed rage – a bad temper and his Gemini Sun Venus Mercury Uranus is remarkably duplicitous with words. Under the current global political scenario, he is the equivalent of an internet troll. He might take leaf from Ghandi’s book – who described himself as a socialist ideologically but knew it is not possible or desirable to enforce a political system with violence and that no ideal can be proscribed which is above the intelligence of the people it is aimed at. Corbin is an intellectual so his weapons are words. Its no accident that the twin stars of Gemini are never above the horizon at the same time. While Castor will allure with the lyre and the arrow of intent, Pollux waits with a club in hand once you’re captive to the words! His peculiar retro/student style of socialism will be part of the ensuing chaos of this great mutable cross energy; he’s part of an initiation but it goes on while there is still a square between Uranus and Pluto plus Uranus will be inconjunct the imminent eclipse – loosely sq Corbyn’s natal Mercury. Perhaps a tad awkward for him?

        • Iris says:

          So interesting about the two stars of Gemini not being above the horizon at once Leonora, and makes sense.

        • Helen says:

          Maybe if he had had his way back in 2003 Syria wouldn’t be hell on earth today.

        • Leonora says:

          Shock horror! NO spell check? I meant PUBLIC – not pubic money!!!! maybe a Freudian link??)

          • Fleur says:

            @Christina. I tend to just absorb all the newspaper headlines that are constantly bombarded at us and I haven’t really delved into some of these stories, I can’t bear the celebrities, advertisements and embedded video, so don’t often click on news stories beyond their headlines on google news. But I do wonder if the newspapers twisted that story about Corbyn wanting women only train carriages? I wonder, if he did say it, in what context he said it? The media do like to play cat and mouse with these people, I just listened to a hilarious youtube video by Stefan Molyneux deconstruction how the media twisted things that Donald Trump said. Not that Stefan would necessarily be sympathetic to Jeremy Corbyn’s politics.

          • Christina says:

            Oh probably! Can I recommend a programme called ghostery which gets rid of all the horrendous ads when you’re browsing. I agree they are ugly and distracting and take you to places you don’t want to go.

          • Christina says:

            Ha ha!

            “Moon Mars conj in Taurus shows a steadfast fixed rage” — interesting point.

            I also thought Corbyn revealed something wrong-headed about himself when he suggested women-only carriages on trains… The only countries I know of that do that are not known for their treatment of women.

      • Locus Beatus says:

        I remember the Children’s Home scandal very clearly – I’d recently returned from living in Italy and was temporarily living in NW3 at the time, so close to the Hodge/Corbyn ‘Soviet of Islington’. Hodge was more to blame as I remember the whole story, but Corbyn backed her efforts to stonewall and to suppress any investigation with characteristic dour rigour. All my pals seem intent on voting for him – personally, I find him quite frightening: a cold hard humourless ideologue of a kind I dislike intensely. I think the Labour Party will vote him in as leader, and it will be an act of suicide so far as leading the country is concerned – possibly for a generation. Not that any of the alternatives are any better! – but for different reasons. The Tories will indeed rejoice if he’s elected, as they know that will keep them in power for the forseeable future. In a GE he would poll even less than Michael Foot imo.

        • Locus Beatus says:

          PS There was of course heavy coverage of the scandal in The Evening Standard at the time, but the real dirt was as ever to be found only in Private Eye, which published all the detail which the MSM was too chicken to put in print

  2. Just a side note, Matteo Renzi is no fresh breath at all. He is simply a puppet by which “others” are moving the pieces on the chess board until the time is right again to come back to power.

    • Christina says:

      Thanks for that. I did wonder about using Beppe Grillo as an example but he’s none too fresh either!

      • Locus Beatus says:

        I think Bernie Sanders leading the polls in the US Democratic Primaries is a better example: he’s pulling HUGE crowds and getting a load of positive publicity on social media platforms – yet the MSM in America is totally ignoring him. Like Corbyn, he’s an ‘old man’ – yet due his liberal stance on issues across the board, his appeal is mainly to the young.

  3. eggcup says:

    Thanks for this. Love how you include political analyses! The interplay between natal and mundane astrology is fascinating.

  4. mimi says:

    Hi Christina,
    I checked his progressed chart. On August 1, 2015 his progr. Sun was at 7 Leo, Mercury 12 Leo, Pluto 15 Leo and his progr. Saturn and Venus are conjunct at 5 Virgo.

    On Sept. 13 Venus will conjunct his natal Pluto and Jupiter will be at 7 Virgo. However, that day there will also be an opposition of the Sun and Chiron, and Saturn will still be there at 29 Scorpio !


  5. John Thomas says:

    Actually, it was the last Labour government which introduced university tuition fees.
    The last coalition government mere allowed them to sky-rocket.

    • Christina says:

      Quite right — 1998. Thanks for pointing that out. The Tory/Libs allowed them to jump what? From something like a thousand pounds max to 9000?

  6. Andrew Walpole says:

    Interesting ‘angles’ in the non astrological sense that get me thinking. However something that may add to the discussion is that I feel Jeremy Corbyn’s deep humanity, genuineness and financial probity contrast so refreshingly with the political mainstream, and it is these qualities more than his left- wingness that appeal to me, a non Labour supporter, plus the fact he holds a comprehensively green overview.

    • Christina says:

      Integrity vs the other stuff. He does make everyone else look plastic.

      • Leonora says:

        Until he decided to do a stupid stunt on a train. The stellium in Gemini with Venus and Mercury conjunct and trine Neptune makes for a liar. He seems to have come up against the buffers in the shape of transiting Saturn and Antares. His Moon Mars conjunction in Taurus shows an obstinate bad temper. What a loser!

  7. Leonora says:

    Small point – it was Tony Blair’s Labour Govt who introduced tuition fees across the entire United Kingdom in September 1998 as a means of funding tuition to undergraduate and postgraduate certificate students at universities, SO he should bear the respisibilit for the angst etc it may have caused.
    Corbyn has Saturn Regulus conjunct – a more Trotskyite kind of wanna king.

  8. Leonora says:

    SOrry – that should have read wannabe king! No edit facility.

  9. aqua says:

    I look at that chart and I see all talk, shifting values, a double face and a dig in the heels stubbornness that will doggedly justify his potential slipperyness.

    • Fleur says:

      Yes, a lot of Gemini in this chart. And Mercury in Gemini making a sesquiquadrate aspect to Jupiter, whose antiscion at 28 degrees Scorpio squares Saturn at 29 degrees Leo (Regulus). In recent years IsisTranspluto in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius have transited his Saturn, setting off this whole pattern.

      I have often noticed that politician’s charts don’t have a lot of substance, other than key planets aspecting the chart angles or in the Gauquelin zones behind the angles. Some Labour politicians, eg Miliband, often have aspects where a personal planet like the Sun aspects Chiron, but also something more egoistic – I am not sure how to interpret these patterns, this is just an observation.

  10. Simon Jenner says:

    Thank you. A wonderful reading and subsequent comments. I’ve just discovered you. We’ve had more insights into Corbyn recently. That he writes poetry and even paints on his own admission strange abstracts answers the Venus/Mercury trine Neptune as well as idealism. The Venus/Neptune is an easy 2 degree orb trine, the kind that saw Rupert Brooke (in effect more a septile series 21H) rather than Robert Graves (close Venus/Neptune square, see Martin Seymour-Smith’s The New Astrologer). I see how the potential and material use – sextile function – of the Saturn/Uranus answers. Thatcher’s chart as Martin pointed out was loaded with sextiles. But her marshalling material was the use of other people. I only take mild issue with the idea of the Jupiter yod which is so seductive. The orbs are too wide, damn it. There must be some angle picking up the Saturn/Uranus. Mercury/Jupiter has a 19 minute sesqui-quadrate showing intellectual overreach, witnessing the falling-out with lecturers. I had the square, ditto for a while. It works better if you’re on a PhD and not directly being taught. The Taurus element clearly plays out, and if he’d got Taurus rising that might work too. The Aquarius ascendant is again possible. It would thrust planets below the horizon, which might shroud him as a 32 year back-bencher but then anyone who’s been an MP 32 years isn’t really obscure. THe points about Saturn returns and re-runs of some 1980s narratives have point. We’re nearer 1986 now, and one recalls Labour’s failure to dislodge Thatcher over Westland: Foot, back where he belonged as a superb backbencher, had her on the ropes: Kinnock blathered her off them. 9-24 January 1986 straight after Heseltine’s resignation. Returning to a possible Taurus/Aquarius axis one sees Marx’s face emerge more clearly. Failure to act over child abuse allegations and getting Hodge off are alas one of the few elements of mainstream Westminster behaviour Corbyn shared: particularly as Labour were reeling from 1992. I most arenas he’s hardly courted power, and I’d disagree with shifting values. Stubborness too is what he’ll need. He has a Mercury/Saturn 5H quintile just in orb at 59 minutes. concentration of thinking alongside the hard Mercury/Jupiter is key here. Mars Jupiter tredecile 107 09 is operative and lends energy. There are others, a strong Mars/Neptune Quintile 5th too, not expected. And a good Sun/Uranus 15H which you’d more easily predict, and perhaps the key to sung that Saturn/Uranus energy as well a an angle picking them up. I do agree they must have point. People who explode on the world in a fluid of cacophonous manner tend to have charts loaded with quintiles. We of course don”know Moon and angles, and this is a good but not overwhelming 5H chart. Let’s look at Burnham, an attractive figure who might do well in the future. 7th January 1970, (oddly Clegg is 7th January 1967). He film-flams however. He loves to be loved. When secretary of State for the Arts he love-bombed Liverpool and ignored the rest of the country, as I was told at my regular Proms gallery spot by a DCMS worker. Who was also torn apart by Cooper for not properly briefing her. She has his vote. Mine goes to Corbyn for seeding a true axis of socialist opposition which one hopes will long outlast him. Corbyn needs economists like Jospeh Stiglitz and others. Finally, transits, causing me to scratch my head. Martin Seymour-Smith and I often discussed progressions which I could never really take to but am open about. They seemed almost as esoteric as pre-natal epochs or whatever. But he made them work. Martin also reckoned on Koch houses for states of mind and Placidus for events. He found Witt’s imaginary planets astonishingly prescient, as he put it in his book, but he too was a gnostic. So if only we knew Corbyn’s time of birth. Someone with huztpah will ask him, doubtless. Final thought. An idealist like Corbyn would have a strong 9H chart. This clicks more nearly, avoiding Moon etc. Sun squares Pluto. And Venus, widely opposing Pluto. More acute still, Mars/Uranus are closely conjunct opposing Saturn more widely. The 6th Saturn/Uranus conjunction expresses as opposition here, since anything will 20 degrees or 60 apart, with the 40 degree 9H cycle. That of course expresses what you’d think, Mars joining Saturn and Uranus. ‘But today the struggle’ as Aude intones in ‘Spain’, his dutiful Party-entrant piece.

  11. Simon Jenner says:

    p. s. apologies for appalling typos in my previous. Perhaps eyesight! as for Corbyn, 7H insights amplify the sexual nature of a Venus/Mars close 14H, which shows he can exude a dramatic and sexual charm, and is receptive to an almost stellar magnetism on occasion. We know from Addey and others – as well as personal experience – that Septiles or whatever turns you on, have to wait to be switched on unlike compulsive quintiles. Sun opposes Neptune, itself more widely conjunct Uranus (4 degrees 19 in 7H). Here’s the surprise, though. Saturn closely sextiles Neptune (so a 42H) and trines 21H Sun. An ascetic, someone much turned on by monkish and ascetic lifestyles. This rather Puritan vision of aesthetics is revealing. It’s a more integrated vision than 5H, which you’d expect in demagogues – Hitler is an example (Mozart was a more creative 5H heavy). One thing about Jupiter here: it’s generous but absolute, the host who’ll ply you with more, or say ‘don’t give up cigars at least’, and we get this transmission of generosity sometimes without receptivity to any nuance you might wish to feed back. What’s deemed good for you, in fact. Or even ‘we’re killing you for your own good’ and ‘we’re liberating Iraq’. Hitler has this afflicted with his Moon/Jupiter in Capricorn. It plays out with politicians, particularly charismatics like Blair. I’m not being alarmingly gnostic here, something I left to Martin Seymour-Smith cited above who had things to say about grand trines and murderers like Landru. Jupiter is one of the best things to have a a square, but dependant one the rest of the chart, its’ transmission isn’t always beneficial. I’m still looking at how this plays with Corbyn, beyond Mars/Jupiter 10H.

    • Christina says:

      Phew – full of interesting stuff there Simon. Thanks for the comments. Points all well taken.

      Especially interested in what you say about Jupiter which seems prescient. We shall see how it all shakes down, eh…

      • Simon Jenner says:

        Thanks Christina – yes we need to work out how Jupiter impacts – its race of soil as Samuel Johnson once said of James Thomson. And as you say, the event…. I think the fine ‘Overwhelm’ article has done much of that already, tabulating the shifts of chronological opposition and delineating their differences. Again Martin had some interesting leads and I quizzed him: he was often very funny. Fascinating on this Jupiter/Neptune. Doing interesting things to my chart and many others drawn to asking. Best, Simon

  12. ugly says:

    It wont be easy for him though. Look at Saturn squaring Saturn which is a tight square. Mind you at least its not like syrizas saturn to chiron – I told you that would not end well (sorry but I feel it should be pointed out). I dont think he will be an aggressive confrontational speaker with that mercury to venus in his natal chart. A gifted speaker.

  13. Fleur says:

    My brain is too overloaded to really get into studying Corbyn’s chart right now, and a politician’s chart without a birth time is especially lacking in information, some of these people are all about planets on the chart angles or in the Gauquelin zones behind the angles. I noticed his Sun opposition Chiron and square the Moons Nodes’ antiscion , a pattern that reminds me of the chart of the last Labour leader Miliband. Interesting Saturn conjunct Regulus in 29 degrees Leo square Jupiter’s antiscion at 28 degrees Scorpio, and Jupiter at 2 degrees Aquarius is 45 degrees to his Mercury in Gemini. Lots of planets in Gemini, a good communicator, and this Mercury is communicating about material conditions, Saturn and Jupiter – which also aspect IsisTranspluto at the beginning of Leo, a slow moving planet that marks generations and history. The big transit to his chart that I can see is transiting IsisTranspluto crossing his Saturn at 29 degrees Leo in the past few years. This may have brought him into the limelight career wise; IsisTranspluto is usually beneficial, unless it makes a 90 degree type aspect under 1 degree to the Ascendant, or sometimes the Midheaven (if the Moons Node makes a 90 degree under 1 degree aspect to either – which is common in famous people’s charts – see Mrs Thatcher, Saturn rising on Moons Nodes twisted angles, fell from power as transiting Pluto conjoined it).

  14. Fleur says:

    In my last post I meant to say IsisTranspluto transiting Saturn is usually beneficial. And it was transiting Pluto aspecting Mrs Thatcher’s rising Saturn that brought her down, not transiting IsisTranspluto. Natal Saturn is often about worldly standing, career and security. Similar to the Midheaven.

  15. Louise says:

    Hm, Only looked now; but I think he probably has Capricorn or Virgo rising; I don’t get an Aquarian look or feel from him, especially given the significant trine in air. His policies worked for me as a working single mother in Islington 30 years ago. I think the Regulus is very important now (as it is in Trump’s chart, where it rises) in securing this popularity that transcends the bloke and goes to what he promises to many people who feel not heard nor regarded. They love him and take hope for the first time in decades from his style and avoidance of spin. That suggests Saturn as chart ruler again. The Moon, note, is exalted in Taurus, and with that Sun Jupiter gives a note of simplicity and generosity. But Mars there struggles to act in a timely manner. I’d say more but it’s bedtime.

    • Christina says:

      With Cap Rising, he’d have a 6th house stellium which makes a kind of sense — hard working, in service and dressed-down — also Cap Rising is ambitious for power often.

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