What Astrologers Are Saying About Brexit

Saturday June 11th 2016
Paul Simonon, bass player with legendary British punk band The Clash, smashes his guitar in 1979. Here’s what he said about it afterwards: “The show had gone quite well, but for me inside, it just wasn't working well, so I suppose I took it out on the bass. If I was smart, I would have got the spare bass and used that one, because it wasn’t as good as the one I smashed up.” The photograph on this cover is by Pennie Smith

Paul Simonon, bass player with legendary British punk band The Clash, smashes his guitar in 1979. Here’s what he said about it afterwards: “The show had gone quite well, but for me inside, it just wasn’t working well, so I suppose I took it out on the bass. If I was smart, I would have got the spare bass and used that one, because it wasn’t as good as the one I smashed up.” The photograph on this cover is by Pennie Smith

On June 23, the people of United Kingdom will go to the polls to make the most important collective decision of a lifetime. Should we stay in the European Union or should we go?

The decision taken now could change the country’s future absolutely — probably not in the ways predicted by any politician — and set our course for the coming decades.

You could look at a whole host of charts for clues to the outcome of the referendum: the Aries Ingress, the opening of the polls, the closing of the polls, the official start of the campaign, the announcement of the referendum, the UK’s entry into the Union, the Union chart itself, David Cameron’s chart, leader of the Brexiteers Boris Johnson’s chart, the UK charts 1801 or 1066. All are relevant in some way or another. My fellow astrologers have all chosen different charts or combinations of charts. It can all become rather confusing — and quite easy to choose a chart that buttresses your own convictions.

Note how Pluto by transit has been past the UK Sun. The Uranus-Pluto square has been affecting partnerships. With Saturn’s current transit through Sagittarius we can expect legislation about borders and international travel globally.

Note how Pluto by transit has been past the UK Sun and will oppose the UK Moon. The Uranus-Pluto square has been affecting partnerships. With Saturn’s current transit through Sagittarius we can expect legislation about borders and international travel globally, which is relevant to the debate about immigration which has become central to the Brexit discussion.

One astrological event that is clearly relevant to the whole debate is the current retrograde of Mars. Mars went into the shadow of retrograde when Prime Minister David Cameron announced the referendum in February. It went retrograde three days after the campaign officially started in April, and it will station at 23° Scorpio when we go to the polls, exactly quincunx the UK Saturn in the chart most commonly used (1801) and opposite the UK Ceres in the 8th House (Yes it is about finance/agriculture). Mars turns direct on June 30, one week after the poll. It comes out of the shadow in August — and that may be when the s***t really hits the swirly thing.

One effect of Mars Rx is to bring up old arguments. Anyone who has listened to the news in Britain over the last few weeks — or watched the TV debates — can see and hear Mars Rx in action.  This row has been rumbling in the Conservative Party since the days of Thatcher in the 1980s.

The level of discussion has been pathetic, which has highlighted (again) a real flaw in the means of public discourse in this country and in much of the West. The adversarial system — used in law courts and in parliaments — does not always allow for a nuanced, reasoned analysis. In this case, the two sides are so caught up in dissing each other that serious questions are not addressed, and worse, facts are distorted, and outright lies promulgated — on both sides. Media outlets, including the BBC, also suffer from this polarised way of presenting situations. It means that in the interest of balance, they end up giving weight to counterarguments that may actually be fallacious.

The best approach during Mars Rx is yin, to be yielding, a peacemaker. The rules of war are not the same as usual. Barack Obama’s peace trip to Japan and Vietnam demonstrated this beautifully. Sadly, neither side in the Brexit debate is showing much of the peacemaking or yin-ness, but interestingly both sides have marshalled cross-party teams to fight their cause. In other words, traditional alliances along party are not relevant, and new ones have had to be forged. The rules are being bent as both Saturn (boundaries) and Mars retrograde. On last night’s TV debate, we watched Boris Johnson, ex-Mayor of London and deep-dyed conservative, standing shoulder to shoulder with the redoubtable Labour stalwart Gisela Stuart, and Tory minister Andrea Leadsom on the Brexit team. They were opposed by Labour’s Angela Eagle, Tory minister Amber Rudd and Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon, all clearly singing from the same beat-up BoJo sheet. You may notice something else about this line-up: five women and one man. Mars is definitely on the back foot.

Mars Rx is also about internal warfare — and the main opponents in this fight are within the governing Conservative Party. Most of the Brexiteers are Tories, many of them have been fighting for this moment for a quarter of a century; this is their moment. The Tory Party seems to be tearing itself apart in public. After the polls close, there will be blood on the floor no matter who wins.

Whatever astrologer was advising Cameron on dates should be sacked. This was no time to gamble with the future of the whole country because of Tory party internal power struggles. Under Mars Rx, things don’t turn out how you expect. If he really wanted to secure this vote, he should have chosen his birthday for poll day as Tony Blair used to.

Complacent as ever, the Labour Party (fairly pro-EU) appears to have just woken up to the fact that the Leave campaign appeals to a lot of grassroots Labour voters, and the issue of immigration is live. They are scrambling to get the Remain message across.

It’s too easy, though, to sit on the fence and say, “a plague on both your houses”. A decision needs to be made, by creating confrontation we ought to reach a conclusion (any Libran will tell you that). And it’s everyone’s duty to go out and vote on this one, even if you spoil your ballot.

The truth about the EU is complex. It’s a vast bureaucracy, corrupted by corporate lobbyists and political apparatchiks, most of whom are unelected. In the past two years alone, it has failed to deal with the refugee crisis, it has failed to deal with the economic crisis, it has castrated Greece.

On the other hand, the EU binds Europe together, keeping the peace, encouraging justice and human rights, protecting families and workers, making this a decent place to live and work. It’s the biggest common market in the world; an economic powerhouse even when it’s on its knees as it is now. Refugees choose to come here — not walk the other directions to, say, Saudi Arabia or Russia — because it is safe, and there’s a chance at making a comfortable life free of fear.

Speaking personally, I don’t like the EU, but I will be voting Remain because I believe in the idea of Europe and the values that we share — tolerance, egalitarianism, personal freedom, communal responsibility. There are forces in the world that seek to destroy the peace here, which was so hard fought for in the 20th century. Like many people, I’m only 66% in favour. But then I realised that the British government is also a vast bureaucracy, corrupted by lobbyists and political apparatchiks, with an unelected chamber…

I also believe that a Brexit would jeopardise the United Kingdom. The UK chart is in a period of enormous change right now, with Pluto, the planet of transformation, moving between a conjunction with the Sun and an opposition to the Moon. The worst case scenario with this astrology is a break up of the United Kingdom, which could well follow if Britain left the EU. The Eurosceptics are based in England; Scotland is strongly pro-Europe. Scotland would likely walk…

Here is what Michael Heseltine, an old warhorse in the Conservative Party, said this week on the difference between power and sovereignty at the Oxford Union Brexit debate:

“I know something about sovereignty and what it is to be alone. I was there in 1940.

“We were desperate for the Americans to come. The convoys across the Atlantic were being sunk and our allies in North Africa were relying on our ability to keep supply lines in the Mediterranean open…

“The man in the desert is sovereign. He is free and can do what he likes. But he has no power. Unless you can do something then you are powerless, however sovereign you may be.

“In the shrinking world… we have to adjust the human organisation to the scale of the challenge. 60 million of us with a massive 500 million cohort.

“I want this government of today to leave to this generation the corridors of power, the seats of influence and a place at the table, so that the self interests of this country are as important in the generations to come as they have been in the generations of which I have been privileged to be a part of.”

I want to be open about the way I’m voting because I am sure it colours my interpretation of the charts.

This brings me to an important philosophical question. What is the point of astrology in this kind of debate? We astrologers have a 50% chance of getting it right if we make a prediction — but what is the use of that exactly? It would be helpful to speculators, I suppose.

Roy Gillett, the head of the British Astrological Association, wrote a nice piece about the Brexit campaign back in March.

“Predicting mundane events is sometimes possible, but more often outcomes are decided by the use the parties make of the astro-cycles, rather than those cycles alone.”

He thought it could go either way then.

I would suggest, looking at the charts, that an emotional appeal to international brotherhood/sisterhood would be a better tactic for Remain than hurling statistics at us. The Leave camp is already working on the nationalistic emotion seam, which should work for them.

Unfortunately, most astrologers think we’re going out — and I can see where they are coming from.

UK Referendum (close)

Note Mars, Uranus and Ceres — in tight aspect to the UK Saturn, and Pluto-Jupiter trine in tight aspect to the nodes.

One chart that must be relevant is the one for the Close of Polls at 10pm on June 23. This shows a rather shocking Pluto Rx on the Ascendant and Mars Rx on the MC — that smells a bit zombie apocalypse — yikes. The bloodshed certainly won’t be over within the ruling Conservative Party: it’ll be a mess. David Cameron’s Libra Sun is squared by Pluto several times this year — nasty. All the Rxes suggest a backward step — or more accurately a failure to step into the future. It’s really not the moment to be making a big decision, but hey ho. Of course, it is the moment to be readjusting your course.

The fact that this all happens under a Mars Rx, without the red planet moving forward, does suggest that nothing will come of the matter. By July, we might be back where we were in February — still in the EU. This could all have been sound and fury signifying nothing. The real story is that all our three main political parties are in meltdown — and they are having to co-operate across party lines.

The chart ruler, steady Saturn, is Rx in the 11th house of alliances. This suggests Remain. The Moon, representing the people, is in Aquarius, although the sign is stuck in the middle of the house, between a fog of lies and the power elite perhaps. Yet in the first house the people are in control (sort of) and they are feeling cool, friendly and wise: that’s also Remain to me. Aquarius is the sign of international co-operation. The Moon’s next aspect will be a trine to Mercury in Gemini — also friendly. (The Euro 2016, a huge football tournament, is concurrent with this debate, and surely will be relevant to how some people feel when they step into the poll booth.)

On the other hand, Mars Rx (no change) and Uranus (change) in Aries are both making powerful precise aspects to the UK Saturn in the 11th and Ceres in the 8th, that could mean Out.

Here is what other astrologers have said. You can click the links to go to most of these articles.


Sharon Knight, an excellent horary astrologer, wrote a piece in the Astrological Association newsletter, also used the Aries Ingress and thought Out.

“ I think there will be a last ditch effort by the Government and Brussels to cause a distraction and instill fear in the common people that to leave would be suicide. But I think “others” in the middle ground will see through the smoke and mirrors and elect to leave to preserve Sovereignty, laws of the land and finances. Saturn representing those in authority but not controlling the country.  The Mars conjunct the MC indicates rebellion from overseas and possibly from the Forces.

Even though I don’t personally see it, I predict we will leave the EU.”

Horary astrologer, Nina Gryphon, hedged her bet more, predicting deep fissures within the EU no matter which way the vote goes. I think this latter is also evident from the EU chart, as discussed last month.

Peter Stockinger, a traditonal astrologer who’s made some correct predictions in the past, looked at the Aries Ingress, and thought Out.

Modern astrologers

Penny Thornton in her newsletter looked at several charts but finds evidence for both sides. She makes this interesting point:

“In seven years time Saturn and Neptune will begin a new cycle: the way aspects of our existence appear now under the second and last Saturn-Neptune square will look very different by 2025. Hindsight is 20-20, as they say. And I suspect we will regret the decision we are about to make.

We might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.” (I think she means vote Out.)

Barry Goddard over at Astrotabletalk looks at David Cameron’s chart vs. Boris Johnson’s and thinks we stay In.

Marjorie Orr — pithy as ever — thinks In.

Using the Huber system, Joyce Hopewell thinks Out.

My colleague Anton D’Abreu on this website thinks Out.

In depth

Jessica Adams predicts Out on her website and makes important points about 23° and the action of Ceres.

Capricorn Research as usual takes a thorough look at the question and thinks we stay In.

Paul Saunders at Solaris Astrology does a good job explaining why this decision is so important.

Vedic astrologer Chris Kevill thinks unequivocally Out.

Vedic astrologer Juliana Swanson thinks In, on the other hand, but with some interesting observations about the medium term outlook. She has also explained exactly how she reached this conclusion in some detail.

… and lastly all the way from Ladbroke Grove in 1984 (I think)


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  1. Steve says:

    Thank you for a wonderful and insightful article.

    I personally prefer the 1066 chart as it still has a resonance with Britain today. In this chart Transiting Pluto R with be almost to the second conjunct our (UK) 10 th house Mercury in Capricorn this activates an earth Grand cross with Saturn in Virgo and Neptune in Taurus. Transiting Jupiter also conjunct’s the Grand cross but by aspecting Saturn by conjunct almost exactly! What ever happens it going to have a major change in the UK’S RELATIONSHIP WITH EUROPE? The chart set for the election will have the Pluto transit right on the ascendant in conduction with UK’s Mercury. The UK Sun will be in the 12 th house 4 degrees from the ascendant. It is certainly a very powerful chart?

  2. ursula says:

    The mars Rx is not really as important as it may initially seem, its importance is over the polls, not the results or the outcome of them. The result of the polls may well be known, only the following day and there may be recounts too, thus causing the result to be decided well into the following day. We do not actually leave the EU until a week or weeks after the vote…at the earliest. The fact of the election is being shown up by astrology on the 23rd but the results of the election will be shown up by astrology further down the line in a much clearer and stronger way thatn the actual poll date. It is interesting to look at the actual date of the election astrologically but the official leaving of the UK from the EU WILL occur afterwards and this will be at mars, station direct or afterwards. When would be formally leaving the EU?
    We have to look ahead to after the poll in order to better see the results of that poll, this is not astrology, it is merely logic.

  3. Will says:

    The people won’t be denied, they want change!

    • Aqua says:

      I cant help thinking Will, be careful of what you wish for, ‘change for changes sake’ has historically caused far more mayhem, destruction and backwards momentum than not.

      Granted the EU is far from perfect, [and how can it not be, made as it is from millions of equally imperfect citizens] but if we exit we are in a far weaker position to influence,and also leaving us with bedfellows such as Putin and China.

      That would be ironic I feel given many Brexiters fears of oppressive rulemakers.

  4. Will says:

    ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’, this sums up the EU. I will be voting to leave.

    • Sunis says:

      Same here Will. I was a healthworker in primary schools in W London – 63 different languages in one small primary school, real aggression on streets and on public transport -crumbling infrastructure, It just can’t be sustained. Also I think the absolute mess that’s being made of the refugee/migrant crisis shows EU can’t make practical decisions, it’s like some monolithic Communist state.

      • Theplace says:

        Government neglect has caused all the issues, schools ,hospitals.
        The U.K. is a,so guilty of not treated people equally. They should treat people the way they are treated aboard, same benefits and welcome.

      • Clearly in the wake of a 7x Uranus/Pluto square the gaping cracks in society are on show. The system has been shaken up – and austerity has resulted in severe cutbacks to local government budgets. It is easy to forget that even though it is a small island, the UK is one of the richest countries in the world. Diverting our eyes to Europe -blaming Europe for our home grown problems – feels to me like a refusal to take responsibility. Amsterdam – where I live -has 180 nationalities – the highest number of nationalities in one city in the world. Of course this creates some problems – but on the whole – Holland like Britain does very well in getting along with its neighbours. I thought it was brilliant that Sadiq Khan was appointed mayor of London. Neptune in Pisces makes us susceptible to free floating anxiety. Yet with Saturn squaring Neptune – closing borders won’t be that effective. I think we tend to overlook the fact that the roots of the current refugee crisis lies in the ill thought out and totally irresponsible war in Irak. I found it personally shocking to see Tony Blair campaigning for remain!!! I think countries have a karma too. The British Empire it seems has a sting in its tail.

      • Christina says:

        London has tipped over (I used to live there too and know what you mean), but surely that’s not just because of the EU immigration policy. Many of the stresses in London are caused by government policies — both the Tories and the previous Labour government.

        • Sunis says:

          Yes. Health, Social Services and Education were all messed up. Immigration policy didn’t help though. We went into what was then The Common Market, and now it’s turning into United States of Europe, which no-one wants. Plus EU books haven’t been balanced for years now.

          • Sunis says:

            oops pressed return too quickly. Plus I used to work for a children’s counselling charity,one of the reasons we used Arts Therapy was the number of children with English as a 2nd language- the stats given by the charity were that 95-98% of each of the London boroughs had been there for 2 years or less. That’s an incredibly unstable social situation for any community, let alone one providing sanctuary for families from war zones. And if you’re cutting funding to health, social services and education at the same time, it’s a recipe for civil unrest, which was what I started to see. Then we had the riots.

  5. Hi Christina, The importance of what is happening on June 23rd should not be underestimated. The Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune t-square might look in the light of a 7x Uranus/Pluto square, like small fry: it certainly isn’t. The last time this particular t-square happened and within orb was in 0545 – the time when the Roman Empire was breaking up and the Dark Ages started. Yes, Europe is in a deep crisis – but I share your view, we need to work together. I also find it very important that the younger generation – Mercury in Gemini on day of vote – wants to remain. I believe the future is theirs. I would recommend my own series of mundane articles. http://astrologieblog.nl/2016/06/01/astrology-think-tank-britain-and-the-eu/

    • Christina says:

      Thank you for the link Elizabeth. I’m looking forward to reading those — always interested in what you have to say & completely agree about the Big T-Square. We are at a moment of serious crisis. Unfortunately, my Virgin child safe filter is blocking your blog!! (We need to go whitelist it apparently.)

      • Hi Christina, It’s the rarity of the combination of planets that makes the t-square extra significant. The last time we went through this was in the 6th century – the start of the Dark Ages. Mutable energy is so unpredictable, volatile – that I really wish Cameron had waited until Jupiter was in Libra to hold the referendum. If only astrologers were able to give these people the wisdom of our knowledge 🙂 Sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulty reading the posts. The tension aside… I am enjoying the debate.

        • isabellium says:

          The Dark Ages is a chilling analogy from where I sit in the United States, watching my country’s so-called leadership tearing itself apart at the seams. I aim to get a fertile bit of land with safe water, satellite internet, and hope for the best…

          Christina, sorry to hijack the comment inappropriately, but I sent an email to your google account. I can’t access horoscopes. xo

          • Leonora says:

            The Dark Ages were so called because it actually was dark due to a volcanic eruption! The extreme weather events of 535–536 were the most severe and protracted short-term episodes of cooling in the Northern Hemisphere in the last 2000 years. The event is thought to have been caused by an extensive atmospheric dust veil, possibly resulting from a large volcanic eruption in the tropics, and/or debris from space impacting the Earth. Its effects were widespread, causing unseasonal weather, crop failures and famines worldwide. – according to wikipedia.

          • Christina says:

            Yup. Got it. Web-guy is on the case.

          • It really is a chilling analogy Isabellium. I wrote my own articles under the header: Think Tank. A think tank should be helping to shape thinking – and I believe that mundane astrology can show where the tendencies lie – and indicate the best direction to move for the highest good. I strongly believe the UK should stay within the EU. The UK is a fantastic country with great people, we shouldn’t be pulling back at this junction in time, rather consolidating our thinking (transit Saturn currently in UK 3rd house) and then moving our own vision of Europe forward – sec. prog. asc. conjunct sec. prog. Moon in 9.

  6. Gilly says:

    I don’t like the EU, but I will be voting Remain because I believe in the idea of Europe and the values that we share…
    I’m afraid I could not disagree more. I think that remaining risks reinforcing all that is worst in the EU. The bureaucrats will feel they have carte blanch (oh the irony). If we leave, other countries will push for a referendum too; new allegiances will be forged and we might have a better chance of a freer, fairer, looser European union based on mutual respect not iron-clad rules that never could and never will apply equally to all European states.

    • Christina says:

      I respect your position Gilly and agree about the need for a looser Europe, and indeed that’s why I’m only 70%, but to leave may not be the best starting position for negotiations.

  7. CCapricorn says:

    Thanks for a wonderful analysis. The one thing about astrology is that it never predicts anything specifically. Astrologers have to weigh lots of different factors and make a decision accordingly. In this case many different charts have to be used. My feeling originally based on Cameron and Johnson’s upcoming transits was that we would stay in, but because other charts particularly the chart for polling says out, I had 70% confidence in us staying in.

    Looking again at your chart for 1801, Pluto’s approaching opposition to the Moon ( 4th to 10th, Capricorn / Cancer ) looks like the break up of the UK. This probably means Scotland will leave. The only real reason for another Scottish referendum to be held so soon is if there is a Brexit.

    The one thing I can’t square with a Brexit is Cameron’s upcoming Jupiter conjunct his Ascendant and Sun. But I’m wondering if the Pluto / Sun square that gave him the 2015 election is about to show the real reason for that as it returns.

    At the moment I’m thinking 55/45 for staying in and just keeping fingers crossed, because I think leaving will be an economic disaster for our country.


    • Christina says:

      I agree with 55/45, which is why it’s so important for the Remain camp to improve its strategy — and appeal directly to the public’s emotions.
      The possibility of the break up of the UK is really quite anxious-making. There are other scenarios which would fit the astrology, but it is an obvious one.

  8. Mark Cullen says:

    Hi Christina, Thanks you have put together a great summary of the UK astrological community take on this. Understandably, you were not aware of those of us that restricted our predictions to Facebook forums. I guess that is the price you pay for not having a blog/website! I put out an analysis of the opening of poll chart using Bonatti’s open battle method and plumped for Brexit as most likely. Similarly, Julian Venables put out a piece on Facebook some time ago using the close of poll chart, like you and also decided on a remain outcome. I was going to mention Liz Hathway’s insightful articles on the UK/EU but I see she has already posted here! Adrian Ross Duncan has also just put out an article in the Mountain Astrologer electronic subscriber version and goes for remain. He not only does that he invites his readers to vote that way! lol. So while you said most astrologers favoured a Brexit by my calculation its more like 50/50 just like a lot of opinion polls! Mind you while betting odds have shortened its still 70%/30% for Remain at the bookmakers so its probably a safer option. I have pulled together many articles and links on Skyscript (including a few you missed) with the exception of Adrian ross Duncan which is subsciber only. http://skyscript.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9084&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 I have decided to open a locked thread there just before the referendum outlining all the astrologers I am aware of who have made a clear prediction , their general approach and which outcome they predict. One thing I have noticed is that all the traditional or Vedic astrologers making a prediction have gone for a Brexit.

    • Christina says:

      Thank you so much for this, Mark. It’s good to try and get it all in one place.

      Yes, I noticed that about trad/Vedic astrologers — generally more cut and dried anyway. Trad techniques do work better for yes/no, in/out type questions. Maybe that’s why I thought there were more Outs! I found Sharon Knight’s delineation pretty compelling. Still I think I’ll stick with Remain.

      I seem to recall the opening of polls chart lines up neatly with Cameron’s own chart, putting his Asc on the IC. Even if Remain wins, he’s in trouble though. If you use Besiegement, do you get the reverse result?

      • Mark Cullen says:

        When you get into it the trad methods have their complecities too Christina! For example looking at the Aries ingress chart Peter Stockinger found Mars the Lord of the Year (using Bonatti), while Sharon Knight found Saturn the Lord of the Year (using Abu Ma’Shar). I have to confess I didn’t apply Bonatti rules for open battle charts strictly in this case. His rules are quite complicated. So if I got it wrong I will need to revisit him and see where I went wrong.! Your quite right that on polling day the moon is besieged between a separating aspect to Mars and an applying one to Saturn. In Bonatti’s system the Moon’s separating and applying aspects are examined. But its complicated in the opening of poll as the Moon is Lord 1 ruling the ASC. In general terms a separating aspect of the Moon is assigned to Lord 1 (challenger ) in this case UK govt so Remain gets Mars in scorpio Rx as an ally. But its very weakened by being Rx. Moon applies to Saturn but obviously cant that as an ally as its Lord 7. If we looking at any planet other than Moon both separating and applying aspects are added as allies to Lord 1 or 7. So Moon has Mars as ally. Saturn gets Mercury as its in a separating aspect. Chart is quite hard to decide on using strictly Bonatti. Both sides have weaknesses. Its better to have a superior as ruler so Saturn gets points for ruling Lord 7 Leave. TSuperior is better the longer a contest lasts too. Moon is in an angular house which greatly stregthens it. Saturn is in a succedent house so half as strong. Also Saturn is greatly weakened by being Rx. However, Moon falls in 7th house. Traditionally this means its Lord 1 is literally ”captured” by other side. I also note Moon applies to Mercury after Saturn. Generally Moon would gain from from being received by Saturn in its dignities (domicile, triplicity and bound) but Saturn is Rx so it effectively inflicts damage on Moon. Its a tough one to call I think as I dont have a lot of experience using this method. I went for a more straightforward methodology in making my prediction.

        • Mark Cullen says:

          Just one further rather pedantic point. You have described all the traditional astrologers you mentioned under the title ”horary.” Mabe that reflects your experience of traditional astrology in horary. But of course a traditional approach embraces all branches of astrology ie electional, horary, natal and mundane. Both Peter Stockinger and Sharon Knight used the mundane chart of an Aries ingress as their primary tool although Sharon also examined national charts too. Actually, the use of horary for political contests ie third party horary is very controversial when the astrologer has no querant intimately involved in the matter.

          • Christina says:

            Nope not pedantic — you’re right. In fact, I think I’ll correct that for posterity.

  9. Pamela says:

    Hi, I live in the US and just read an op-ed piece on this that I thought was pretty good for anyone who is interested.

  10. Aqua says:

    I fear todays latest American shooting – likely the worst in the countries history- will throw petrol on Brexiters fears. As to Trump….

  11. James says:

    Christina, thank you for this posting and the embedded links.

    My belief is that the In/Out camps will be seperated by a margin narrow enough that there will be no Parliamentary majority to merely ratify Out. As the referendum question is flawed, in that it does not ask for people to vote on which alternative relationship to full EU membership it wants the Government to negotiate [ie, does Britain want to withdraw from the EU but remain within the European Economic Area], an Out vote will lead to an emergency debate in the House starting on Monday 27 June – two days before Mars moves forward in Scorpio.

    Punditry declares that Parliament must bend to the will of the people, yet there is no law that says this Referendum is binding and I expect the forward movement of Mars to assist in a Parliamentary debacle

    Your perception that by July the country will be where it was in February is prescient.

    Even if I am wrong and Parliament does approve a Referendum vote to depart the EU, the negotiation to leave, regulated by Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, will then commence and could take 2 years to complete. Another referendum, or general election, around the nature of our relations with the EU, will become a political necessity.

    • mikekirk29 says:

      Pretty astute comments. But cannot see Parliament defying people. Too dangerous now. Should not have held a referendum to try to settle dispute in Tory Party after 23 years. Uranus and Neptune in command now, forces of chaos. OUT won because people who normally will not bother voting, did vote. This swung it. These were mostly poor working class in poor run down areas, ignored by both main parties for 25 years. People wanting another vote are a joke. They had a vote, that is it. No political maturity or sense of consequence, no attempt to put rational consequential thinking above “my interest and preference.” Politics in Uk will now be chaotic, and Corbyn will be next to go (no cardinal, hence too weak.) Chuka Umunna for Labour is their only chance. General election? No chance – Tories will not vote for Xmas, like turkeys won’t. All the economic ignoramuses will now get what they were unaware of – UK cannot stand alone, it is 73 years too late for that. The post WW2 settlement is coming apart.

    • Christina says:

      What you wrote here is already unfolding in fact. 57 Tory Leavers have said this morning that they will not back an Osborne post-referendum budget. Either way, the government is broken.

  12. Fabulous article, Christina. Thank you for bringing everything together. A few weeks ago I would have said that we were going to vote to remain in Europe. This weekend I am not so sure if the Vote Leave posters are anything to go by. Definitely more here (Surrey) than Vote Remain and on a weekend away on the Kent/East Sussex border my Gemini friend & I saw slightly more Vote Leave. The debate, choice to stay or go is heating up whilst the Sun is in Gemini and I too am nowhere near a 100% yes either way. Yet ultimately I think it will be a divisive move to leave which isn’t a positive move in my personal opinion. On the day of the polls, the Sun will have moved into Cancer, and on a pure Sun sign level I sense this means that issues about the nation will win over the wider perspective and the Out vote will triumph.

    • Christina says:

      I have also seen far more Leave posters. In a recent trip to Cornwall it was solidly Leave — but maybe that’s not surprising when you consider EU fishing policy.

      The Cancer Sun is def important, but I suppose it depends on your emotional sense of home. Is one at heart a European? Or English? Or British?

      • Christina says:

        I meant to say in the countryside it is all Leave — but in urban centres, where most people live, I’m not so sure.

        • I actually think the Remain Campaign need to pull their socks up. I was wondering this morning ‘what’s with the beeb?’. I seem to be hearing more about the Brexit campaign. Again.. politicians need to get out of the Westminster bubble – and start getting their message across to a wider audience. Of course the Cancer Sun could equally translate as ‘play safe’ … if in doubt leave is out!

  13. Leonora says:

    Is it worth looking at a chart for the date GB became a member of the EU – 1.1.73? Since this is its birth as an EU member? A midday chart has Aries rising with Uranus and Ceres conjunct that, the transit of Saturn opposes natal Saturn now and tr Pluto is conj the natal Sun and n node.
    Secondary progressions for that chart show pr Sun conjunct the pr MC in Aquarius .
    In the 1973 chart there is a trine between the POF in Pisces, Ceres in Scorpio and Orcus in Cancer – so a continuum of harvest, (with a vengeance – Scorpio) debt (long sworn oaths/Orcus) and POF in Pisces (directionless frittering of money). The trine/triangle is a building block but IMO there is always direct compliance between two aspects of it with tension from a third.
    Who remembers the EU food mountains (Ceres) when dairy, wheat, wine etc were purchased and hoarded (Ceres in Scorpio) to keep Euro farmers afloat? Much of the produce was eventually sold to Russia and then sold over the counter for a fraction of what the Brit/French consumer was paying (POF in Pisces).
    As Pluto nw transits conjunct the Sun, n node and Jupiter in the 10th of the 1973 chart, we would expect a transformation with a lot of dissatisfaction creeping out from the national psyche, deeply buried and historic grievance as they all oppose Orcus.
    The 10th house placement of Sun, node and Jupiter suggests to me that the UK’s role in the EU was always to transform it under this Pluto transit. But also for its own identity of a bountiful charitable parent (one report had Britain as the most charitable developed nation in 2012/13, another has it currently 6th in the world but has Myanmar first…??? France and Germany don’t figure on that list!)
    So no wonder immigrants flock to the UK. Having worked with an influx of erstwhile Yugoslavians in the 1990s in London, I can say firmly many immigrants come for the freebies! Apparently there was an info sheet of how to work the benefits system. I kid you not – I worked with one guy who had managed a flat in Notting hill (paid for by the DSS) gold fillings (NHS) and enough in benefits to afford him a membership at the same gym as Peter Mandelson and Robbie Williams! He worked as market trader during his non leisure hours. But both he and his sister had singled out targets and married then left their spouses but not divorced to qualify for a UK passport etc She managed a 10k bounty from her partner, sub let her DSS paid for flat (Ladbroke grove) to another Serbian, got her to forge her signature to sign on and went on an 8 week holiday sailing around Croatia! I saw the movies – it looks great…
    But more chilling by far has been the lack of info on how the EU migration policy has hit ordinary working people in areas already under strain. I was amazed to learn there had been a street curfew in Sheffield (n England) in 2013 due to uncontrollable criminal behaviour of Roma in one area. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/immigration/10452130/Roma-in-Sheffield-When-it-goes-off-it-will-be-like-an-atom-bomb-here.html
    Labour MP John Mann has spoken out very clearly about the real impact of immigration on already stretch resources.
    The 1973 chart has a stellium in Sagittarius with Neptune and the Moon conjunct – ideological confusion, romance, dissipation. They are also conjunct Antares – of this Robson says ” Moon – Popular, broad-minded, interested in philosophy, science and metaphysics, liable to change religious opinions, influential friends, favorable for business and domestic matters, active in local affairs, great power, honor and wealth but benefits may not prove lasting, danger of violence, sickness, drowning or assassination….” of Neptune, “Shrewd, cunning, unbalanced and mentally unsound, secretive but apparently candid, dishonest, tendency to theft, economical, untruthful, strange religious ideas, evil environment, gain through hard work, sudden and unexpected death brought about by treachery or through enemies who will escape retribution. [Robson*, p.138.].. hmm…
    Since we now have a huge mutable cross challenging the Sag. stellium of the 1973 chart, it is very much about fiscal survival – Baileys explanation of this cross is “the Cross of the four major energies which produce the conditioning circumstances which transform animal man into an aspirant. It is, therefore, the Cross of the personality…and finally integrating human being. This takes place at first in response to circumstance and later to soul inclination.” – perhaps it is the people taking the “charity” and being offered the opportunities to raise their game rather than the generous patriarch keep doling out? Huge questions around how does “charity” help anyway??
    With the Gemini arm of the cross in the ’73 chart on the 2nd house where Saturn opposes the Sag stellium in the 8th we can see the ideologies of other people’s money and taxes and values is now very challenged.
    IMO, regardless of the referendum outcome, it is a mess and the whole EU ripe for transformation. Recent polls show Italy and Greece may follow suit and challenge for exit. I think the vote is cosmetic. Libran DC could’t make his mind up and didn’t want the responsibility of the decision – but anyway, the bar of land which once connected Britain (Bretagne) to France has long dissolved! The channel tunnel is under the sea, Neptune’s domain of undercurrent, lunar tides and strange creatures! Who can withstand the pressure of an ocean?

    • Christina says:

      Yes, that chart is certainly relevant. And I agree about the UK’s role in the EU: it’s meant to be the rebel, the change-maker.
      Also anyone who says there’s no such thing as benefit/medical tourism/migration is not living in the real world. The political/media class has been too blinkered to understand what’s happening right under their noses. For some cultures, a social security system is there to be exploited. It’s like a giant “patsy”. The failure to address the real issue of immigration cost Labour the last election and it may cost Remain too.

      • I watched the BBC program about these issues last night: The Immigration Question. It must be on iplayer – and I highly recommend it. Big failure again on the Remain side that they are not doing more to get the figures out. There is more immigration from outside the EU than inside the EU. EU citizens really do put more into the system than they take out of it.

  14. romanz says:

    With Mars nearly opposite Algol at 26 degrees Taurus & Mars in Scorpio on the MC it looks like the leader of the country is loosing his head being in panic at the result.Also the inconjunct to Uranus in Aries we will spin off in an independent direction.

  15. The UK will vote on whether to remain in the EU on Thursday 23 June 2016. On the referendum day the waning gibbous Moon is in Aquarius. I reckon that the mood of the day is ‘to stay in the club’. the sky is dominated by a mutable T-square of Jupiter opposite Neptune square Saturn when serves up a rather worrisome insecure mood which again favors ‘keeping things the same’. Both the Sun and Venus are in Cancer by 23rd June 2016, the sign connected with finance and personal security, and I predict people will vote with their pockets, the issue of immigration will take a back seat to the issue of personal finance. One week from now the diverse hard thinking and talking of today will have given way to a more intuitive and protective atmosphere to it all. I must admit I have tended to forecast what I want to happen in past elections as I am in this case. A common mistake made by astrologers?
    David Cameron who apparently does not want to be the PM who takes the UK out of Europe has Pluto trine his lunar node during the remainder of June and a climatic and vibrant progressed Full Moon in September. The major transit of 2016 for him however is Pluto square his Sun, which is very undermining. Nigel Farage who strongly symbolises the independent UK stance, in the summer of 2016 has progressed Sun square Saturn and transiting Saturn square Pluto and ascendant, so big disappointments are possible outcomes there. Boris Johnson has Saturn square Pluto on June 21st but Jupiter trine Jupiter the day before. His progressed moon is void of course in Virgo. I guess a major disappointment is possible for him too. Michael Gove has Saturn trine Saturn on June 24th, which could be a stabilising force or could simply hold him back, and I notice that his progressed Moon is waxing towards a progressed full moon in 2020 which is a Lunar Eclipse. This make me consider that his future is particularly powerful, which is a little unnerving. I was incorrect with my prediction for the last UK general election but correct about the Scottish referendum result.
    Thank you for this wonderful website and forum.

  16. son_of_a_bitch says:

    “his brings me to an important philosophical question. What is the point of astrology in this kind of debate? We astrologers have a 50% chance of getting it right if we make a prediction” – Does this not depend upon how accurate the astrologers system, and perhaps personal ‘flair’??

    I see already in the native chart mars to saturn, never mind the transiting saturn retrograding into the native sun/mars combo. I ‘predict’ it will happen. The call of the siren is there, and who could ignore that??

    • son_of_a_bitch says:

      I know this is rude, but, see you can predict using astrology, or at least increase your chances above 50 per cent of being correct, so long as you use the right system.

      More personally, I would have thought that after the shooting, there was a swing to the bremain camp. Just goes to show that astrology defies sentiment. I am also glad I have a stash of gold/silver and food and cash – just in case – or is that more sentiment?

      The next saturn thing to crawl through is coming up soon enough. Saturn to pluto – financial turmoil at the end of august if I remember correctly.


      • son_of_a_bitch says:

        How the hell did this get shoved onto the end of leonara posting when I hit the reply to my own posting!!! Baaah!!!

    • Leonora says:

      Mostly astrological predictions work in retrospect! I think looking at the charts of politicians is useless because certain things which may look like negatives – e.g Saturn transits to Sun etc can turn out to mean solidity and strength for some/weakness for others. Saturn is after all the King Maker – so he who makes the right choices gets to be king! We can compare till the cows come home – but IMO it will be Neptune who calls the shots on matters involving such huge and diverse numbers of people.
      The natal for the Treaty of Rome (official birth of the EEC) has a Mars Saturn opposition. This was always going to be trouble then. The EU is having a Saturn return and one of its partners, the UK is acting out Uranus, transiting its 7th house. The current mutable T square is on the Saturn of the Treaty’s chart – reflecting lack of direction, a challenge to keeping body and soul together and its focus on petty rules (Virgo Pr MC). The whole mutable thing is driven by Neptune – the psyche of the people, not the rules of the bureaucrats. They can either cling together on the rocks being battered or they can build a raft and ride the white waters!
      The chart has a Fixed sign T square of Uranus Moon and represents an Aquarian dream of a utopian co-operative. However, IMO the EEC/EU is a manifestation of the Age of Aquarius – but Leo will polarise it by showing the need for individually; not wanting to be a number or just a member but an individual. We have seen Scotland striking out for independence, Yugoslavia split up into historic smaller states etc – there are currently about 32 separatist movements in Europe!
      In May 2018, Uranus will enter Taurus and challenge this fixed T square in the EU’s 8th house. Doesn’t look good – death and taxes… Then transiting Pluto is conjunct the IC and opposes progressed Mars on the MC. Regardless of this referendum, the EU cannot survive and should not as it is.

  17. aqua says:

    RIP Jo Cox – a decent humane public servant, whose life was sacrificed to the irrational racism and misogyny that is being whipped up in our country.

    This is the blackest time in our country.

  18. Kathy says:

    And how badly do “they” want to shake people? Bad enough to arrange a murder in Leeds. Pick someone loceable. A mother. Young. Idealistic. Oxfam. And then the lone wolf Neo Nazi gardener who does the deed. Akways follow the money. After the patriotism and the grief, simply follow the money, which astrology can help with.

    • Librajc says:

      Yes very easy to arrange take one mentally unstable individual known to many different right wing groups throughout Europe and the U.S. Give him a subtle nudge towards acting on his warped beliefs by anyone of those groups who have a vested interest in the UK remaining in the EU .Exactly one week before the vote murder a Northern high profile Remain supporting MP who is well liked amongst the Northern Labour voters – Voters who are crucial for the Remain vote to win and you have a conspiracy theory fit for a Pluto Neptune square .Ive been waiting for this to happen and now it has ! Nothing nice about this Astrological line up !

    • Leonora says:

      Of course Jo Cox had her own personal karma too. And this was connected to the man who killed her and his. In her book on Pluto, Liz Green made strong points about the two souls involved n one act as Pluto as the common factor. I don’t know his d.o.b but in time it might be possible to do a synastry/composite etc to get the full picture. Never forget astrology is just an illumination of karma.

  19. Sally A. says:

    The article notes that Aquarius, the sign the Moon will be in at vote time, is the sign of international co-operation. I’m thinking the ruler of that sign, Uranus, might indicate the people will vote bravely, independently-minded, in a shocking fashion. On a personal note I hope the Leave side wins. I don’t think there’ll be much left of Britain if it doesn’t – it’s like it is being absorbed into an identity that is not its own.

    • Leonora says:

      Hi Sally
      Yes – Aquarius needs looking at as a theme in the EU – its the sign of the co-operative group but its shadow is do as I say not as I do… !!! I am just looking at the chart for Germany – redrawn in 2008 and notice the frictions and similarities between the UK chart – Libra and Capricorn are the two obvious signs plus our leaders are also strung up on the cardinal crucifix – BUT – I see Germany has Leo rising with Jupiter just over the asc – “I will expand and rule!!!” and it has a Pisces Moon – “I will open my boundaries and dissolve – but maybe I will be tossed about on the ocean too… I will be a bait ball and a leviathan… a trickle and a tsunami”
      So Germany must deal with its own identity and confusion over its position and the exit of the UK from the EU means it is more accountable with no one to blame (or only the UK to blame) for what may follow. That moon is seriously challenged by the mutable square of Saturn and Neptune. Magistrate or Mother Theresa?
      Christina – it must be worth taking a look at other EU zone horoscopes to see how they are affected b the prevailing unrest?
      I’m off to Vienna this weekend – I can’t help but think we are still ruled by popes, Hapsburgs, Medici, Stuarts, Tudors, House of Orange, Cromwell etc still but just in plain clothes!

      • Christina says:

        Ha ha. I often think that too, Leonora. It doesn’t take much to imagine Merkel in Papal red, or Cameron in a periwig!

  20. Christina says:

    I received a nice note from Vedic astrologer Juliana Swanson, pointing me to her brilliant analysis of Brexit, which she wrote in February. I have added her to the article for future reference, but only just now.

    She thinks In, but with some interesting observations about the medium term outlook. She has also explained exactly how she reached this conclusion in some detail. It’s a fascinating read. http://astralharmony.com/blog/astrology-brexit-referendum/

  21. Eleonora says:

    I tried to keep myself out of the discussion about the UK, and generally, my opinion about the EU is very close to Christinas.

    However, since the discussion touched some interesting topics, and this is an astrology blog after all, I would like to add a couple of words.

    I think Brexit is likely. On the global level, we do have this Pluto in Capricorn, and Capricorn is all about borders. Ever since it entered Capricorn we had borders reconstructing and shifting. It began with the Kosovo independance declaration, only a few weeks after Pluto entered Capricorn. Then South Ossetia, South Sudan, annexation of Crimea. Many more are to come. Bergkarabach is probably the next, there is an ongoing discussion about Kurdistan, and Near East in general.

    In Europe, internal border controls were reintroduced. Trump is using Mexico-border for his campaign.

    Someone mentioned welfare being endangered by immigrants. Now, that is of course the main point, and it leads us to the question: what are the borders actually about? Borders (any kind of borders) were meant to ensure fair play. Or, if deformed, to ensure privileges.

    Because of such deformed borders, we were able to import fish from Somalia, without ever dealing with Somalis, to import rare earth minerals from Congo without dealing with the Congolese, to import oil from Iraq without allowing Iraqis to come to our countries. We lived in a world where it was only free for goods to travel, not for the people from those countries, where the goods are coming from. Of course, we are free to travel to Marocco whenever we want to do so, but not vice versa.

    We import well-educated people from all over the world, causing a brain drain in those countries, and then we are grudging when few of the less fortunate come.

    Until today, the most important privilege was the question WHERE someone is born. It doesn’t matter so much whether he is healthy, gifted, lazy, hard-working, criminal, social, but WHERE. Even the most intelligent, gifted, hard-working child, born in Somaly couldn’t stand a chance.

    Clearly, Capricorn is about borders – and about social privileges since both are connected. And now, after 250 years or so, Pluto is once again here. Last time, borders and privileges were about social classes. People without aristocratic background were not even allowed into schools, no matter how gifted or even rich. And then the industrial revolution came and changed everything, and it was the beginning of the end of the feudalism. Capitalism rose, with all its faults, causing great and long misery, but also enabling many people to succeed, regardless of their background. Pluto in saggitarius generation played a crucial role, talking about education reforms.

    Today, it’s not about the industrial revolution, but about immigrants crossing these borders. And yes, it will probably destroy the warfare. And the pension funds, and the medical care, and the minimum wages. It will cause many suffering, increase the competition and even endanger workers’ rights, and as we see – democracy. But it will also provide many, many people with hope, who would otherwise be doomed. It will lead to more fair play.

    From the evolutionary point of view (and Pluto is connected to evolution, it is about transforming what we inherit) it is a necessary step, yet very painful one.

    Now, Pluto is not Neptune. It won’t simply dissolve the borders, as Neptune in Capricorn did. It will either loudly destroy them, or built a new border. It will, however, ensure that new borders are connected to reciprocity. If any nation (or Europe as a continent) chooses to isolate from others, Pluto is likely to allow them to do so. But it will isolate their economy as well, or rather forcing it to proportional trade.

    So, I don’t think that Pluto transit moon is about Scottish independence. I rather ask myself, what will happen if Brexit fails to fullfill the promise? It will lead to great disappointment and turmoil. On the other hand, I don’t think the EU is keeping its promise ether. But we are already there. We already reformed too much, and risk much, and sacrificed much. I think, the better decision would be to finish what is already there, and to try to do it as fast as we can, instead of giving it up for something which won’t be better.

    Pluto in hard aspects to natal planets reminds of the Pandora myth, there is an acute danger of giving up short before reaching the goal you see:
    „Pandora opened the jar and all the evils flew out, leaving only “Hope” inside once she had closed it again.“

    • romanz says:

      Pluto in Capricorn at the close of the Referendum chart sent shudders down my spine.My chart has Pluto conjunct ascendent in 12th house it took a virtual lifetime to find the powers responsible for my being a victim .These powers are well hidden .Capricorn raises you up & then crashes you down with Pluto here even more so.This is the meaning of Camerons transiting Pluto in Capricorn square natal Sun .
      Which other myth gives us someone being raised up & then crashing down..The myth is Satan (Saturn the ruler of Capricorn)Being a victim of the infernal powers doing the bidding of dark masters…RIP Jo Cox .Counting stopped for a minutes silence in Yorkshire.
      Speaking of relevent myths Eris conjunct Uranus inconjunct Mars in the close of polling chart
      Eris was the only goddess not invited to a forced wedding so she turns up anyway and throws in an Apple with the words written on it ….To the fairest one.This provokes the Goddesses to begin quarrelling about the appropriate recipient .Which eventually creates so much discord that it initiates the Trojan war.To me it seems that Eris represented disaffected Brexit voters the wedding is obviously the European union & the Brexit voters have never felt the benefits of this union just like Eris having never been invited to the wedding of the elite.So she throws in the apple to the fairest which represents the Referendum & the subsequent lying & posturing of our elitist politicians.The only trouble is that nobody wins & it causes Trojan war to break out.Already we can see this panning out in front of our eyes.Cameron resigns,Some in Labour calling for Corbyn’s resignation,Scotland wants referendum, Irish nationalists calling for a united Ireland & several European countries entertaining the idea of their own referendum.

    • Christina says:

      Well said, Eleonora. I have just been to the polling station. It was brisk down there. All the signs in Oxford are for Remain — many more have gone up in the past few days. On the way down to the station — a few minutes walk — I counted a dozen.

      • Eleonora says:

        Well, the first prognose shows the remain camp ahead! Let’s see the further development.

        • Christina says:

          Oh dear 🙁 Oxford voted Remain by 70%, but then it’s full of affluent, well-educated people.

          • Eleonora says:

            @Rollan McCleary

            „Looking at UK from outside I was incredulous at what seemed to be the complacency which doesn’t seem to perceive or care that the country is being torn apart by unsustainable, identity-destroying levels of immigration very obvious in main cities like London where you can get on a bus and not see a single native Brit on it.“

            Yes, this is like my own experience. I was in London three years ago, and after several days, I was wondering why can’t I find at least one red-haired person in the streets, in the pubs, or on the subway… anywhere. I was even carrying my digital camera everywhere with me, in order to take a photo of a Brit (before they completely disapear). I thought that, with some luck, I may even be able to take two or three Brits with me to the continent (in Germany, we have the same problem with natives). People here would be delighted to see a Brit in person.

            However, after a few days of aimless searching, some people finally told me that the Brits were so unhappy in London (they children in the same schools with immigrants, don’t understand languages and so), that some solution had to be found for them.

            As the story goes, the Brits now live in a native reservation, only several hundred miles from London. I was also told that everything is fine, Brits are very happy there (as long as regularly provided with fish and chips). Of course, their children were taken away from them, but it’s for their own good – they are given to immigrant families, so they can learn all that strange languages from early on.

            You see, this is how we live in Europe today. And how are you in Australia?

          • But that’s maybe the point…. Well -educated, affluent people who have never quite had to face up to the real inconveniences of what’s been the crucial decider which has been immigration. Less fortunate people have to have their children ill educated in schools bursting with immigrant children all speaking different languages, and immigration is producing all sorts of other injustices and inconveniences we need not go into.

            Recently visiting UK from Australia I was taken aback at the extent to which the middle class attitude I met and which was indirectly a bit insulting to myself as an outside observer, was that only ignorant, bigoted, working class people would ever care to exit. Looking at UK from outside I was incredulous at what seemed to be the complacency which doesn’t seem to perceive or care that the country is being torn apart by unsustainable, identity-destroying levels of immigration very obvious in main cities like London where you can get on a bus and not see a single native Brit on it. Actually I was in Oxford for a day and you don’t get that same impression there. It is as though England had hardly changed at all.

            On the Noel Tyl site I indicated weeks ago and before I left on my European trip I thought Leave most likely to win. I have since read the most detailed astro forecasts but my own principle in especially difficult cases like this is have resort to the so-called KISS principle (Keep it simple, silly).

            The moon for the election was to be in Aquarius which is revolution, rebellion, popular feeling, shocks and surprises. Just prior to the election there was a full moon conjunct not just Uranus in Britain’s 9th house (of the 1066 chart) but the natal Uranus is smack opposite the asteroid Europa. That alone has always described UK’s tricky relation to Europe “the funny man begins at Calais” etc and the 9th house being religion the Uranus/Europa opposite was an early promise of Britain separating in Reformation from the continent.

            The strongest claim for Remain prediction seemed to be Cameron’s chart at the time of the referendum. But not only could what was positive there (and not all was with tr Pluto square Sun) be related to possible private joys but other concerned parties like Boris Johnson were receiving such as Jupiter trine Jupiter and Pluto trine Jupiter. These kind of mixed messages must indicate either alternative private meanings or that we should not place too much emphasis upon personal charts over the core national ones. Anyway, I feel relieved for the UK it has voted itself out and pleased I managed to get the forecast right.

          • Christina says:

            Yes, well done for calling it right.

            That was my point about Oxford. According to the stats, the more graduates in a city, the more Remain voters. Oxford is in its own bubble. You have only to travel a mile outside the city to see the Leave posters.

            Immigration is a problem, but this is only partially to do with the EU. It’s been a choice by successive governments. Immigrants from outside the EU make up half …

          • Eleonora says:

            Yes, I saw the graphics. Young people also voted Remain. Sad, someone else decides about their future. Still, it gives some hope. Negotiations may take years, and meanwhile, generational change could happen. Let’s hope for the best, and that euro and pound stop falling further…

  22. Eleonora says:

    European journalists shocked by the “We’ve done it without a single bullet being fired” – quote. Clearly, they don’t know much about astrology. They haven’t seen Farage’s Jupiter-Sun-Mars in Aries yet.

  23. Antonio says:

    “MARKET MELTDOWN £100billion wiped off FTSE 100 as City goes into meltdown within minutes of markets opening in Brexit panic.” The SUN

    Hi, Christina! You should have followed the money and trust your own prediction regarding the London Stock Exchange chart/article: “It’ll be interesting to see what happens as Neptune passes through Pisces, often a rather deceitful sign, and contacts the Stock Exchange Sun in a few years time. This can be a moment of dissolution.” Carry on Merchant Banking, June 30, 2012

  24. Dunya says:

    Sooooo…. this happened. Now what…?

  25. I feel very saddened by the results today. It was clear from the outset that Cameron’s timing was way off. Under a mutable (grand) cross – this debat could only ever be highly volatile and polarized. An astrologer would have said – wait until Jupiter moves into your own sign – and into a reception with Saturn. Now he will be using this energy to exit no. 10 and start re-building his life. It was such an awful call on Cameron’s part. Some weeks ago I wrote the following: “The last time we had this exact set up of planets within orb of exactitude was in 0545 almost 1500 years ago (see horoscope below). Europe was in the wake of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. Borders were non-specific, it was impossible to say where they lay. The infrastructure fell apart, fields were untended, trade suffered. The rule of the iron fist – started to give way to papal power: the rise of monasticism perhaps as a reaction to the worldliness of the late Empire. Justinian (527-565) a native Latin speaker, was the last great emperor. It is interesting and certainly worth considering that this same configuration is once again in play as the UK moves ever closer towards its Referendum on Europe. Has the EU – like ancient Rome – over extended itself – and is this an indication that the Union is starting to break up? This might very well be the case.” As a united whole, modern Europe differs from ancient Rome. It is democratic for starters. However, the far right have got a massive boost from the referendum result. As things stand post UK referendum, the Continent once again faces a period of huge uncertainty and tumult. As a mundane astrologer, this gives me cause for concern.

    • Christina says:

      I know. And right now our political leaders are just….. (I am clutching my head)

    • son_of_a_bitch says:

      Into a reception with saturn. By jupiter of all the planets. That would have been the worst advice ever. Seriously!! Sorry I am a bit of a troll.

  26. Dunya says:

    Maybe the Parliament won’t rectify this referendum…

  27. […] not so surprised by the outcome of the EU Referendum, but I am shocked. (For more on the chart, click here.) I hoped the nation would choose more wisely. I had hoped that the Pluto rising in the exit poll […]

  28. Ayesha says:

    Thank you for this article and to the commentators who have added insights below. I didn’t realise eris is transiting conjunct uranus – eris means trouble in my experience. Uranus is transiting the ascendant of the 1066 chart, that means a change in our national identity. In my own experience when uranus is transiting something I throw everything in and leave without considering the consequences so that makes me inclined to feel that the result was inevitable. Like you I didn’t want to leave, I hoped that we would remain. I was looking at the chart for the referendum and reading it as an event chart as John Frawley teaches and seeing the exit but hoping I was wrong. Basically I saw that mercury is in gemini (it’s own sign), mars is in scorpio (it’s own sign, although retrograde) and venus is exalted in cancer. These planets represent the major players in this referendum – Boris Johnson (gemini sun), Nigel Farage (aries sun) and David Cameron (libra sun). Mercury is squaring saturn in sagittarius and neptune in pisces and mars is retrograde but ultimately the planets representing Boris (mercury) and Farage (mars) were in a stronger position than the planet representing David Cameron. Following his resignation David Cameron was praised perhaps unduly on how great a prime minister he has been which is a feature of exaltation.

    • Ayesha says:

      I meant to say mercury is squaring jupiter in virgo not saturn in sagittarius, but saturn in sagittarius is opposing mercury so that’s another hinderance. Perhaps saturn is Boris’ dad who has publicly said he is pro-EU.

    • Ayesha says:

      And all this uranus/pluto ascendant energy is forcing necessary change. It is our version of the “Arab Spring”. The EU is fossilised and a bit of a gravy train for those lucky enough to work there so despite the fact that we would prefer peace and stability it is in need of change. Also the leave/remain divide was largely along class lines with poorer and less educated voters voting leave as a protest to the government for being ignored for so long. Rebellious uranus energy, refusing to do what their government had told them to do. People are complaining that these people shouldn’t have voted the way they did for the reasons that they did but perhaps it is an indication that we should be more inclusive as a country and provide for all sections of society rather than leaving people behind like this without education and prospects.

  29. […] some of you may recall, the chart for the Brexit vote on June 21, 2016 had Pluto Rising. Tomorrow’s charts also have Pluto’s fingerprints all over […]

  30. Brad says:

    People here seem to have forgotten the real spiritual reason why the Universe is moving the UK out of the EU. As once a major supporter, much research shows it as the vehicle for the global agenda. It was specifically designed to rid the continent of its nations, allowing an unelected and corrupt officialdom to ride over the European peoples. Merkel’s open invitation was designed and colluded upon many years ago – she even won an award for her fraudulent ‘altruism’. Greece will exit the EU and Italy will follow. The message is that the EU, like any body, founded on deceptions, will fail. A new alliance of European member states will emerge, one which will have to deal appropriately with Islam, an unwanted indoctrination. This is even written in the Bible. The UK was always destined to leave.

  31. Andries H. Cats says:

    Horoscope Theresa May.

    Progressive aspects.

    4-March-2019 029°,32’58 Scorpio Moon 90 Plu
    17-March-2019 000°,00’00 Sagittarius Moon Nw
    22-March-2019 002°,32’48 Scorpio C–2 * PRINCEPS (MERC – SAT )
    30-March-2019 000°,27’20 Sagittarius Moon 90 mutual Plu
    31-March-2019 009°,22’33 Sagittarius Sun 60 C—3

    29-March-2019 +20°,50’10 Mars // C-12
    29-March-2019 029°,07’08 Taurus Mars 180 Sat
    30-March-2019 029°,32’58 Taurus Mars 90 Plu
    30-March-2019 006°,32’24 Aquarius Moon 0 Chiron
    30-March-2019 001°,13’14 Taurus Ura 90 AR12 (arabic part)