Hillary Clinton, Dragon-Slayer

Wednesday October 12th 2016
The goddess of wisdom in the Library of Congress, by Elihu Vedder

The goddess of wisdom in the Library of Congress, by Elihu Vedder

This American election is an archetypal battle, the stuff of fairytale or legend. The two sides line up, accusing each other of hatred, lying and lasciviousness; of baseness, vileness, bestiality. In their vagueness sometimes, the smears require a leap of imagination from the public. What’s the worst thing you can think of?

The words are Biblical, the accusations are of immorality. The candidates are speaking of a seething abyss of sin.

It is extraordinary. Although this language has been used for a while by the right wing of the Republican Party, now it has irrupted into the mainstream.

And in Donald Trump, the Republicans have found the very embodiment of everything loathed and feared by the liberal consensus. He is a bully, a sexual predator and a tax-dodger — an raging, irrational tyrant. (Trump’s behaviour reminds me of another TV star, Jimmy Savile, who was ostentatiously vile: hiding his predatory nature in plain sight.)

In Hillary, the right has found its lightning rod. Hillary has repeatedly been called a “devil”. Trump described her at the last debate as “full of hate”.

Lest we forget, we have grandma vs grandpa. The powerful woman vs. powerful man.

And where are the politics really? This is not a battle about policy — an argument between right and left. Both sides see it is between good and evil; righteousness and depravity; ignorance and understanding.

It’s extraordinary that it has come to this: a fight of unparalleled viciousness. Clinton will likely win, I believe, but the monsters that have been unleashed by this election campaign may be harder to slay.

And the question I wanted to ask is why her? How is it that at this point, when there is a real monster to be fought in single combat, it has come down to Hillary? How come this fierce little grandma has become the dragon slayer?

As you may know, there is huge controversy among astrologers about Hillary Clinton’s birth time. I don’t buy either Scorpio or Gemini Rising. These are the standard two. Recently a Virgo Rising Chart has been posited, also. Well, maybe. She looks like a bit of a Virgo, but maybe not. One day we’ll know for sure, but in the meantime, we can tell a lot from her chart, disregarding the angles.

Hillary Clinton’s natal chart

Chart courtesy of astro.com. Today’s transits around the outside in green. This is the latest contender.

We see her fierceness, pride and endurance in that ambitious stellium in Leo. She is dogged. A warrior — Pluto + Mars. This is certainly a potential dragon slayer. There is bravery.

We see the will to power in her stellium in Scorpio, and the political sense.

But what is happening right now? Why has this burden fallen on her shoulders?

I think Hillary Clinton’s chart is an interesting example of the asteroids in action. For a female warrior, we might look to Pallas Athena — with helmet and shield. She is the asteroid of strategic thinking — and she is crucial to understanding Clinton’s relationship with America. Clinton, in some senses, represents real American intelligence — an educated woman. Her Pallas conjoins the US Moon (the people) and the US Pallas (c.26° Aquarius).

Pallas is returning to this point; right now it’s at 18° Aquarius. Clinton does appear to be an avatar of grey-eyed Athena, cool and poised in the face of fire-breathing Trumps.

But that is not the only asteroid return that Clinton is experiencing.

Look at Ceres, highly placed in her chart. Ceres is — among other things — an asteroid of “soft” political power. (Pope’s have strong Ceres, for example.) Clinton’s natal Ceres is Rx at 2° Taurus. Currently Ceres is Rx at 0° Taurus.

Then there is Vesta — the sacred flame — service to a country, a clan, an idea, or to a people. Clinton is also having a Vesta Return. Her Vesta in Cancer — the tribe or country — is conjunct the American Mercury (young people, education). Will she pass on a torch to young Americans?

So three out of the four major asteroids are having returns right now for Clinton. These are the hidden goddesses. Juno, the goddess of contracts and marriage, will Return a week after inauguration day.

If we were thinking in archetypes, we could see that like the fairy godmothers, the goddesses are returning to give Clinton power now. The people who hate her for being a strong women may actually be recognising this in her.

And there’s another thing. The hatred directed at Clinton is so powerful, it must have a target in her chart. Clinton’s Black Moon Lilith is at the intense 29° Capricorn. The very end of the sign of government (and elites!). It conjuncts the American Pluto in Capricorn (28°).

Lilith is the outcast, the wronged wife (!), the ball-breaker, the outsider.

If the Virgo Rising chart is right, then the US Lilith is close to Clinton’s Ascendant. The United States sees everything it fears about strong women reflected in this one little grandma. And clearly Lilith herself has plans for Clinton, because she is currently in Scorpio, energising all of Clinton’s stellium in this sign of secret power, behind the scenes machinations, and wise counsellors.

Lilith is a fighter, a dragon-slayer, maybe even part dragon herself.

The “Queen of the Night” bas relief from Mesopotamia at the British Museum. Notice how she has the owls, like Pallas, and the lions.

The “Queen of the Night” bas relief from Mesopotamia at the British Museum. Notice how she has the owls, like Pallas, and the lions.




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  1. mike says:

    Hillary’s time of birth is all over the place! For a while, astrotheme.com used a midnight tob with an anecdotal source, but astrotheme is now using the 2:18 AM tob. The midnight tob places Hillary’s Asc at mid-Leo, with a 1st house Saturn conjunct Asc, and 12th house Mars-Pluto conj Asc. The midnight tob is apropos to her persona, if you ask me…LOL. The only other online reference to a midnight tob is:
    “Born at the stroke of midnight (12 AM CST).”

    skyscript.co.uk has a lively discussion regarding Penfield’s 2:18 AM tob:

    • Christina says:

      That’s interesting — Leo Rising feels likely to me — oh well! 😀

      People are ever so cross about this, aren’t they!!

      • Isy says:

        HRC has a gift for generating crossness. I noticed this when Bill was running. It’s not just the gender issue, as she’d like everyone to think. She really has a gift for poisoning the well of communication. I definitely saw her being far more powerful as an eminence grise, but she’s got to have that crown… sigh. This does make sense if she realizes her lifespan is limited. Being a power behind the throne over decades is suitable only for those with decades to live. Cf. that “stroke” that became, in 24 hours of frantic news flailing, a “ministroke”, then “a minor brain event,” then, “no stroke at all, who said it was a stroke? It was no such thing. It was something minor. She’s fine now”.. but, to me, she looked then like she’d had a stroke that was handled quickly, and now, she looks like she’s on medication for constitutional illness — her skin tone, body form (not just weight, but the way she carries it) and so on, she really seems to be on borrowed time combined with fantastic medical care.

        Right, that’s enough from me. I’m going to declare a personal fast from mentioning HRC at all in any way for at least 24 hours. Except for cursing and throwing things at the tv when the political ads come on.

  2. Lula01 says:

    Excellent article !! Love it, and love the Lilith insight.. Thank you!!! I work with the Vedic chart and it gives a Libra ascendant and there is much controversy around it. I think Hillary is very smart to have mixed it up a bit giving different tob’s. Just like a tropical Scorpio might 🙂

  3. Kristianna Harris says:

    The “given” birth time is always need of questioning and verification.

    But as to why Hillary Clinton is being attacked…. has more to do with increasing evidence of the Clintons use of public office to create wealth for themselves and their associates…. and the repeated obfuscation and denials of having done so. (See the book: Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer)

    There are the Wikileaks of this past week: The (apparently authentic) John Podesta
    e-mails show contempt for the electorate; the Clintons saying one thing in public and another thing to generous, financial donors, in private settings.

    There is an e-mail concerning Donna Brazile, suggesting foreknowledge of a question to be asked at a ‘townhall’ forum in 2015…. which would have allowed unfair pre-preperation.

    There are documents of questionable timelines and resultant actions, concerning both Hillary and Bill Clinton: inconsistencies in filings required by law, involving the Clinton Foundation… The mounting paper trail is very troubling.

  4. Eleonora says:

    Leo-rising wouldn’t stay married to a cheating partner. At least not after the cheating was made public (too vain).

    Nor would a virgo-rising stay married (if for other reasons). I would go for libra, that is, neptune in libra rising. If I’m right, she may dump Billy as soon as she has been elected (Uranus over DC).

    As for her and Trump, they are both very much the same. They are both far-right, he is more of the isolationist sort, she is more of an interventionist, but the differences are minimal. They are both pathological liars, both are very aggressive, both irrational, he is a sexual predator and she is married to one.

    Of course, there are some differences. Due to his rhetoric, he has a worse impact on public life (the dragon you talked about). She is certainly better educated. Trump is nothing but a typical village idiot (who happens to have some money). He would be a weak president, more dependent on his advisers. But he would have more space to act to the left, since the right-wingers wouldn’t immediately call him a betrayer, as they would with Clinton. It’s therefore not unusual that a candidate who was supported by right-wingers turns more to the left after he has been elected, and vice versa. With Clinton it’s going to be “vice versa”. Her voters are left-wingers and they will tolerate all that stuff they didn’t tolerate Bush, and they wouldn’t tolerate Trump.

    It’s also the first election for years I’m not interested in, because it doesn’t make any difference, it’s a waste of time. Probably Clinton will win, probably she will not stay 4 years because of the health issues and Tim Kaine will take over, and make a solid president. Well, that’s the only hope I have.

    • Isy says:

      I agree with you right up to the very last point. My take on Kaine is that he’d be a reliable hey-you for the corporate lobby, which has worked on getting US politics under control for over 35 years and appears to have finally succeeded.

      Remember when the young Ralph Nader plowed his time and effort into tackling corporate malignancy? We owe the ingredient labels on everything to him. I remember my parents reading about “truth in advertising” cases in the paper, then not long after, suddenly we knew what went into our shampoo because it was right there on the bottle. He sort of lost his way after the 70’s, IMO, and never found it again outside of that consumer-advocacy kind of work. His presidential bid was such a disaster, and showed a shocking level of ignorance on his part about what really drives elections ever since Reagan.

    • Sarah says:

      Agree totally. 2020 looks like the election to watch. As for Hillary being a ‘little grandma’ (repeated 3 times in the article) lmao!

  5. Christina says:

    Neptune on the ASC would explain why no one can see her ASC 😀

  6. Leonora says:

    Hilary has the exact same Scorpio stellium as Charles Manson. Take a look for yourself.

  7. Christina says:

    If you haven’t seen this speech by Michelle, please take the time to watch it. She articulates the issues brought up this week exactly.


  8. mimi says:

    I can’t help wondering – if Hillary Clinton gets elected president of the USA – what kind of a president she will turn out to be. Her presidency would be spoiled even before she begins the job.

    I guess she will have to fight all the way through those four years to the end of her presidency against the forces that are blackening her reputation – against the Senate – against the opinion of a great deal of people in the USA. I fear that in her horoscope Lilith is very important as well as the Pluto/Mars conjunction.

    Why oh why is it so that people always think the worst of and mistrust people that are withdrawn and don’t easily share their thoughts ? Words are only words and can be easily altered or denied. Looking at the whole person and his/her behaviour is more enlighjtening about their intentions and level of integrity.

    Donald Turmp may be bragging about his stamina but I guess Hillary is equipped better for this job. She has more reflection than the Donald.


    • Isy says:

      I tried the birth time that put her Asc in Scorpio. It also puts her sun, Venus, and Mercury in her 12th house. Makes perfect sense to me.

      I’ve not watched much tv but I’ve kept up on political events and have gone to the trouble to check primary sources for politicians’ voting records and donation records.

      The thing to know about Hilary Rodham Clinton (unlike many, I actually do see her as separate from her husband) is that she really doesn’t give a shit about anyone or anything more than her “self” (not sure how she defines that, altho dollar signs are involved) and her family. That’s what her behavior indicates. As long as she gets plenty of attention and those closest to her have plenty of money, that’s what she wants.

      What intrigues me about the 8:02 am horoscope is the moon in the 4th in practical Cap, the enormous Jupiter in her 1st, and that dogpile of personal planets in her 12th.

      Eris, the younger sister of martial Aries, is also in her 4th, skidding out of her 5th. Her family an offspring is what she fights for.

      What disturbs me is how utterly callous and calculated she is about everyone else.

      The only reason she’s even speaking about college costs is because that was the deal she cut to shut down her opponent in the primaries. She passed up an opportunity to be a kingmaker and develop a power base that would feed her ego and her bank for decades, so she could have the crown. As I’ve often said, I was watching live as Bill shut down polls in working-class and Black neighborhoods, as vote counts were flipped, as the most bizarre and strikingly adolescent, churlish and hateful manipulations happened in caucus states and at the DNC. It was so Orwellian, it took my breath away.

      There is no left in American politics; there is only a choice between reactionary corporatist and reactionary tea bagger, neither of whom has displayed an ounce of class from one day to the next. This is not statesmanship. This is a whole new level of churlism.

      However — and this is the big however, which both Americans and those who watch them tend to forget — THE PUBLIC DOES NOT ELECT THE PRESIDENT. The public vote is basically a poll. Nothing more. There is a body of people called the Electoral College who chooses the president. These individuals are members of the Washington power elite.

      In case you hadn’t noticed — and if you question it, go ahead and look into donation patterns and voting patterns of HRC and the richest members of the Senate — the power elite is in love with the Clintons, and they utterly loathe Trump with a depth of disgust almost half of my own.

      So, Clinton has it in the bag, but she doesn’t actually have to do much to THIS election to achieve that. Because Trump is so infra dig, he will never win the approval of the electoral college.

      And while this is going on, sucking eyeballs and attention the world over, the real issues remain unaddressed. Why, in fact, is it impossible for any party other than the GOP to get a majority in the House of Congress? Because the districts have been gerrymandered to a fare-thee-well. That needs to change. This distortion has destroyed the foundation of elected government.

      Why, indeed, is it impossible for one of the richest countries to provide housing and health care to 99% of its population? The finances are up to the job. The infrastructure only needs a little work. It is affordable and attainable, yet it remains out of reach. This is a travesty.

      Why, really, is it now impossible for nearly 90% of the population of this country to afford to save for retirment? That’s not a misprint. It’s a reflection of the fact that the 10% has more and more access, voice, and — get this — insulation from the rest, while the 90% have to fight harder and harder to get through the day.

      Sadly, the ghastly nature of this election cycle is nothing less than a reflection of the depths that the so-called democratic republican process has fallen to.

      Jimmy Carter said, not long ago, that America no longer has a functional democracy. That’s what you’re seeing. Hillary is in it for her ego and her family, and nothing else will change her trajectory. Trump couldn’t win it for all the gold he doesn’t have, and that fact stems from the same policies of vileness and destruction that brought him to this head.

      • Isy says:

        4th house in Pisces, Moon in Pisces, Eris in Aries. Kind of power-packs the reading above, come to think of it, eh?

        Her NN is in the 7th house in Taurus, if this time is right, and it’s looking like it is. No wonder she stayed married; she needs the anchor. Scorpio is tough to be, especially in the 12th house. She has sure worked that sting, and done a great job of hiding it in plain sight.

    • Christina says:

      I am worried about what comes after the election.

      • mimi says:

        I see what you mean.
        Mars will have moved on and conjunct her Lilith – looks very cruel and dangerous to me.

        I was already looking at next year after she would begin this job – Who knows how things turn out to be.


        • Christina says:

          This election has been so toxic — it’s poisoned more than we can see, including how the rest of the world views American democracy and democracy in general.

    • mimi says:

      sorry , little error ……… enlightening about their intentions etc…..


  9. josh says:

    Sorry chris. Yours is just a point of view, shaped by the main stream media. You do not really know the woman, and would not even know if it were not for the constant main stream media attention. The alternative media thinks the woman is the dragon – that you write about. And Donald will vanquish her. Also that she will lead the world into a thermo-nuclear war. There are bad things about both though. Did you know that she took 225 thousand dollars per speach from goldman sachs. Or that when ever anyone in power and is rich is in trouble, they ‘donate’ to the clintons ‘charity’. And the problem ‘dissapears’. And the emails that were on her server, that somehow ‘dissapered’. Or the bleachbit software she used to wipe the emails from her server, that she claims never happened. She plays the system – just as they all do. There is a zerohedge article today where she claims that she knows the ‘people’ are angry, that she can understand why, but she is not angry. this is in a speech to another bank – that by the way is going under.

  10. Christina says:

    I see the 2.18 birth time is has been rescinded — or whatever happens to false birth times! Do they go to birth time limbo?

  11. It looks like I am replying a bit late to this debate but I think it is worth adding these points. After a lot of American debate with astrologers arguing for different times on the Noel Tyl site there was this info which some here may already know and have heard but which I’ll paste for record and then add my own opinion.

    “The 8:02 AM, CST, time is given pride of choice because of the following quotes and the results obtained when it is applied to various events in her life and because there are more references for a morning birth than for any other time.
    “Basil Fearrington relates in January 2001, “A musician friend of mine played in the Democratic fund raiser for Al Gore in Manhattan this past summer. Afterwards he got a chance to talk to Hillary. Knowing my on-going love affair with astrological data (he is a student of mine), he asked Hillary what time she was born. Her exact words were, ” I know it was very close to 8 AM, 4-5 minutes before or after.” ”

    “However Eileen Applegate quotes an article from the Chicago Sun Times stating, “Her mother went into Edgewater hospital after midnight and Hillary was born early on the morning of October 26th.”
    “In an article in “Horoscope” magazine, November 1998, by Frances C. McEvoy: “Mother states in article to ‘Chicago Sun Times’ in 1992 that Hillary was “born in time for breakfast.” ”

    “Alice Mason called on January 16, 2003 to report that she had talked to the Clinton Democratic Office in NY and was told by a helpful associate (who wished to remain nameless) that Hillary Clinton was born at a recorded 8:02 AM.”

    Now here’s my opinion as someone born within days of Hillary (but fortunately with moon in Taurus not Pisces as that moon is a factor in her hiding and lies, and with Virgo rising which I am sure she doesn’t share with me). Hillary surely does have Scorpio rising and with Gaily the gay asteroid conjunct the ascendant. She is as good as lesbian. Her Uranus trines asteroid Huma the formerly radical Muslim journalist who many have rumoured Hillary is involved with (she is at the least very influenced by her). Hillary is in the race for power and possibly even money, her marriage was one of convenience to an ambitious man. Finally….if the 8.02 am chart is correct, I note that asteroids Hillary and Fama (fame) are up there conjuncting her MC and that the 30th Oct lunation prior to the election hits her MC and those asteroids. I also commented to the site that on Nov 8th around 10 pm asteroid Hillary is trining the sun having just past an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Hillary seems likely to win and if she does that morning chart surely has to be correct because one cannot underestimate the asteroids.

    • Isy says:

      Interesting to read .. I went for the 8:02 time for other observations I’ve made of her personality over the decades.

      I’m somewhat reminded of Eleanor Roosevelt, a genuinely admirable dragon-slayer. She stayed in her marriage out of regard for her family and children, despite her and her husband having stable relationships with other women. (I have 2 degrees of separation from her: a friend of my youth was friends with her lover’s daughter, and the two ladies would call the girls up to drive the bats out of the attic bedroom they shared in the summer house on Lake George. I’ve always loved that image.)

      I hope HRC has a stable love affair with an interesting person. I just wish she’d take a damn good look at her own chart and get the f*** out of politics. She’s too poisonous to too many people there.

  12. Christina says:

    Elaine Showalter in the TLS wrote this today:
    “If you trust the polls, she’ll probably be the first female President of the United States, but that’s not the story of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2016 campaign. Unexpectedly, as astonishingly to her dedicated followers as to her millions of rabid haters, HRC has become a symbolic figure locked in a Manichaean struggle about gender and power that redefines historical expectations. “

  13. Michael says:

    Hillary Clinton represents women and femaleness about as much as Margaret Thatcher did. It’s all about power, and using gender for strategic purposes. And yes, of course Trump is odious; the US public – and the world at large – will be the losers here.

  14. Leonora says:

    Not looking good for HC and her Mata Hari aide! Oddly, Huma has a lot of astro similarities to Mata Hari. What is it about Hilary that she is up to her neck with people who court sexual scandal? What do we know about multiple Scorpio.. the sting which curls back on itself and the stellium she shares with Charles Manson… egg firmly on face. I doubt very much even if she is elected, she will be inaugurated. wikileaks quite rightly will expose this megalomanic.

  15. Christina says:

    This from the New York Times “Mrs. Clinton faces a two-headed Cerberus, an artificial conjoining that occurred in the early 1990s, of wounded Republican invincibility and wounded male prerogative.”

  16. Christina says:

    Here’s that quote in full: “Mrs. Clinton faces a two-headed Cerberus, an artificial conjoining that occurred in the early 1990s, of wounded Republican invincibility and wounded male prerogative. Our current political crisis won’t be resolved until those forces are separated and the Cerberus slain.”
    Nice that the NYT sees it so archetypally too.

    • Isy says:

      Wow, it’s like the NYT stuck their head up out of the dugout for a moment and took a look at what’s going on 🙂

      The fact that the US, almost alone of all 1st and 2nd world countries, has yet to have a female head of state… well, for this and many other reasons, my regard for my country is at an all time nadir. Sorry to be such a curmudgeon… like many of you, I’m aghast at this election cycle and, regardless of who “wins” the presidency, am sick with horror at what will follow.

      I hope to get well enough that I could, conceivably, live without my medication, because neither of these clowns respects the disabled and the un-rich; I’m fortunately situated in that we can grow and hunt our own food, pump our own water, and get the necessary wood to stay warm and cook if need be. Up until last year, I considered “peppers” to be, not irrational, but maybe a little paranoid. Now they look a lot smarter.

      It’s all so very mad. There’s no knowing what’s coming, but it looks to me like the body count (between war abroad and devastation to services and infrastructure at home) will be horrific.

      • Leonora says:

        IMO its very old news to make a fuss of what gender a president is! Surely a vote must be on policy and not genitals! As for what will follows – well better not to project! Just accept a revolution is taking place!

        • Isy says:

          “IMO its very old news to make a fuss of what gender a president is! Surely a vote must be on policy and not genitals!”

          Gosh, you’d think so, eh? Yet this benighted country has been inappropriately obsessed with gender, race, and religion — with a prying, prurient, profoundly hypocritical yet thoroughly hypercritical impositionalism (does that make sense?) — pretty much from the off. It’s SO UGLY, and it has finally reached its apotheosis.

          A revolution is indeed taking place. I’m slated for destruction under this regime on several counts (female, poor, disabled and in need of ongoing medical care, in a mixed-race marriage), so I’m not pleased, but after 3 centuries of such ugly (Pluto) undercurrents (Pluto) secretly (Pluto) driving affairs (Pluto), I’m not completely shocked that the covers have finally been ripped off (thank you so much, Uranus) and all that simmering frustration and rage (I’m looking at Lilith, Mars, Eris, and Pluto; haven’t yet read Christina’s next posts yet, or checked the US chart, but I will) has burst out in a filthy spew (Pluto again, switching directiions)…

          The fall of empire is an ugly, ugly business, wasteful as hell, and agonizing for those trapped within it. The rich can go somewhere kinder; most of us are stuck, because one thing the corporatist oligarchy that this whole election has been a revolt against, has been very good at, is destroying the lower middle, middle middle, and upper middle classes, so that essentially we’re a nation of the starvign and the working poor, with about 10 or 12% of the population actually able to save. They’ve just gotten rid of the more generous-spirited of those by putting such a stunning oaf in charge, so the rest of us seem pretty much doomed to the acid bath of Trumpery politics, with the likes of Sarah “I can’t complete a coherent sentence” Palin and Michelle “I traded my ovaries for money and my soul for power” Bachman. The men are barely human; I can’t even come up with language that approaches their truth.

      • Isy says:

        I wrote “preppers.” My clever computer respelled it. 🙂

        • Christina says:

          Not to be confused with preppies, of course!

          • Isy says:

            HAH! Excellent image! I’m going to fall asleep tonight with visions of men with tidy haircuts and sloppy shaves, wearing Madras shorts with guns strapped around them, shooting jets of expensive wine and cheap beer instead of slugs…

            Why is it that American politics goes all mythological about women leaders? And does such a terrible job of creating good ones? It puzzles me deeply. Our national delusions about “the great melting pot” and individualism and exceptionalism, just seem to fall over their own feet and blush into their petticoats when it comes to voting accordingly. Not that voting matters any more; the systems to control the apparent outcome are well rehearsed, after 4 dress rehearsals.

  17. Leonora says:

    This election is really a massive exercise in personal psychology and how it gets projected. It has been a war of indignant righteousness projected outwards, forgetting what democracy really is in the Western world – a vote for everyone. Jung maintained that a man’s external world is a projection of his inner self. In any election we get both sides harping at each other and making absurd accusations – somewhere in-between is the fact there is no end game – we are in a state of becoming: always.
    To use a sporting analogy, it has become the norm to play the man and not the ball hence all the accusations against both parties without enough focus on policy by the chattering classes. At the end of the day, the gods have other plans and we are in the process of one great wheel turn – the Pluto Uranus square and note that Pluto opposes Sirius too. This is huge. I know most astrologers predicted Hilary (not Joni Patry, Vedic astrologer though!) and this calls into question our prediction tools but also how objective, if at all, we can be, or even want to be in making them. Being able to “read” astrological charts doesn’t make us infallible or mean we have a more direct line to the gods!
    Personally, if this vote means an end to the manipulations of the mainstream press (Murdoch and his ilk) and people like George Soros pulling the strings of government which affect the ordinary people – then this is a good thing. Uranus Pluto square was always going to create revolution. Its just no longer enough to use academic research to design life or PR – there has been an undercurrent against the “never had a proper job” class in Europe and America who have been in control for too long.