Eclipse Surge

Tuesday March 8th 2016

Virgos, Scorpios or Leos at a stretch may be getting this kind of eclipse action. Although it doesn’t end so well in this movie.

I woke up this morning feeling violently happy, which made me think of Icelandic songstress and musical genius, Björk. I wondered if she was born on an eclipse.  So I checked: she was born the day before one in November 1965.

If you want to know about the surge of emotions of an eclipse, I recommend listening to Bjork. With her Sun, Moon, Ascendant in Scorpio, she is able to clearly express something deep, dark and dangerous. With her North Node in Gemini, she was destined to communicate this. Her songs are often about being on the edge of madness. This is the eclipse mode.

I hope you are violently happy too, today, rather than massively sad, or insanely morose, or just overwhelmingly indifferent.

Work with this eclipse by letting go and allowing the energy to flow right through you, flushing out the garbage and letting in the light. This will show in whatever house Pisces falls in your chart — and it may be about receiving a gift just as much as letting something go. One client — a Leo — has already received a huge amount of money — the eclipse in the 8th house — so it’s not all about our mental state.

The eclipse takes place at 2.54 GMD tomorrow morning, but the Moon is already in Pisces. I felt the surge start this morning and texted a Pisces friend (overcome with existential angst). She felt it too — around 8.30 this morning as the Moon came within a degree of Neptune.

The Gate of the South Node is wide open right now. Listen for what’s being said to you personally. The Nodes are our direct connection to the cosmos. Feel how you could best direct this energy. And remember the eclipse opens a door that stays open for six months, only gradually closing.

If you can, enjoy. If it’s all too much, listen to the music.

Samuel Barber (March 9) conducted by Mstislav Rostropovich (March 27), who gives this a bit of Aries drive and definition. It’s a scratchy recording but heartfelt. It’s almost too familiar from many movie soundtracks, most memorably Platoon. But so beautiful…

…and if that hasn’t opened the doors for you, try this — also by Barber but interpreted by the Choir of New College under the direction of Edward Higginbottom.


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  1. mm says:

    I’ve thought for some time that the Barber Adagio is the ultimate Piscean piece. It conveys (to me anyway) universal compassion. And he was a Sun Pisces who struggled with alcoholism and depression at times, but the sublime Piscean essence speaks so clearly through his music.

    How wonderful to wake up feeling violently happy! The solar eclipse falls in my 6th house of health. Let’s just say I’m aware of it.

  2. eggcup says:

    Definitely feeling this eclipse strongly!

    For one, yesterday I used a nasal spray recommended by my doctor for the first time. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that a side effect of the medication is insomnia, and took it at the end of the day. As a result I ended up lying in bed in a semi-dream state until 4am. I have Jupiter at 13 Pisces in the 6th house, and the NN is transiting my 12th, which definitely fits!

    To my complete surprise I woke up this morning with a lot of energy despite getting less than 4 hours of sleep! Then when I got to work I noticed an email from my landlord claiming I failed to pay rent for the past two months. Actually I had sent her checks which she failed to cash, but rather than arguing it out I just PayPal’ed her the full balance and stopped the uncashed checks. She also cc’ed all of my roommates on the notice, which I thought was a bit aggressive. Despite that it didn’t upset me and I found it very easy to handle the situation diplomatically. Saturn and Mars are in my 3rd house of communication (with natal Saturn), so I’ve been working on my communication skills recently.

    My work day has been fantastic as well! I have a relatively new boss who assured me today he is 100% in my corner, and even went so far as to acknowledge that my previous boss treated me unfairly. He even shared a story with me about a time he defended me to the old boss.

    (Reading through my comment, it’s all quite mundane, so apologies if it’s boring. Definitely in keeping with all the workaday 6th house energy!)

    • Christina says:

      But interesting because all very 6th housey.

      • eggcup says:

        I got a very interesting message at ~5pm on Eclipse day, which is nearly exact (5:57pm in San Francisco).

        Last month I witnessed cops use excessive force and pull a gun on me and several other people at a bus stop. One of my friends is a civil rights lawyer and encouraged me to file an official complaint. Well, the message I received was that the authorities are opening an official investigation into my complaint and the detective assigned to my case wants to meet with me for further questioning.

        Even more 6th house stuff — holding the police to account for their professional misconduct. I’m very surprised to hear back from them honestly. My lawyer friend thinks it is because the Justice Department (federal govt) just launched an investigation into the SFPD for repeated misconduct/excessive use of force/racism, etc.

        It’s all a bit scary, but glad I am able to do my civic duty.

  3. Green says:

    For the house the eclipse falls under, do you look to your rising sign or sun? For me it would be the difference between the seventh house and sixth house respectively.

    • Christina says:

      Good question. Rising sign strongest — but I do find the solar houses tell us something also. So for example Virgo Rising, you’d look at the 7th house and ask about your relationships, but with say Sun in Gemini, you’d also note that the eclipse was squaring the Sun — in other words at a dynamic angle.

  4. aqua says:

    I felt deeply happy on talking to a 95 year old dear friend of mine today, and hearing she had her memory back after an illness last year – flying directly in the face of the doom sayers who predicted her end.

    And also her son who is bi polar got back with his ex, and while Im not wild about them for good reason, it still made my heart swell with joy on their behalf- I was surprised by that.

    The eclipse falls in my first house .

    I think Alain Delon must be one of the most beautiful men in the world….

    • aqua says:

      Oh and tonight Im just putting the final touches to a mosaic of two Humpback whales thats taken me nearly a month.

  5. Angelena says:

    With my moon in Pisces in the 8th I feel decidedly disconnected and can’t sleep. I feel I can lift the veil twixt this world and the next. Maybe I am losing it.

    • human-borg says:

      No. I cant sleep that well either. I have felt the veil lift for the past two years, as soon as I reached fifty in age. Strange dreams, of an other world nature.

      • Christina says:

        You are also having your Chiron Return… should be even more intense with the SN in Pisces

        • human-borg says:

          The dreams of late are not that intense – btw I was born with the sun in pisces as well.

          Not like this – the first week of my fiftieth over the course of 6 days/nights, spread out, by one every other night, I had three dreams or experiences. Not in order. Here is presented one. I was waking in the morning. There were a group of people in the room. One of them said maybe he should join us. All I had on my mind was the word ‘akashic’ record. I think I was paid a visit by a group who are into spiritual/astral traveling, and they had accesed or viewed my akashic record. Strange thing is that things fell into place about some of the things that motivate me in this life. I have an aversion to authority – because I was duped by a regime in my previous life – so I am doubly cautious about following anyone. I try not to harm anyone in this life (at least not physically) I am into reciprocity though – also linked to previous point. And I think about what I am doing – also linked with first point. I put a lot of thought into life, which is a continuation of the end of the last life.

          But there has been more of course.

          • Christina says:

            Presumably also conjunction of Uranus-Pluto in the natal chart, now echoed by eclipse points plus Uranus-Pluto square. Big turning point in your life. Even if it’s inner journey.

  6. Iris says:

    1st house. Massively sad. It’s all a bit much, so thanks for the fishy music.

  7. mimi says:

    This eclipse falls in my 8th house, my rising sign is Leo, however sofar have not received any massive sums yet; maybe the effect can last until September or even further ??

    How about the fulffillment of a life and at the same time the end of an era ? George Martin died. Are you going to see how this eclips affected him ??


    • Christina says:

      I’m waiting for my check too! Yes I thought it was perfect that George Martin (music maker for several generations) passed.

  8. Gilly says:

    Thank you for another fascinating piece. All this week, I’ve found myself suddenly working very, very hard to finish a project that’s been dragging along for years – the work is paying off and it’s finally coming together, and fast. The eclipse is in my 10th house and near my natal south node, with Jupiter and the NN hanging close to my natal NN. And Venus touches my MC today. It all feels very portentous – I hope something comes of it, I could do with some movement; my life has been treading water for far too long.
    First Bowie and now George Martin; it really does feel like the end of an era. I can’t listen to Barber’s Adagio, it’s too tragic; it breaks my heart.

  9. Les says:

    The eclipse was exactly opposite my 2nd house Virgo Sun and square within a degree my Saturn in Sag (cusp of 5th house). I’ve been waking up at 4 am the last few nights – more like a full moon night than new moon. Work has been very demanding, not surprising when hitting my Sun square Saturn. After a pattern of doubling down on work during these transits, I’ve discovered Saturn usually wants the opposite from me – not more discipline and hard work but backing off some. I took a break on this exceptionally warm day and went for a walk outside this afternoon.

    • Christina says:

      Hmm that’s interesting…. Are you a very hard worker most of the time then? Saturn may actually be your friend.

      • Les says:

        Yeah, I think that’s the case with my Sun square Saturn – Virgo Sun is conscientious and likes to be productive anyway, and rather self-critical, perfectionist. Saturn square just adds to it, but I think Saturn transits to my square have said Saturn likes limits, even to hard work. Or it says to take care of myself better (Virgo Sun). Anyway, the last time Saturn conjoined my Sun (2008) Uranus was opposite at the same time, so that that really brought things to a head! My second Saturn return coming up in December, when Saturn hits 19 Sag. Maybe I’m also already feeling that.

  10. Sabrina says:

    I just slowed down or everything slowed down-not sure. It falls in my sun at the end of the 6th but not far from the Desc. It’s interesting that the people closer to me these past few weeks have been all mutable…thanks for the beautiful music and the beautiful Scorpio ?