Maggie Smith: Capricorn Rules

Saturday October 24th 2015
Maggie Smith as the Dowager Lady Thingamajig in Downton Abbey.

Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess Thingamajig in Downton Abbey.

We are well behind the curve in this household — just catching up on Downton Abbey. Love the frocks and the tableware, but mainly loving Maggie Smith, who is absolutely electric as the septuagenarian Dowager Countess. That means his lordship’s mum.

So I wondered if there were a bit of the old sea-goat in her chart. What they say about Capricorn is that if you make it past your early 40s — unlike say Elvis — then you’re likely to go on and on and on. What is more you’re old when you’re young, and young when you’re old.

Dame Maggie (for she is indeed one of those) doesn’t look or act young, but she is obviously in fine working order. Most 80 years olds are not playing dress up in a big country house with a bunch of actors. What is more her screen charisma just burst out.

She’s been playing this kind of part for a long time, but this one she just devours.

It’s no surprise then, to find that she has a stellium in Capricorn — Sun, Mercury and Venus. And Saturn the planet of longevity is in Aquarius, which means it’s in domicile.


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  1. Sabina says:

    I’ve loved Maggie Smith since her Jean Brodie days. (I’ve got Venus cj Saturn in Scorpio sextile Mars in Cap.) Two of my favourite of her films are the original Clash of the Titans (1981) – and look at that list of stars – and the hilarious A Private Function (1984) with Michael Palin co-starring.

  2. Theolyn says:

    My mother in law – approaching 90 – is also a Capricorn. The young when your old bit certainly applies – she is always dashing off somewhere, despite having a medicine cupboard full of prescribed drugs for this, that and the other. She has this same steely eyed stare, which I associate with her having Pluto (in Cancer) on the ascendant… Scorpio or Pluto hanging around the rising sign tends to bring with it an intense, eagle-eyed, no blinking gaze… e.g. Thatcher had Scorpio rising I think…

  3. Theolyn says:

    whoops… should be ‘old when you’re old’…. need more caffeine at this time of day…

  4. Theolyn says:

    OMG – what I really mean is… … ‘young when you’re old’….I’ll put my head back under the pillows… my apologies!

  5. Locus Beatus says:

    Ha! We share exactly the same Capricorn stellium.
    Mine is even strengthened by Ceres partile with Mercury and with Vesta partile with Venus

    She’s a superb actress with the true Capricorn work ethic

  6. mimi says:

    I’m always stunned when I see the ligning of a capricorn (the animal) in the face of a Capricorn (the human). It has to do with the eyebrows and the high hairlign and in between there is a white spot and the ligning goes on around the nose and down to the mouth.

    I love all these old actresses, I’m sure they must have a very strong Saturn or a heavy dose of Capricorn and I do love old people in general – old age can come with beauty also !


  7. Christina says:

    I note that she also has Vesta and Juno in Capricorn. My friend at Capricorn Research has pointed out that technically you need FOUR planets to count as a stellium, so Venus, Mercury, Sun doesn’t really count.