The Election: Jam Tomorrow, Jam Yesterday

Wednesday June 7th 2017
Alice finally gets to be a queen but then she has to listen to the Red Queen and the White Queen bickering.

Red Queen and the White Queen bickering over Alice.

“I’m sure I’ll take you with pleasure!” the Queen said. “Two pence a week, and jam every other day.”
Alice couldn’t help laughing, as she said, “I don’t want you to hire me – and I don’t care for jam.”
“It’s very good jam,” said the Queen.
“Well, I don’t want any to-day, at any rate.”
“You couldn’t have it if you did want it,” the Queen said. “The rule is, jam to-morrow and jam yesterday – but never jam to-day.”
“It must come sometimes to ‘jam to-day’,” Alice objected.
“No, it can’t,” said the Queen. “It’s jam every other day: to-day isn’t any other day, you know.”
“I don’t understand you,” said Alice. “It’s dreadfully confusing!”

Britain goes to the polls tomorrow — to choose between jam yesterday: the hard right government; and jam tomorrow: a hard left opposition.

The choice is essentially Conservative or Labour. As usual, the Greens and Lib-Dems, despite winning so many votes, will not have a proportionate representation in government. Nor will UKIP for that matter, although their vote has fallen off: the Conservatives do seem to have lanced that boil, or maybe it’s just the departure of Farage. In Wales and Scotland, there’s the potential to vote for the nationalists — which swung the last election against Labour in the end. Indeed, that election was ultimately won by SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon — as predicted here. Both other party leaders have now left politics: she is last woman standing. In Northern Ireland, a handful of other parties, with traditional  allies at Westminster, are vying for the vote and trying to figure out how to cope with the potentially dire repercussions of Brexit.

I’d better come out and say right here that it’s anything but the Conservatives for me. I think they have shown themselves to be cruel and destructive, and the country is unsafe in their hands: they seem so awfully keen to sell off the family silver. I also don’t like Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, although I agree with much of his rhetoric. He is a great rabble rouser, but the people he surrounds himself with are questionable. Well, that should make just about everyone cross!  But I think it’s only fair that you know where I am coming from, because although we all try to overcome our own biases, they do have an affect.

I am curious to know what you think of the charts.

So what about the chart for the close of polls tomorrow at 10pm? This should tell us something about what to expect — and the aftermath. Remember, the Brexit chart had Pluto Rising — and then we had the Week of the Long Knives, which ended with Theresa May as Prime Minister.

This time, we have 29° Sagittarius rising. This could indicate that the result is temporary because of the lateness of the degree — or that somehow the government elected is fatally weak. This “anaretic degree” is associated with vacillation. Jupiter Rx is the chart ruler — and Jupiter is actually stationing to go direct on the following day in Libra. This is also rather indecisive. Furthermore the Lord of Expansion is on the UK’s First House South Node. Perhaps we really will have a hung parliament — which might reflect the mood of the country most accurately anyway. It all looks rather wobbly. Saturn on the ASC might suggest the status quo could stagger on for a while, but it is in the 12th House. Mars on the Desc looks like open conflict. Uranus-Saturn-NN looks like we’re still in the process of change (well, we knew that).

It’s coming up to a Full Moon — highly emotional and, in Sagittarius, adventurous — which will slip out of the 11th house (parliament or collective cohesion) and into the 12th (collective diffusion). Maybe people will vote for the more idealistic alternative with that Sag Moon. Sun in the 6th is quite positive. Is it time for the government to start serving the people?

Does the Moon-Mercury opposition suggest that the youth vote will swing things?

But there are a three other charts which show some interesting movement too.

First here’s the Conservative Party chart (from The Book of World Horoscopes). Look at Pluto, the Lord of Death and Transformation smack on that Ascendant. This is a long transit and coincides with Pluto opposing the UK Moon. Interesting that the party is currently represented by Theresa May who looks increasingly sepulchral (remember her Mars (vigour and energy) is being transited by Neptune (dissipation).

Pluto on the Ascendant could finish the party off — so that it can be reborn. Seems unlikely from here, but you never know. May herself is certainly damaged below the water line — no matter if she wins or loses the election. She’s just made too many miscalculations: from refusing to debate to cutting school lunches to calling the election in the first place; and is also just too lacking in charm for a politician. The Conservatives are notoriously ruthless when it comes to knifing their leaders.

Data from The Book of World Horoscopes

Second here’s the Liberal Democrat Party chart, with Neptune on the Sun. Oh dear, that could be a wipe out, which is certainly what happened when Neptune was dead on the party’s 9°-Pisces MC in 2015. The party went from 57 MPs to eight in that election; and also judging by what happened when Neptune hit the Labour Sun (see below).  The Lib-Dems may well have to face the fact that the rural vote in the West is lost for a generation because of the anti-Brexit stance. On the other hand, the fact that the party is led by an “out” Christian — a man of faith — could turn out to be more advantageous than at first appears.  (Neptune and Pisces are associated with Christianity in particular, but faith in general).

Data from The Book of World Horoscopes.

Data from The Book of World Horoscopes.

Third, here’s the Labour Party chart. Now there are two charts for the party in The Book of World Horoscopes. Nick Campion favoured the 1906 chart when he compiled the book, but that was a long time ago, and it’s clear from recent events that Neptune has been at work on the Labour Party, so I favour the 1900 chart. (When Neptune hit the Labour Sun in 2015, the Party went into meltdown. Like the Liberals, Labour is now led by a man of faith — socialism for Corbyn seems like a religion. )

The Full Moon on the day after the election is across Labour’s Nodal axis, with the Moon on the North Node. It certainly looks like a high tide for Labour. Corbyn has had a very good election campaign — helped by the disastrous performance of Theresa May. Corbyn has come across as honest and hopeful. But Saturn is sitting on Labour’s Chiron.

Data from The Book of World Horoscopes. The other Labour Party chart is dated 1906.

Data from The Book of World Horoscopes. The other Labour Party chart is dated 1906.

Interestingly both May and Corbyn have planets at 29°, which will chime with this Close of Polls chart. Whoever wins, this looks like an “endings” government, rather than a “beginnings” one.

We will know the results soon enough — and it will be interesting to study how the results are reflected in these charts.

What do you think?




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  1. Sophia Dawn says:

    Initial take. It’s a chart of contest; so the ascendant and 1st represent the Tories, descendant and 7th, the main opposition. Mercury, therefore representing Corbyn, is by far the most dignified planet. Jupiter is the weakest, along with the Sun. Fortuna (the Part of Fortune) is in the 7th, which suggests that that’s the best choice. The Moon-Mercury opposition is fast separating, so no longer in play in this chart; it represents the recent past, I assume the general opposition Corbyn has faced, especially from the media (well represented by Moon Sag in the 11th). I agree that the late ascendant degree intimates imminent change. 10th house ruler Mars is in Cancer, helping both Labour and Lib Dem. BUT the Moon is about to sextile Jupiter,. suggesting that while the opposition are emerging from a period of difficulty, the party in power is still getting mass support.

    • Susannah Wilkinson says:

      Hi Sophia, if you read this as a contest chart, moon applies to Jupiter with reception. And moon hates mercury. In a mundane chart, moon rules the people. Doesn’t look good for mercury, even though it the stronger planet.

      • Sophia Dawn says:

        Yup, I did conclude with the application, couched in non-specialist terms. I think the moon-Jupiter application gives it to the Tories. They are owning the Moon. And does the imminence of a Pluto-dominated Capricorn give us a sharp crackdown?

        • Susannah Wilkinson says:

          Horrid! What ever were we thinking with our mass consciousness to manifest this awful prospect?

          • Michael says:

            Pluto opposing Moon – the people – who are feeling powerless and afraid, so they go in the direction that the media push them. Fear is the key!

    • Christina says:

      Neat analysis!

  2. flossie7 says:

    Really interesting analysis Christina – great reading. I look forward to your thoughts on what happens after the results are known. Thank you. Mary

  3. james3266 says:

    The 2015 General Election gave the Cameron led Conservative Party a working majority of 17 seats. May called this election to have a very large majority, to validate her as Prime Minister [a position she garnered by default rather than election] and sufficient to quash any rebellion from within as she negotiates Brexit. Thus a hung Parliament would force her to resign and the stress fractures within the Party as to what Brexit means will once again be exposed. Perhaps with dire consequences for the internal cohesion of the Party [Pluto crunching through the Ascendant]. A majority which is less than 17, also fatal for May as PM and those stress factors. A majority above 17 but less than 50 would keep her as Prime Minister, but her authority would be diminished. As for Labour and Corbyn but four weeks ago this election was going to decimate the party and initiate a decade of internecine strife. Thus any result which fails to do this enhances Corbyn’s authority. However, a hung parliament, where alliances, even coalitions, need to be formed will test his faith in socialism as the healing balm of the nation state, against the realities of accessing and using power [Saturn collides into Chiron]. Thus your ending statement that the Government resulting from this election is an “endings” Government, not a “beginnings” Government seems apposite. What that would mean for negotiating Brexit? Certainly a process lasting longer than two years!!

    Christine, thank you for this thoughtful article [and the apt quote from Alice]

  4. Sophia Dawn says:

    Looking at the contest in the opening of polls chart gives the same story; in that chart Cancer ascends, so the Tories are represented by the Moon, and Labour by Saturn: both in Sag in 5 and 6; house positions may show their attitudes going in. Again, the Moon Jupiter sextile wins; though Jupiter does also sextile Saturn, much later; 27 August to be precise. Here Jupiter disposes both of the parties, so is again very powerful.

  5. Vesta says:

    Labour have shifted back to mainstream centre. Not ‘hard left’.

    About to read the rest but I wanted to put that on its own. We’ve drifted to the right over the last 50 years, each time labelling it centre. (Overton window). Today, we’re so far to the right, UKIP feel comfortable voting Tory. So now, when we really do have a mainstream centre party, it feels alien.
    I see Corbyn as the anti-austerity candidate, driving the change we need. I like him enough, but I’m more focused on ringing in the changes. I have zero tolerance for personality politics. If people really dislike him, then know it’s likely Corbyn will be replaced soon enough, he was always the placeholder, it’s the politics you need to understand.
    His team are smart, again I see no point in criticising them, looking at alternatives like Boris.
    I say let’s get on with it, and whatever grievances we have, let’s get over them. This is a dangerous time, are we really going to look the gift horse in the mouth and hand victory to the Tories? Once we’re in safer waters, and better candidates appear, if that’s what people want, then we’ll cross those bridges when we come to them. I say at least let’s make a start and be on that road.
    It’s like being hungry and you’re offered food. Are you going to picky? Or are you going to eat?
    Anyway, I shall read on now…

    • Michael says:

      I agree with your first point, Vesta – imagine if Clement Attlee, one of the main promotors of the NHS, unemployment benefit, etc. were to appear today, he would be derided as being from the ‘hard Left’, and slagged off by the media as ‘Red Clem’.
      One of the by-products of the U-Plu square seems to be a reining-in of the explosion of possibilities that were manifested by the U-Plu conjunction in the ’60s. We’re heading into a period of social control and it’s-for-your-own-good repression. But the triple conjunction could blow that in any direction.

      • Vesta says:

        Michael, agree. My longer reply, which didn’t post, explored u/plu. I considered Tories and their pluto meltdown right now, ahead of their transformation, and that Labour are leagues ahead, they’ve already started theirs and they’re now in a period of growth, though it’s still early days. So a vote Tory is for a dying party, which would effectively leave us without a government while they collapse. And a vote Labour is for a party in growth, going from strength to strength. Even if they don’t win today, as opposition, they’ll be leading us. (The Dems in America are watching what Labour are doing, because they need to do similar. They need to hurry up, because Trump is about to be impeached.)
        The sun in the 6th house is encouraging. And isn’t Jupiter the planet of justice? And when a planet stations, it’s at its most powerful? I’m holding on to what I can to stay hopeful, there’s so much that’s bringing me down today, my anxiety is through the roof. Looking at Twitter, it looks like there’s an unusually high turnout. Fingers crossed…!

      • Schwabe says:

        I always saw a bit of Clement Attlee in Miliband, both Sun and Mercury Capricorns (and also both are a bit awkward, like the caring and awkward father you have, while Corbyn is the awkward uncle who brings courgettes for meal – a bit humour for today). I think he would have tried to deliver and was very sorry he lost. Now people can undo the mistake from two years ago and I hope they do!

  6. Vesta says:

    Awww I spent ages on a long reply, but it didn’t post. Anyway, overall, I agree with you. Great article. 🙂

  7. Patsy says:

    Your predictions are very accurate, I have also done the tarot reading to complement your charts, just like I did for Brexit after reading your article. It was a very obvious reply for Brexit. My interpretation of my polling reading is that Labour should win, but funnily enough the reading shows the moon in the future position and ace of cups in the present position, and some if you write that moon means Conservatives. I interpret the ace of cups and the moon as the people, hence Labour comes to mind, but lets see the results tomorrow.

  8. Vesta says:

    I’ve been reflecting on endings. Perhaps it’s not so bad? Like the end of the beginning?
    One thing’s for sure, I think we’re looking at the end of austerity politics. There’s no public appetite for that anymore. If the Tories win again, they’re looking at conflict (mars on DC) as everyone pushes back at their agenda. If Labour win, the conflict I envisage may come from our toxic right wing media and the ruling elite/1%, upset at having to part with the money they’re so used to just taking from us. They also won’t be happy about not being able to abuse power anymore. That’s u/plu and goes back to the 60s.
    So we’re also looking at the end of abuse of power by the ruling elite. I think that’s why they’ve gone overboard with their proposals, eg scrapping human rights. They’re trying too hard to maintain control, but it’s backfiring. Everything Theresa May has done for this campaign has backfired, every dirty tactic, every assumption, every bit of abuse. She was on TV last week and had nothing left to hide behind, so she directed everyone’s attention to Diane Abbot and dogwhistled, turning the entire country against her, like some awful fox hunt. And the country duly obliged with the most disgusting racist, misogynistic abuse. That’s the reputation of the Tory party and people have to ask themselves what they’re voting for, especially as there’s nothing in their manifesto except xenophobia. So that’s an ending, the end of anything the Tories have to offer, and the realisation they were always only in it for themselves. Why do we need a party like that?
    Many are saying we’re looking at the end of neoliberalism, which is what the Labour manifesto is. It hasn’t proposed a new model, it’s still a bit neoliberal, but it’s back to mainstream centre, putting back what we already had. Where it’s transformational is where it proposes new ideas for the time we’re in. So increased automation and what that will do to society, climate change, circular economics, to name a few. I know they’re considering basic income, although it’s not in their manifesto. And they did a separate manifesto for the sick/disabled, which is incredible right there, because I think it’s unprecedented.
    There’s probably a long list of endings that our in our best interests, but I don’t want to write a long one! I just wanted to make the point it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  9. mike says:

    The full Moon will greatly affect this election. The Moon represents the electorate. May has natal Mars-Jupiter forming a loose grand cross with the full Moon and transiting Neptune. Corbyn has transiting Sun conjunct his natal Mercury-Venus, plus transiting Mercury conjunct his natal Sun. Mercury is his final dispositor, so transiting Sun on his Mercury with transiting Mercury on his Sun (leadership) is significant. May’s natal N Node-Saturn conjunction is T-square the transiting Nodal axis, signifying a crossroad of direction regarding status and responsibilities, particularly with transiting N Node conjunct her natal Pluto. Corbyn has an interesting date with destiny with his natal N Node conjunct transiting Uranus, both trine natal Saturn conjunct transiting N Node, with natal Uranus at the midpoint.

    Between May and Corbyn, which this election tends to narrow-down between these two individuals, I think that Corbyn has the better astro-edge considering only transits to their solar-natal charts. Of course, no time of birth, so houses can’t be set-up for either, which is limiting. Should May succeed, stalemate and tension will abound…Corbyn’s success today offers a new direction, but requires a leap of faith. Both do not have the best transiting Moon (electorate) aspects, so I can’t imagine the voters being overjoyed with either selection. The electorate will be voting against rather than for a candidate.

  10. aqua says:

    This “anaretic degree” is associated with vacillation.’
    Which is the first thing I thought seeing Jupiter in Libra in the 10th inconjunct Neptune in Pisces.
    Gosh this feels bleak.
    But would you call Labour hard left? Not a great fan of Corbyn either tbh but feeling better about him than I was.
    Just got back from telling in Brighton where the turn out was very high, so at least there is that…

  11. Eleonora says:

    @Sophia Dawn

    I’m not very familiar with the domestic policy in the UK, but I found both analyses of the poll chart very interesting to read. Indeed, Saturn conj ASC indicates the conservative outcome, yet it’s in the 12th house, his legitimacy is to be questioned, at best. The mercury in 5th could, as Christina said, indicate that the youth will overturn the result, but in any case they will send a clear message (mercury in gemini).

    I just read in social networks, that many students were denied the vote. They claim to be thousands or even more. This May or May Not be due to the administrative errors, as claimed by the authorities, we will see. But if the UK gets a hung parliament, as the exit poll shows, these votes will become crucial. Even if Conservatives win by a small margin, their legitimacy will be questioned (over those votes).

    In any case, a hung parliament is no good, it’s destabilizing the country. Calling an election, for no reason but the overconfidence and then loosing so many votes and splitting the nation with a narrow outcome… I think I’m starting to see a pattern here…

  12. soab says:

    Did I not tell you an the comment on your piece regarding T. May that the astrology was against her. Fancy picking a time when Chiron is heading straight into her Saturn. Personally I was over the moon this morning to see Corbyn do so well – one of the happiest events in my life. He has always been my man and all ways will be. Jam today and jam tomorrow; you are right about that, it will be deficit spending; there both socialist though ie make and make more and more rules. The choice was between nasty socialism and kinder socialism.

  13. mike says:

    We have that pesky Trump here in the USA…today’s full Moon is hitting him, too, which is obvious from the many alleged scandals currently being sifted. The full Moon is on his natal 10th house Sun-Uranus-N Node opposed natal Moon-S Node, all in T-square with transiting Neptune. Transiting N Node is on his natal Mars-Asc.

  14. mike says:

    BTW – You received a bit of a compromise with your election results…LOL! May’s power is reduced and she’ll probably step-down. You didn’t prefer Corbyn, either, so his second place finish, while increasing Labor Party’s strength, doesn’t give control to Corbyn. How do you feel about the results?

    • Christina says:

      I did a dance when the first exit poll came in! I think it’s the best result we could expect given the choices. It’s means the possibility of a “hard Brexit” recedes from dead cert to unlikely. Hard Brexit being a suicide for the country.

      I have been thinking about what it means that the Tory Party has Pluto on the ASC, which is aiming directly into the eye of the UK Moon ….

      • Vesta says:

        “I have been thinking about what it means that the Tory Party has Pluto on the ASC, which is aiming directly into the eye of the UK Moon ….”
        That’s what I’ve been thinking about too, and wrote about in my long reply that didn’t post. (my fault, I forgot to log in).
        I think it’s part of u/plu and how it’s affecting the UK. My chart angles are the same as the UK’s, so I remember where they are! I was hit badly by them, and I can see the country has been too.
        There are astrologers who connect u/plu today back to their conjunction in the mid-60s. When I was born. I have them conjunct in Virgo in the 12th house, and they’re part of a t-square, opposite Saturn in pisces, and square mars/venus in Sag. Today’s full moon is exactly conjunct my venus 19 Sag. I’m part of this somehow, or so it feels! 🙂
        My take is that u/plu brought the empire down and we have been in transformation since. We saw it first with the Labour party. Power has shifted from the ruling elite, it’s not top down anymore, it’s grassroots up. The Labour party was the first to dissolve and transform. It’s in growth period now. Growth is accelerated, so they’re going to get stronger and stronger very fast.
        Now it’s the Tories in meltdown. And not only them, but everyone part of the ruling elite / establishment. I’m seeing people fall apart or confused all over the place, particularly the commentariat in the media. Nick Cohen being one of them. When the exit poll was announced last night, Murdoch stormed out of the party he was at. The power our toxic media held over us has gone. For the first time since the early 1970s, Murdoch was unable to influence our election. At the same time, there was interference from overseas, I saw a lot of accounts from other countries getting stuck in and trolling in social media. I can’t say if it was Russia interfering, but something was wrong. It’s been happening for a few years now. I don’t know how that fits with astrology, some sort of influence that’s accelerating collapse? A threat of some sort. Or another power abusing their position?
        The Tory party is going to blow apart now. They’ll make Labour’s chicken coup look like playtime. Why? Because they didn’t make this change sooner, it’s been delayed, so it’s going to be worse.
        What happens when an empire falls? The country has to change. It loses its identity and its way. It may continue on, or it may not. We don’t know yet. When Rome fell, it still had religion and it rebuilt itself based around that. What do we have? What should we build our new identity on?
        At the same time too, there’s a much bigger arc. Also collapsing right now is white supremacy, patriarchy, sociopathic business practice, culture of warmongering. To name a few off the top of my head. And what do the Tory party represent but all of that.
        So that’s sort of my perspective, an eye on the bigger picture, the patterns I’m seeing, and then some of the detail. So far, I’m not that shocked or surprised at events, instead, I’m excited at what’s growing. I like the vision outlined in the Labour manifesto, I think it’s a good direction to go on. There’s no new economic model yet, no one has invented one, so it’s still neoliberal, but kinder. It also introduces new ideas not familiar to everyone yet, like circular economics. There are some incredibly smart, cutting edge people around Corbyn. They’re the ones who already transformed, ready to meet the future. The challenges we face are horrible. Climate change is so bad, Stephen Hawking revised down his warning. He said we only had 1,000 years, now he’s saying it’s just 100. It’s urgent that we change direction and start doing better. And we have to be a part of that. Grassroots up isn’t just us telling our leaders what we want, it’s also us taking responsibility for our part in how things go. We have to all do better collectively, as a humanity. This is what democracy was supposed to be all about. What’s ended is where we appoint a leader, and go about our day. No. Now we appoint a leader and we get involved.

        • Laure says:

          About the social media accounts and strange foreign activity you saw – there is a thing – bots. Lots of articles about them now just do a search online for “bots to fool journalist” and there’s wide range of writings. I didn’t realize how prolific they were until checking again just now. Creepy.

          • Vesta says:

            Yes, there’s bots, and there’s also troll farms, people paid to troll. In recent years, their activity seems to pick up during election campaigns. Their location could be anywhere. It gets really murky from here, but there are suggestions of governments interfering in each other’s elections. So that would be troll farms in the employ of governments.
            We have to understand another cold war has started, and this one is online. You could call it an information war. Some sort of cyber war that’s not easy to comprehend anyway. I am sure our governments understand it perfectly well, might even be exploiting it. For instance, if you ask the question who benefits from Brexit, the answer is anyone who wants to use the UK as a tax haven. Who owns the press? Where do they live? How does Brexit benefit them? Why are our government warm towards Trump and Russia when others aren’t? And so on and so forth.
            Yes, very creepy.

  15. Anne says:

    Well, very accurate predictions, congratulations and well done

  16. Carly says:

    Thanks for this discussion and the astrological analysis. It’s the only astrological forecast that resonated with me. I read it and thought, yep, that’s the one. It’s been shown to be really insightful.

    I was delighted with the outcome too. The divisions in the country have been made visible, Corbyn Should be able to garner wider support form his party. A manifesto that would move us towards the European model of economics and state (as opposed to the US free market type) is on the agenda. May has refused to step down and I think she will thereby compound her errors by being clearly responsible for problems linked to Brexit. That will place the problems with the party of austerity and not with the party looking to close the social inequalities.

    I have a question though. What is it that motivates May? Is it a lust for power and status or is it an ego-based conviction that she is right? Or something else? Is there some hidden issue that she looks to put in place?


    • soab says:

      “What is it that motivates May? Is it a lust for power and status or is it an ego-based conviction that she is right? Or something else? Is there some hidden issue that she looks to put in place?” – Pure hubris brought about by at the time she called the election, aspect from transiting Jupiter to her natal Jupiter, and transiting Chiron to her Saturn. BTW Saturn is deception and delusions. Jupiter then gave it spice, and Chiron is her career.

    • Christina says:

      I think “an ego-based conviction that she is right” is on the mark. I think it’s to do with her largely unaspected Sun.

      The problem now is to defeat the hydra-headed Tory party…. who, as you say, are dragging the country towards US-style capitalist freeforall.

      • Harry Wright says:

        The ego thing with May is something I have noticed since she was Home Secretary. Whenever asked a question or indeed challenged, she just repeats the prepared response.This unwillingness to engage and indeed enter into dialogue with anybody is reflected in her unwillingness to appear in TV debates and further reflected in her statement yesterday on forming a government wherein she made absolutely no acknowledgement of what had happened the night before.
        I am concerned that this lack of flexibility will not prove useful in the Brexit negotiations in which she will represent the UK. I can see the more insightful EU leaders with a point to prove rubbing their hands with glee.

  17. Christina says:

    I see that Ruth Davidson, the victorious head of the Scottish Conservatives, is making moves about breaking away from the Party. This could help Pluto on the ASC do his work.

  18. Dimitris says:

    Spot on Christina!
    You just earned a new paid member.
    Mind you that in these elections we didnt do any predictions because we couldn’t find anyone to fund the data sources required for our analysis as everybody was certain for a big majority win for the Conservatives.
    A story of who are “we” is here:

    Last August there was an astrologers conference at Exeer College and only the astrologers at the time were also predicting a Trump win, in line with our predictions. Next time I will consult you.

    Well done, once more!

  19. Aside from one poll that showed a very narrow result, the only source that predicted an accurate outcome to the election was The Oxford Astrologer, based on a simple semi-horary for end-of polling time.

    Well done Christina, collect your medal!

    Specifically, as one media wag put it, it’s the end of the Narnian winter and the beginning of spring.

  20. Laure says:

    I also meant to thank you Christina and give hearty congratulations. This has been the best astrological source to read up and follow along. Amazing analyses and discussion.