The Hubris of Trump

Thursday May 11th 2017
Satan’s fall in Paradise Lost. Illustration by Gustav Doré

Satan’s fall in Paradise Lost. Illustration by Gustav Doré

Donald Trump has an important fixed star right on his Ascendant. It is one of the four royal stars, Regulus at 29° Leo.

Here is what the medieval Italian astrologer Guido Bonatti wrote about the influence of Regulus on the Ascendant.

“…this alone signifies that the Native shall be a person of great note and power, too much exalted, and attain to high preferment and honors, although descended from the meanest parents. And, if any of the Fortunes behold that place also, his glory shall be the more increased; …  yet still, that all his honors, greatness and power shall at last suffer an eclipse and set in a cloud.” — from the website Constellation of Words.

This is from Vivian Robson’s book Fixed Stars and Constellations:  “It gives violence, destructiveness, military honour of short duration, with ultimate failure, imprisonment, violent death, success, high and lofty ideals and strength of spirit, and makes its natives magnanimous, grandly liberal, generous, ambitious, fond of power, desirous of command, high-spirited and independent.” — from the website Constellation of Words.

The “Watcher of the North” is associated with the Greek idea of hubris, competing with the gods, going too far like Satan before the fall. Of course, this extreme pride always ended badly for both mortal and angel. The author C. S. Lewisit wrote this “ It was through pride that the devil became the devil: pride leads to every other vice: it is the complete anti-God state of mind.”

On May 10, the North Node moved into Leo — and onto Trump’s ascendant and that fixed star. This is a pivotal moment in his life. On previous occasions — it happens around every 18 years — it has led to greater wealth for Trump. But maybe this time, things will go differently, because this week his sacking of the head of the FBI James Comey — who was investigating Trump’s links to Russia — may have been the over-reach.

Satan near the end of Paradise Lost is surprised when the demons of hell don’t seem to like his oratory any more.

“…So having said, a while he stood, expecting
Their universal shout and high applause 
To fill his eare, when contrary he hears
On all sides, from innumerable tongues
A dismal universal hiss, the sound
Of public scorn;…”

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  1. Richard says:

    The sun in Taurus is approaching his midheaven this week. Algol is there too. With the node passing his ascendant and swiftly moving to conjunct his mars he’s got more to come… Add to that, transit mars in Gemini getting it on with his natal Uranus, I’d say he’s fucked 😉

    In a year the node conjuncts his pluto, same Algol thing going on at that time too. If he is still in power or around this time next year, I’d say that’s the end of the road for him, politically at least anyway.

    My only worry is that his replacement will be worse :-/

    • Eleonora says:

      What about the eclipse in August? It hit his ASC, doesn’t it? And he is an “eclipse child” anyway, so it might influence him even more. Do you think he still will be in the power by then?

      • Christina says:

        I keep on fretting about that eclipse in August because clearly it could do for him. However, as an eclipsey person, he might ride it like a giant wave. 🙁 Saturn is stationing on his Moon during that eclipse too — which looks nasty. But if anything is to happen by then, it must get in motion now.

        The problem is the Republicans. Can’t help wondering what he has over some of those guys, because surely not patriot should still be sticking up for that kleptocrat.

        • Les says:

          The Republicans are trying to use Trump to shove their regressive legislation through before they turn on him. But I think they might decide he’s causing too much distraction and chaos to get anything done and, if so, they may decide to push him out in favor of Pence (god help us). On the other hand, they’ll have the cultish Trump supporters to deal with. In the meantime, they’re showing themselves to be utterly morally bankrupt in letting Trump get away with corruption, insanity, and extreme incompetence while remaining silent (“nothing to see here…”). They won’t be looked up favorably by history – and with any luck by voters in upcoming years. Unfortunately the Republicans have also engaged in successful voter suppression and gerrymandering voting districts, which protects them a great deal from having to answer for it.

        • aqua says:

          I too am fretting about that Eclipse. Strong possibility of a further power grab of some kind. Heres hoping we are wrong.

    • Christina says:

      …even the alt-right will want to get rid of him.

  2. Sally Davis says:

    Very Interesting. I would like to receive your posts.

    • Christina says:

      You can get posts by email by signing in on the right. Your name and email won’t be passed on to anyone else, but used only to send you posts from this site.

  3. Christina says:

    For more on the Russian entanglement and astrology —

    That’s over at Starlight News Blog.

  4. Christina says:

    This is from Ann Whitaker, who tells me there are some problems with leaving a comment at the moment. Her website is here:

    Hi Christina not only do I love Gustave Dore, but also Milton’s Paradise Lost : “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven”, etc always struck a chord with my Plutonian, rebellious youthful self.

    However, re the Plutonian, rebellious, hubristic Trump: I think your previous commenter could well be right – Trump seems to have gone FAR too far this time, which I think is well illustrated by the Node crossing Regulus. Also, my Nodes research clearly showed that any combination of Pluto with the Nodes, by transit or Progression, brings irrevocable, life-altering changes. Maybe it will take the August 2017 solar eclipse, though, to deal the coup de grace in Trump’s case.

    • Christina says:

      Yes, I think this is hi going through the gateway…

      • Jane says:

        The North node was in Leo in 1980 when the Bonwit-Teller building was demolished – amidst controversy – to make way for Trump Tower. Here’s a fresh-faced, bouffant-haired Mr T, aged 33, talking about it:

        In this brief interview he says he just wants to enjoy his life, and implies that this isn’t all about making money…..

        And then, in 1998, there was still a massive, ongoing complex lawsuit involving workers on that demolition site and their missing pay. The nodes went into Leo that October.

        I was thinking, since the nodes will be forming a grand trine with Saturn (history?) and Uranus (upsets and surprises?) in May and June, perhaps there’s more to come about the Trump Tower story itself. It seems to have some kind of resonance with the nodes in Leo.

        As for that August eclipse, I think it could be quite revolutionary since it trines Uranus. Trump will have a Mars return just after the eclipse, Mars then going on to ignite the eclipse point again in early September. Surgery or war? Well, some sort of upheaval, but that seems to be what passes for normal these days……

        • Christina says:

          Thanks for this interesting comment, Jane. Don’t you think Trump Tower is like a concrete manifestation of hubris itself? I could have illustrated this piece with a picture of that, so no wonder it resonates.

          Further to you points, a friend wrote me this after reading this post — about NN in Leo last time.

          “On October 8 1999, Trump announced on the Larry King Show, that he was running a Presidential exploratory committee.

          His purported objective was to trounce Pat Buchanan and take control of the Reform Party.

          He was:

          Pro Choice

          Believed in a single payer universal health care

          Was undecided on gay marriage.

          Supported an Assault Weapons Ban and a longer wait time to purchase a firearm

          Liked Hilary Clinton.

          By 2001 he was a registered Democrat, stating he also now believed in a 14.25% tax on the wealthy and the legalization of drugs…”

          Here it is

          So in other words, he seemed to believe the polar opposite of what he believes now….

          • Jane says:

            How very interesting Christina! Well, it’s glaringly obvious to say he’s a Gemini I know, and this must be an extreme manifestation of duality. I did know he and the Clintons were friendly for quite a while at one time. Also that he was a Democrat at one point, certainly at the time of that young Trump interview I posted. Although if you read about what happened with the Bonwit-Teller building then, you can see the dawning of some high-handed character traits that, perhaps, stem in part from the Mars in Leo energy. Plus, he’s terrified of germs – shades of Howard Hughes! I’m now wondering how their charts might compare. Hughes’ chart is mostly air and fire.

            I shall resist commenting on the symbolism of Trump Tower! But seriously, I had been playing around with ideas based on the symbolism of The Lightning Struck Tower in the tarot, and the great upheaval it represents. It does seem to crop up in tarot spreads as a reflection of major outer planet transits, in particular Uranus.

            There’s just so much symbolism going on, it does seem to be springing up from the dear old collective unconscious and reflecting some longstanding American myths and archetypes. If this proves to be the case, then this story cannot simply fizzle out, but must race onwards to a dramatic conclusion – much as your wonderful illustration and poetry quotation suggest. However, I’m not convinced that the upcoming eclipse in August is enough to signify that on its own. I think I’m a bit dizzy from this endless whirlygig of insanity!